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Villa Maria

Something I hope the world never sees...
We loved so much the latino novelas we started making our own novelas,or soaps,whatever... Here is the first one,with some of the most appreciated Croatian actors,and some young and new ones.The veterans are still very popular among people for the great series and movies they made in past,the young ones will be remembered after this,but will not be remembered for the good,well,maybe some of them.The veterans were acting real bad too,so this was just a try to return their old popularity... Didn't work,the acting was to theatrical...So,this is a soap.A very bad soap.A soap that is so campy and trashy you have to see it for it's badness,or avoid it for the same reason... You' ll start to feel uncomfortable with the very bad acting and the even worse production (if you watch it,count the direction mistakes,as flying microphones over the head of the actors and similar!!!).It's the first soap in Croatia and the first series with so many episodes,but is not the first production whatsoever,so this has no excuse!Croatian production isn't the best,but this is the bottom of it... If you're a trash lover,you'll love this... If you're not,avoid this!!!

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