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most unbelievable movie ever
Im sorry viola davis is not a good looking woman I absolutely dont think she would be with Liam nissen I found so implausible I had to turn it off

Saving Private Ryan

what do you say that hasnt been said
Their is a reason speilberg is what he is .

only thing I would say is buy the blu ray/DVD dont watch on tv I tried watching on history channel was 7 minutes of film 4 minutes of commercials thats why its 5 hours long. As a combat vetrean of the gulf war we understand but we dont

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Yes its not LOTR neither are all the star war movies
I was not a Tolkien fan before I got totally sucked into LOTR I actually remember renting the fellowship and yawning but he second film brought me in and the third deserved every award it got. I almost look at it like the first three star wars movies . At the TIME they were so different, so much better then any other sci fi movie ever put out and they were an indelible mark on my child hood. The next three movies...meh couldn't care less. Almost the same here but way better then the star war movies prequels. I think certain movies hit at a certain time in our culture and make a huge impact but riding them tends to not go well. Disney cant stop riding it because it makes money but everyone agrees its not the same. Now you look back to the original three now after nearly 45 years and you they weren't that good but at the time, they were stupendous. I guess problem is Peter Jackson raised the bar so high on first three films its hard to catch that genie again. I liked these movies but not in same way as first three. HOWEVER the extended versions of both films are some of the best behind the scenes movies of all time . Im to the point I watch the appendices on a regular basis not the films. ONly one ever did the same was Young Indian Jones adventures by Spielburg

Central Park

a big yawn
Remember when this was a big deal due to a voice actors color? Ya neither does anyone else. After the fake outrage machine moved on this show slowly sank into oblivion its not a good look from the creators of Bobs Burgers its just missing something and yes the musical part of it is annoying and not funny. They will shoehorn in a second season because they have to but that will be the end of it


nice movie on a low budget
Well nice to see these guys in a movie -bad script but hey it is what it is! can tell they must have got a big tax break filming in Ireland. worth a watch dont judge it to harshly

Prodigal Son

Good hour long procedural
First one Ive enjoyed since Bones and Castle went off the air. Michael Sheen is great you can see the crazy. Good stories usually some better then others. As others mentioned they had to immediately do an way over the top social justice scene because you know they always have to now days whether ANYONE wants it or not.

Wonder Woman 1984

Yep its not good
I kept thinking ok there going back into DC cannon and the comic boxes which I never read it was the only thing I could think because I kept not understanding the plot most of the movie thought ok I just not steeped in the back ground enough. Nope it was just a horrible script, some bad dialogue and some bad acting at times. Not sure how there going to make there huge budget back guess HBO backed up a truckload of money to get it.

The Mandalorian

Not sure why this is a big deal
I watched the first season. The truth was all I could think was this was just like any series from the 50 60 or 70's westerns. Have gun will travel, The Rifleman, Gunsmoke. Its mainly about an anti hero that helps out people in episodic form. Every episode seems to have the same plot line as any of the above series. Set in SPACE thats it. I understand its a homage to these serials but still.... Its not that big of deal and dont know why other then its STAR WARS.

Swamp Thing

There is a reason this was cancelled
Why I keep watching these CW shows?.... but they try to bring DC characters to life but they normally fail.. And we all know the reason why. Within first couple episodes they made the white guys all trash the black lesbian reporter for a small town paper lived in a 6 million dollar house on the water. They pushed so much virtue signaling even millennials gave up. So they put the story in the CW hell. Have to have every alphabet person even if it makes no sence has to have a progressives' and in this case especially a green new deal thing People get tired of a bad show with being preached to.

Sluga naroda

Not sure how this is working out for the Urakanians
Yes as stated the weirdest thing is the guy actually did become president of the Ukaraine. Not knowing the day to day on the ground their dont know if he is good or not. Im guessing they saw Trump win in the US and said the same thing. Tired of politicians give someone else the role. I guess when their are huge protests then he will be gone but I think he is doing the best he can in a country at war with Russia beset on all sides and corrupt as all get out. As for the show it had its moments enjoy subtitles Im leaning toward a 6 half way into season one will see from their Funny only 3 seasons as he got elected president for real. Again cant make this stuff up


I now know how they paid for this remake
Wont even go into the film I think enough reviews state about what I felt about the whole movie the only thing that I want to say is I have never seen so many blantant brand placements in a movie ever!

I wont go into them all after the Pringles, papa Johns and Heineken I gave up counting my feelings are if you have to get that much money for sticking brands in a movie maybe you shouldnt make it.

Warrior Nun

No spoilers because why bother watching it
I finished watching a movie on netflix and at end of credits it ran three previews one was Norseman which I have watched (its an acquired tasted ) The other two were Warrior Nun and Cursed. To tell you the truth they both looked exactly alike and I knew immediately what both these shows were. CW teen angst with virtue signaling, horrible dialogue, diverse characters that made no sense but you know you got to shoe horn in all the alphabet people. They have done this with several other shows on netflix in last year and most are already cancelled after one season. Why they keep putting out this dribble time after time its turning into the CW more and more with every show they put out. They raise the price again and Im done with them.

Kung fu

Kung Fu movies suck...
Ok I dont like kung fu movies and dont like watching the old ones even to laugh a them which is a thing I know. I dont like anime, or frankly most asian films. But this is a masterpiece of fung Fu some serious funny stuff and a weird plot all done with great fight scenes. Be clear the only reason I live this movie is the humor the landlady smashing into the billboard is a classic. the Ending is weird and makes no sense but then again it is what it is Only Kung Fu movie I would ever recommend


Another show that netflix should have passed on
No wonder alot of netflix shows are getting canceled after one season. They all seem to follow the same format. The show could be about monster hunters, scary houses, a street in Brooklyn. They all virtue signal and put characters in that make no sense but because their; Pick one-Gay, Transgender, Black, Asian, Lesbian or pick three or four and have you lesbian black transgender. Im all for inclusion but it seem they cant help but shoe horn in these characters and the problem is they then think they dont need to write a compelling story. And man was the gay stuff over the top. And because they shoe horned these types in you know exactly where the story is going. No thanks again netflix

The Daily Show

So unfunny it hurts
I was forced to watch one of these shows while in a waiting room. He tries so hard to be funny and nothing he says is remotely so. And when your whole show is bash on Trump, Republicans and white men no wonder his ratings are terrible. Then he brings on a serious guest and he tries to act like a serious reporter and its hilariously bad its the funniest part of the show watching him try to ask serious questions when he obviously knows nothing about what he is talking about.

Brews Brothers

Man I was exited when I saw who the creators were
I was a huge fan of The League especially the first 4 seasons...after that went down hill. So hoping this would be like a reboot. Same tone but the people they got are not funny not engaging. I know one guy supposed to be Pete, and the other is Ruxin and then you have the Andre character but these people just dont have chemistry and the writing is really really bad. There is a lot of fertile ground is making a show based on brew pubs run by millennial slackers and hipsters but they just cant seem to capture the magic of The League. I hate to admit I have not finished the whole season as I lost interest around episode 6

American Gods

I gave it this many stars mainly due to season 1
Was a big fan of season 1 then heard about all the problems getting season 2 done and firing of the show runners and Media and Easter not coming back. So ya having to explain why Easter was out was passed over so fast in first 10 minutes of episode one I almost missed it. I guess media change was done ok. But the story dragged and I lost track of who was who at times. Then in middle of season it all become about blacks and whites and oppression. And lets make no mistake this stuff happened but it took over the story and it went aground there. Make a show about that not cram it into this series kinda like they did with the new Watchman series. We get it white man bad black man oppressed but dont expect this white man to watch or change any feelings as this was the wrong vehicle to do it with. I would like a season 3 but if its like this it will be the last

Lego Masters

Sounded interesting and wasnt
When I saw the promos for this I thought "This might be fun to watch" I like legos and like to see the neat things that can be built. I like Will Arnett sounds like a winner. It wasn't it was basically a reality show with stupid gags thrown in. The corny jokes and the over hype of the drama almost immediately turned me off to the whole thing went back to watch third episode and it seemed even worse. I kept wondering...where are the legos? And it really isnt kid friendly so be aware.


Different country same CW show
Ok after 15 minutes I knew exactly what this was. The CW in Norway. This is just like the last few shows I have watched on netflix, October Faction, Lock and Key, good idea handled horribly. First if your going to virtue signal by casting people that make no sense then please have a better story line. Second, so many weird story lines that seem to be their just so we get teen angst . These stories all seem about high school with some kinda of weird supernatural crappola thrown in The acting was so bad from so many people but maybe that just typical nordic stoicism so wont go into it. I dont really care that they had the whole climate thing thrown in if your going to have a bad guy guess thats as good as any other but it felt forced at times Last thing...He thows a sledgehammer across the city at end of first episode but in second it hit bad guys windshield and made a hole just big enough for the handle. I know silly thing but thats why the whole thing doesnt work for me.

Hornblower: The Even Chance

One of the greatest sea faring series ever
Remember when TLC actually meant The Learning Channel? Neither does anyone else. But this was financed and filmed in connection with a British production company. When I saw this I was hooked. For those that saw Master and Commander with Russel Crowe this is a slightly lower budget version but just as good in story telling and action and costumes and THE the boats were incredible and if you watch the extras on the DVD version they build one from the ground up in wood just like a real ship of the line. This has some of the same people from Sharpe which is another great series. Im hoping due to things like Game of Thrones and Vikings this may get re watched. Its an incredible period piece with action, adventure, even a bit of romance. But more importantly it shows not only what it was like to serve on these ships during the Napoleonic wars but even what life ashore was. And of course the politics and world events going on at that time. These were hour and a half mini movies so they dont get in all the intrigue like game of thrones becasue I think they burnt through a lot of money per episode back then. Buy these DVD or stream them it was the last time TLC channel actually showed something that didnt include a fat trailer park trasth girl trying to win little miss pageants


I like it but Im not in like with it
Big simpsons and bigger Futurama fan and its nice to see the animation and voices again. The story while it has its moments just doesnt seem to click in some episodes. Its darker then simpsons or futurama which is nice change of tone but not sure how well this works in the PG-13 world of the prior works. I like it and have watched both seasons and I hope their is more. But I havent been in a hurry to rewatch it and bojack horseman was a WAY better outing then this


Again a steaming service with a good idea but executed badly
Ok the idea is great a kinda violent simon weisenthal nazi hunter but the plot line dissolves into like others said into pulp and comic book type of plot Also why, why do they have to put in lesbians in every new show now? The kid who has his own spider-man back story just does some dumb things. He saw what the first nazi he confronted was willing to do and what does he do the second time he gives him water and feels bad for him. Even if his grandmother didn't tell him the stories of her time with the nazis he acts like he had never heard of the atrocities in the camps. How many stories about what happed does this kid need to hear AND after two tried to kill him in first two episodes before he stops being a wimp Again another good concept ruined by netflix..I mean apple..I mean hulu .. whoever


I guess their is still need of a show for the idiots
This is Jackass for the next generation but with snark. Josh is not funny he is obviously one of those gay guys that feel the need to bust on anything that he sees as straight culture. His "comedy" is not smart and it really goes into straight out cruelty at times. Think they only way he gets away with it is because he attacks only straight white guys doing stupid stuff. How he gets people to come on his show to be made fun of is beyond me. You see them standing there trying to be "in" the joke but clearly look uncomfortable. I guess everyone wants to be on TV

Big Mouth

A cartoon only netflix could do
Every time I think netflix is just a giant toilet they come out with a show like this. This is absolutely hilarious and filthy . Props to Nick Kroll who also was the best and funniest guy in "The League"

Terminator Genisys

NO more alternate universes
Ok I understand this is how comic books put out all they did over the lat 50 years and CW shows like the Flash and others kept people watching,

I hate it Im done no more alternative universes so you can bring back dead people or restart a story line.... Its weak story telling and always has been. Teacher didnt look down at comics back in the 60'. 70' 80's what they saw was a confusing mess that while teaching some reading made no literary sense . The geek group that said comics made people read were right but they read crop ola Geek culture is where it should be in the shadows

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