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Kroll Show

Stinks to high heaven
This show got so much press and there was so many twitter campaigns. I realized at some point that this was due to Nick Kroll's impressive wealth and connections and not due to talent. That said, just because Nick Kroll is a trust fund kid, worth billions, doesn't mean he can't have any talent. And, he might have some on the League. I haven't seen it. But, when it comes to this production and the stand up I've seen this youngish man is a DUD. Add a really rotten character to the glaring absence of talent and I don't like this Nick Kroll much ;>(

The fact that he is a billionaire's son who has access to manufactured press is bad enough, but then you notice that all his characters are broad takes on the riff raff. Only the Publizity sketch takes on less obvious targets, but still- hardly worthy or effective satire.

There is something particularly onerous about the ultimate one percenter thinking the poor or the stupid is so poke-worthy. Niok Kroll is the Mitt Romney of comedy, in other words.

We get it. Ed Hardy is lame. Reality TV is a miserable reality. Italians are sometimes mooks. This show reeks of rich kids(Kroll has taken along his Georgetown Buddies John Mulaney and Mike Birbigli for the free ride) thinking that their snotty observations are the bees knees.

Normally, they'd have to have good reviews and decent ratings to keep playing dress up so publicly, but when you have the kind of pull that Nick Kroll does.... we have to put up with this drivel. If you want to see funny sketch from a truly talented guy -- see Peter Serinofowitz.

It's sad how many talented comedians have not advanced in their career due to Nick Kroll's voracious need to impress his father. Again, if Kroll was talented all his machinations would be less offensive since they'd result in a viable product.

Instead, we are stuck with an untalented fellow who is soiling comedy for so many with his endless schemes and stunts. He learned a lot from his father's businesses and too little about comedy or integrity.


The name of the film should be Am since the lousy actress, stef willen's is named amanda in this awful little production
Ms Willen seems to suffer from a narcissism that leads her to appear self conscious. Such a self involvement causes us to feel nothing but annoyance for this lady who wears hats and twirls around in nursing homes to indicate manic highs. The least she could do was to research the matter before playing a character allegedly being under the throes of mania. As it stands, Stef Willen merely comes across as mentally challenged woman who is so addled that she doesn't correct this boyfriend when he calls her EM. If my name was Amanda I'd sure as hell think that shortened it would lead to AM. If the name was Emily this oversight could be overlooked. Add in the gratuitous sex scenes and Willen's manly shoulders and you have a real lemon on your hands. It is no wonder that this was the last acting gig given to Willen.She should stick to short films such as Long Ago-- Christy Wegener's unsung masterpiece about a self conscious lesbian(played by Stef Willen) who has a rat tail and such.

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