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The Unholy Rollers

"More chrome!"
I love everything about this film, from Roberta Collins (in general) to Claudia's go-go boots to her Avengers tattoo (which she obtains at a 'Tattoo While You Wait' parlor???!?) to the enormous chrome horse which becomes the focal point in any Claudia driving/anywhere near the vicinity of her car scene.

Do have one question for the experts... Is that Princess Livingston (Beyond the Valley Of The Dolls/Mudhoney) shouting in the crowd scenes??? she appears to be uncredited and I can't find any reference to her anywhere but I am convinced...

Great early rock-n-roll soundtrack...surprised Corman forked out for it!

Also notable as Candice Roman's final film...where did she go??

Pray for a DVD reissue, it's great fun, and has a classic girl-gone-crazy ending!

Vale Claudia!

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