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Red Dead Redemption

Some said perfection was impossible
Rockstar games proved that perfection can be possible, with their spiritual successor: Red dead redemption. It has all the qualities to be a PERFECT game, the story, the characters, mechanics, heck even the mini games are perfect. You start as John Marston who is in debt to the Bureau of Investigation, looking for his old buddies: Javier Escuella, Bill Williamson, and Dutch. John didn't want to, but the bureau took away their wife (Abigail Marston) and his son (Jack Marston). But it's not everything, there is trouble on the south too! Mexico is on a problem with the government against Agustin Allende. You and Abraham Reyes most stop Allende for the independence of Mexico. Along this journey you will find A LOT of interesting characters: Seth, Bonnie Macfarlane, Marshal John, Nigel West Dickens, and it goes on and on! Also the story is really deep, it only works when you ROLEPLAY into the game, but apart from all the happiness and such. The ending leaves you sad, and wishes you never worked for the Bureau in the game, that's all I'm saying I am not going to spoil it all.

10/10 PERFECT experience for new and experienced gamers

Grand Theft Auto V

The gold in Rockstar's mine.
This game is absolutely beautiful, even the most minimum detail in the game is amazing. Rockstar has carved a beautiful sculpture over the last years. The beautiful storyline, graphics, characters, EVERYTHING. Now GTA not only has 1 as said before, but 3 characters, Franklin is struggling the life in the hood with his home Lamar Davis, while also fighting The Ballas. Michael is a retired bank robber and a father of 2 kids, James De Santa, and Tracey De Santa, with her wife Amanda. Trevor is a psycho trying to sell drugs and nuclear weapons to the Chinese. They will team up to: Steal banks, work for the FIB, hang out, and more! Also I can honestly say. This game, is one of the MOST detailed game since Red Dead Redemtion. The weather effects, dynamic events, Strangers and Freaks, and ACTIVITIES! But also there are a lot of COOL Easter eggs. BUY THIS GAME NOW!


Grand Theft Auto IV

The best GTA game ever
This game is extraordinary, the storyline, characters, game play.EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING You are Niko Bellic coming from Europe to wash his past, and live the American dream alongside his cousin Roman Bellic, together they will conquer liberty city.Characters are so amazing in this game, and funny too! GTA V may have new exciting things, but this one is still the best GTA ever. There are new things like, strip clubs, cellphones so you can call your friends to go to strip clubs, bowling and darts! This game will make you continue it even after you finish the actual game, trust me I have played this game 3 times and this is still fun & playable for me. Play this if you want a good storyline, game play, and extraordinary atmosphere. Liberty city feels alive in this game, it doesn't feel empty at all! So go buy this game now!

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