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The Foreigner

Jackie Chan as you've never seen him before!
I 100% loved this movie!

This is the Jackie Chan that we haven't seen before.

He's angry. He's traumatised. He's distraught. All rolled into one.

And he's out for revenge!

Likewise, Pierce Brosnan played a great character too.

A great story line. Just the right mix of action, drama, suspense, politics and so on.

Well worth the watch, but if you're expecting the usual attempts at light humour we've grown accustomed to with Jackie, then this is not for you.


Doesn't that put life in perspective?
Every so often you see something that puts life in perspecpctive. This is the one.

You watch this and come away reflecting on how you live, what you're doing with your life, and how your friends and family fit in with everything.

I didn't have a clue who Steve is or what he'd done in the lead up to his ALS diagnosis, but I just watched this on a crowded plane and tried hard to hide the tears (not sure I succeeded!).

Steve has achieved so much! Whilst ALS has changed his life drastically, he's fought and pushed hard to make a difference. Having said that, I don't think enough can be said for his wife, Michele, and what she's worked through- a new born and then growing son while her husband becomes more and more dependant in her- an amazing lady!

Great movie. Watch it!

Training Day

Bill Paxton? Seriously?
What the hell were they thinking? The original Training Day movie was a fantastic piece with great acting from Denzel and Ethan and a great story line that kept you hooked from the moment it started.

But Bill Paxton? Seriously? He's one of the more pathetic actors out there and then they try and get him to play this tough, gritty, crooked cop? Maybe it was the Producers training day and they'd smoked a few when thinking of a cast. I don't for the life of me understand why they'd cast Bill into such a role.

Lost me within minutes. Tried to persevere and gave it 30 minutes but I just couldn't do it.

Save yourself the time and effort. Go watch Bambi or something- avoid this rubbish at all costs...



What can I say? I've seen so,e rubbish in my life, but this is seriously up there as being amongst one of the worst.

The story, as far as stories goes, isn't too bad. It had potential. But it was let down by the fact that everyone was depicted as an idiot, from the main characters, law enforcement- everyone!

I was surprised that the likes of Owen Wilson put his name to it. Bank account must be low to be desperate enough to take on such a movie.

And this is based on a real life event? If the way these characters are depicted is any indication of the intelligence level of the real life persons, then....just...wow....

If you've seen the previews, then stick with those- they're definitely the highlights!


Real enough to be a bit creepy
This is one of those movies that's real enough in its story to actually border on being a bit creepy.

It makes you wonder about just how secure our homes and our lives really are with today's ever evolving technology. There's lots of interesting claims of what hackers can do to any system, so how hard can it be for them to access everything from home security, cameras, and other devices?

And then you throw in that IT person that borders on being a bit creepy or stalkerish- you know the ones, the ones that can talk to a monitor or system better than a person!

Again, it makes you wonder just what happens to your devices and the data on them when you put them in for repairs and service.

Good movie. Good story line. Good acting. But creepy.....

Deepwater Horizon

Good but don't go looking for the whole truth
This is a good movie, but don't watch it thinking for a minute that you're gonna go get the whole story, or the full truth.

This disaster is way more complicated in terms of the lead up to the event- attitudes toward safety, cost cutting, the roles of each company in the whole story and so on.

Having said that, the concern I had with a movie such as this, is that it might glorify or glamorize the event. Whilst it's definitely got the Hollywood spin, I think it's been done well.

The special FX are awesome and totally believable.

The acting is good- it's not Oscar nomination stuff, but it's good overall.

If you're looking for an action flick with a difference, then this is for you. If you're looking for a documentary that's gonna give you insight to a disaster such as this, then this is not for you.

San Andreas

Really? What were they thinking?
So for the record, I have over 20 years with the emergency services in both a responder and a training role.

And I realize this is "just a movie", but seriously? What were they thinking?

Do all the people involved in putting this together not think that the viewers have some sense of understanding of realism and how things work and don't work?

It's a great movie if you just want something that has plenty of action and carnage, a couple of hot looking chicks- let's face it, neither Carla Gugino or Alexandra Daddario are hard to look at, but don't go into this with high expectations!

I mean where to start? Ray steals a government owned helicopter- it's not his, it's owned by his employer, the LAFD. He then flies it on his one man mission to save his family, with no questions asked by anyone in authority. He then uses a hover function that doesn't exist to effect his own one man rescue.

I was seriously waiting for him to undo his shoelaces and start to weld up the steel structures MacGyver style to stop them from collapsing!!!!!

He can skydive- and tandem as well!

Then we can outrun or out-manoeuvre a rapidly approaching and humongous tsunami!

Oh and to really get the blood boiling, a reference is made to most discredited earthquake survival technique- the Triangle of Life! Really? Seriously? Do your own research on this dangerous technique and the deluded, dangerous individual who is promoting it (I've been on the end of his rants as he tries to discredit me as well....)

Shall I go on?

Project Almanac

Great movie!
Let me start this review and confess that I've never done any form of time travel.

Ever. Not even close.

And I certainly wouldn't know how to build a machine that would allow me to travel through time.

So with that in mind, I can't comment on the technicalities of time travel, their machine or the way the machine worked.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It reminded me of many other time travel related movies which was neither good nor bad.

The story and plot was good. The acting was good- Jonny Weston in particular, has a good career ahead of him me thinks.

Looking for an interesting movie to fill in some time and enjoy? Choose this....

Final Girl

Could've been so much more
I wanted to enjoy this.

I liked the idea of the story/plot but it could've been so much more.

There's holes everywhere- who are these people training the girl? What's the background story?

Same for the boys- give us more detail and background info.

Don't watch the movie expecting great performances- they were OK, but again, could've been so much more, though I am curious to see what else Abigail Breslin does after this. (She was stunning in this role! Great use of lighting, makeup, etc to really make her the centre of attention throughout- well done on this aspect!)

I don't know what else to write- it was OK, but....

Louis Theroux's LA Stories: Among the Sex Offenders
Episode 3, Season 1

An interesting insight
This was an interesting insight into a world that is hidden from so many, and probably one that many want to remain hidden- what they don't know, won't hurt them.

It really makes you question both sides of the debate about laws in relation to sex offenders- there's those that have issues, and continue to have issues, and there's those who don't have the same issues yet their lives are affected by these incredibly strict laws as a result of a single "mistake".

I guess the conflict for me as a parent, is an offense is an offense and if it's my kids, then you better watch out! I think even the Parole Officers struggle at times- without saying it on camera, you're left with the impression that one offender is highly unlikely to re offend, yet this Officer says she still wouldn't trust this lady with her teenage son.

It's hard to review this one. Watch it and judge for yourself....

John Doe: Vigilante

This'll get you thinking
This is thriller that will get you thinking.

There's a part of me that supports the whole concept of vigilantes given how inadequate our court system can be in Australia. Then there the part that says no matter what, there's no place for vigilantes.

Again, this movie will make you think a bit about where things are at and where your morals and ethics are.

The acting was fine, not great, but it worked for this movie.

The scenes were graphic enough for those looking for that, to be interested.

The ending wasn't what I expected, but I won't give it away (I thought it was a good ending, though!!!!)

Into the Grizzly Maze

These realistic horrors scare the hell outta me!
I'm not a huge horror fan however I read the write up and wanted to see this.

I'll say from the outset that these realistic horrors scare the hell out of me! A bit like Cujo- a rabid dog could easily go on a rampage. In this case, a slightly angry bear goes after anyone who comes near him or enters his territory.

Now the limit of my knowledge of bears is next to nothing given the only bears we have here in Australia are Koalas (and the stuff we tell tourists about them being drop bears, attacking people, peeing on you from the trees, etc) is rubbish! But good for a laugh.

Based on that limited knowledge, I have no idea how realistic this movie is. I don't know how big they get. I don't know how likely they are to attack.

But either way, I'll stick to camping in the caravan park after watching this. I'll feel a bit safer than out in the wilderness.

Talking wilderness, the scenery in this movie is incredible. Whilst I don't want to hike or camp there now (in case of bears), the cinematography is pretty impressive.

Overall, a good movie....


It's one of Adam's better movies
If you're looking for a light hearted movie, then this is one to watch.

It's certainly one of Adam Sandler's better movies- he's certainly done more than his fair share of rubbish over the years!

Again, Adam and Drew work well together and have good chemistry.

Having said all of that, this is predictable from the start. You know how it's going to unfold from the start, through every bit of the story, right through to the finish.

If you can get past that and it doesn't bother you, then watch it- it's an OK movie.

I should add, the scenery is amazing, especially during the South Africa scenes....


It was OK, but not great
This was an OK movie. It wasn't great, it was...OK.

The cinematography was pretty good, but it could've been more.

The acting was OK too, though Caleb is one angry looking dude- for the whole movie! He's a young guy with a good future ahead of him I think though.

The story was a common one- a broken family goes through a hardship which brings estranged members together again. Not original, but it worked for this movie.

The one aspect that may or may not appeal to viewers though is the Christian (or religious) message within. Early on you get an idea where the storyline is going. Towards the end, it's in your face a bit, but not offensive.

That is probably the one aspect that will not win over many people- you either are already a Chrisitian, or you are open to the message, or you can just ignore it and watch the movie, or it'll be a deal breaker and you'll hate the whole thing because of it.

For me, it didn't bother me, but I'm sure for others it may....

Wrong Cops

There's 18 minutes of my life I won't get back
I managed to get through about 18 minutes of this. What a load of rubbish! Does anyone know how I can get that 18 minutes of my life back? I mean this is seriously a rubbish movie! (I'd swear but I don't think it'll get approved by the moderators...) Not funny.


I mean I like movies where cops are portrayed as crooked (Training Day), or cops that are funny (Police Academy), or cops in a realistic movie (End of Watch), but this???? I don't know what other reviewers saw in this? Whatever they've been smoking, maybe I need to do the same.

Or perhaps not....

Save your time- don't watch this rubbish.


Hard to rate
I've struggled to rate this one as I try to separate my own experiences from what was portrayed in the movie.

By way of background, I have over 16 years with the emergency services and have seen my share of Stringers. Most are really good to deal with and know what their limitations are, respect our job and don't cause issues or get in the way.

This relationship ends up being a win-win as we often allowed them better access to scenes and at times allowed them to record extra stuff for our benefit knowing that they wouldn't use the footage (more so because the networks wouldn't or couldn't anyway due to the graphic nature of the footage).

However, on the other hand you have the occasional Stringer who would do anything to be the shot, would disregard instructions and get in the way constantly, which in turn distracted people from doing their job. The good thing though was this was rare.

When I watched this movie, I was taken back to a few of my own experiences in dealing with Stringers and it got my blood boiling as I though of how they conducted themselves.

Thus my dilemma in rating this movie.

I've tried to put aside my bias towards the minority and rate this purely as a movie- on that, I've got to give it a good rating as I thought it was well done, it was realistic, it was confronting.

It also made me wonder how many Stringers would actually go as far as he did to get the perfect shot? Would the shot take precedence over everything else? Hope not, but don't know.

Gone Girl

More twists than an extreme roller coaster!
Jeepers! I didn't see that coming!

This movie has more twists than you can imagine. Despite the many negative reviews I went ahead and watched this, though I must admit it took me two tries before I got right through it in one hit.

It was well worth it.

I wanted throttle Ben for his actions and things he was doing throughout the movie. He played his character so frustratingly well!

Rosamund was exceptional- saw a different side to her and again, really enjoyed it. She played an amazingly twisted character, and played it well!

It's a long movie, but well worth the effort and time to watch.....

Journey to Le Mans

Fantastic insight!
I know nothing about Le Mans so I had no preconceived ideas about what to expect from this.

To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement!

A fantastic insight into the event and what it takes to get there and to compete.

Some have said it was very one sided as it only followed one team, and that is correct, but that is what it was meant to be about anyway. Enjoy it for what it is. (Warning: TT3D is the same, so don't complain about that one when you see it!!!!)

What really made this a great watch though was the cinematography! Superb camera use, footage and techniques. Loved it!

If you're a racing fan, then I highly recommend this....

And Soon the Darkness

It was.....OK
Not the most original storyline (and yes, I know it's a remake!), but makes for an OK movie.

The main characters are as sexy as hell (!!!!!) and are enjoying a bike riding holiday when one of them is kidnapped, leaving the other to figure out what's happened, with little to no help form the townspeople or law enforcement.

Unlike others with this sort of storyline, there really is little to no gore or violence right up until the end scenes, but even then, it's not as full on as it could have been.

There's probably unanswered questions as to why all the townspeople don't or won't get involved- is it because of fear or other reasons? It's not really explained. Is it plausible? I guess so, but don't know.

Overall an OK movie, but not great.....

TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Hang onto your seats!
Just watched this while on a train trip- hang onto your seats for a couple of hours of mad, crazy speed in an amazing setting!

This is very similar to Journey to Le Mans in that it follows a number of characters (competitors), however with a focus on one in particular and his efforts to go from a odious finish, to a win.

I won't give it away, suffice to say the ending was not what I expected, and because I know next to nothing about the race itself, hadn't seen or heard any of the events shown in this movie. (Is it a movie or a documentary????)

I've worked with Formula 1 cars for a few years and this type of race absolutely astounds me! It has nowhere near the safety and control that the F1's or MotoGP races have, yet they travel at these insane speeds that are comparable!

It's just crazy to watch this event! Well,worth the watch regardless of what type of racing you're into.

The cinematography was great- some really good footage, particular the rider cams.

As I said, hang onto your seat....

Free Fall

Ho hum
Ho hum. Predictable. Boring.

Could have been so much more.

Not an original story by any means. Employee discovers fraud going on, someone is sent to "clean" the mess up. Things don't go according to plan. Standoff takes place till only one person is left.

The only difference is this one takes place on an elevator.

Sarah is the highlight (not just her gorgeous good looks!) of the movie and plays her part well. Man will remember Her from I Spit on Your Grave. (Now that's a tough movie to watch with Sarah exacting some pretty full on revenge on those who cross her!)

I wouldn't really recommend this movie unless absolutely nothing else was on or available.

I Am Santa Claus

An interesting insight into some interesting people....
I'm always a bit fascinated by these documentary type movies which take you inside the lifestyle of real people. I've watched them about mail order brides, living with sex dolls and a raft of others.

This one.....well let's just say it's different!

We have a gay Santa, a nearly destitute Santa, a grumpy Santa, one who's even changed his name to Santa and then we have the legendary, hardcore wrestler, Mick Foley who wants to be Santa!

These guys all seem to have their hearts in the right place (not sure their mind is fully there!!!) and seem to absolutely love the whole Santa belief, to the point it's taken over their lives. The only sane one appears to Mick which is surprising given the number of blows he's taken to his head! Oh, and the other they have in common is their insane eating habits which will see them in an early grave if they don't control their urges and food intake.

An interesting insight into an interesting group of guys and their lifestyle. The highlight however is the transformation of Mick into a fantastic, and truly believable Santa.

Good for a laugh....

Poker Night

It's different....
This is.....different. I don't know how to describe it any other way.

If you're into your horror/thriller type of movie, and you're not looking for anything deep, but you do want a movie with lots of twists and turns, then this is for you.

I liked it. I liked how the different stories played out to help create the main one.

Beau Mirchoff played his character well. Halston Sage is stunning!

It's not an academy award winner, but if you want a bit of fun and horror, then this is for you. You won't pick the story and how it pans out- definitely different....

As the Palaces Burn

Interesting insight
This is a really interesting insight into not only the band, Lamb of God, but also how quickly life can change.

This starts out as following the band as they prepare for and start their world tour (very typical style of movie, just like Iron Maiden and others have done), however half way through, things take a turn for the worst when lead singer Randy Blythe is arrested for the death of a fan who dies shortly after attending one of their concerts.

A great insight into the band. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is conflicted listening and watching Randy talk- he's quiet and softly spoken, looks a bit nerdy but put the microphone in his hand and he has this deep, guttural roar! Also an interesting insight into legal system he was charged under. We're not all the same, so it makes for some interesting challenges.

Well worth the watch.....

John Wick

Action hero has a new name!
Action hero has anew name and his name is John Wick! This is a definite surprise movie for me- I didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

Keanu has been out of the limelight for a while, but what an epic come back in my eyes. I can't help but think back to Bill and Ted days! (This is a far cry from those days!!!!) The long and short of it is that John Wick seeks revenge for the killing of his loved ones. Not original in idea, but still a good movie.

Great action scenes, lot's of fighting, gun battles, twists and other stuff to make it what it is.

If you like action movies, get it and watch it!

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