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Men in Black

Great memories from my chidhood watching this!
I remember when I was about eight or nine and this movie first came out. I loved it so much as many of the kids my age did. I must have watched it 100 times and to this day I still enjoy it. It is easily the best of the series starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Will Smith is his usual hilarious self and Tommy Lee Jones plays his part pretty well too that being said I am usually not a big fan of his.

This movie is about a young cop who while chasing a crook one day stumbles upon a strange secret. He meets a man named K from a special orginization called the Men In black. K recruits the young man as his new partner and he finds out what Men In Black does.

This will always be one of my favorites movies. I have loved it since I was a kid and there is no doubt that I will be showing it to my kids one day.

Men in Black 3

Not bad but still not as good as the first one.
For the most part this movie was entertaining enough. Much better then the second one was however not nearly as good as the first. The addition of Josh Brolin was a nice change he played his part perfectly however he plays a 29 year old so he was a bit old. Will Smith is back and he is talented and funny as usual as well as your typical Men in black story line. Evil alien trying to take over the world. Its up to the boys at the Men in Black to stop it.

The reason this movie was not as good as the first is mainly because it felt sort of cheesy. I mean this movie was made 14 years after the first one and I swear the CGI in this one is somehow worse. Despite it having an 130 million dollar budget for some reason they can only make CGI that looks cartoonish and childish as if its trying to appeal to young children which I don't think it is because it is rated pg-13 and there is some parts in it and I quote "You are a piece of sh!t" said directly at someones face. So- I think they cheaped out majorly on the effects and the story line was very typical and predictable.

Overall Fans of the original probably wont enjoy this one too much. I think it would be perfect for perhaps a ten year old and his friend to watch. Im thinking they would have a blast with it but for me I rate it simply average.

Evil Dead

Not as good as I had hoped.
This movie was entertaining enough for the most part but I felt it lacking overall but that may just be because I had heard about this movie about a year ago and I have been waiting ever since then so I was hoping for something really good that could have lowered my opinion of it.

The first thing you will here people say is there is tons of gore. Now I don't know If I have became totally desensitized over the years from watching some of the disturbing movies I have watched but for me this movie was not that gory. It had a couple moments with some pretty intense gore but the scenes were very short. I fear that they had to cut many scenes out of it.

Overall though despite the hype it was a decent movie. The acting was good for the most part and it did have some creepy moments in it however I think many of the creepy parts were cut out and toned down seeing how many of the parts in the red band trailer were not in the movie.

Not as scary or as gory as I had hoped but I have seen every scary and disturbing movie out there so my opinion may not be valid as I don't get scared.

Django Unchained

Another great film by Tarantino!
I am always eagerly awaiting Tarantinos new films because he is just such a great director and writer. Everyone one of his movies except for maybe one is a masterpiece and this one is no exception. I would have givin it a higher rating then an eight but towards the end it started to go a little over the top which of course was intentional I just feel it would have turned out perfect if he had just kept it more like the first half.

This movie is just great though. The story line is amazing and original and all the actors do a really good job such as Jamie Foxx and Dicaprio. The writing was also just spectacular. I think this movie has some of the best dialogue I have heard in a movie. It feels very real and this movie is actually extremely funny. There was one scene in which I could not stop laughing I was tearing up it was hilarious.

If you are a fan of Tarantinos films or just a fan of great movies you will like this no matter what. I don't think it is his greatest film made but it is very close. its made in the typical Tarantino fashion I have met some people that don't like that but I love it as will you.


One of the best horror films I have seen in years.
So many horror films come out which rely on one of two things, either a ton of gore or a ton of cheap jump scares in order to make them scary. This does have a couple jump scenes but for the most part it creates most of the horror through the atmosphere and the creepy found footage videos. All the actors do a great job and the plot is actually pretty good.

This movie is a about a writer who writes about terrible murders that happen. He moves with his family to the city its in so he can do research though this time he moved his family into the house of the victims hes doing research on. As the days go by he starts to notice strange things happening in the house.

This movie was a great horror movie and for anyone who is actually a fan of the horror genre will love this without a doubt. People looking for tons of gore or jump scares might want to look somewhere else.

Beyond Re-Animator

Absolutely Terrible...
The only reason I actually watched this movie is because I went on IMDb and checked the rating and reviews and they were all half way decent so I decided to give it a chance...Boy did I make a mistake. The movie its self is just boring and lame. The special effects are absolutely terrible and the acting is beyond words. Under no circumstances should you watch this movie it will make you want to cut your ears off because some of the actors may be the worst I have ever seen. This movie took 3 million dollars and completely threw it away I have seen better horror movies made with 50 thousand. Not even good for a one time watch don't listen to the IMDb rating and make sure you pass over this one.

Taken 2

not at all compared to the first.
I actually liked the first Taken and I was quite excited to see this one after watching I felt greatly disappointed. The first one was very intense and dramatic while this one felt like some cheap action film. And there was just scene after scene that made no sense at all and the script in this one was also terrible.

This movie is about a group of men who swear to get revenge for the men kill by Bryan Mills while rescuing his daughter in the first movie. So the men kidnap Bryan and his wife and he struggles to find a way to escape.

This movie is not bad if you just turn your brain off during movies. However if you don't then you will know doubt point out the many problems in this movie that so many people have already pointed out before me.

Zero Day

A great and terrifying movie.
A lot of people hate the found footage style that some movies are going with but personally I love it. It is hands down the best way to make a low budget movie and it also makes the movie feel so intensely real as long as you get good enough actors which this movie definitely did. The acting was done very well by the two main leads it made the movie feel 100 percent authentic. The story line is dark and very exciting the whole way through.

This movie is about a bunch of tapes who were filmed by two boys who were planning a school shooting. They film all the events leading up to the attack on the school.

One thing this film does so well is portray this kids as normal people who have just been pushed over the edge. Even though the two main leads about to do something so terrible you feel bad for them.

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This is by far one of the best lowest budget films I have ever seen.

The Bay

I actually really enjoyed it.
There was quite a few mixed reviews about this movie as I was searching this site and it had a low overall score so I did not know what to think but i gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. The acting could have been a bit better and it was kind of strange because they went for the found footage type but it seemed like they just wanted to save money because the scenes just seem like a normal movie.

This movie is about a small city on the coast of Maryland that is infected by some kind of weird parasite. The people are oblivious to the fact thats its the water causing it and they all catch it.

This movie is actually much better then I expected and it really is quite scary and I don't get scared easy. Finally a found footage film with a R rating and some gore. It definitely added to the effect it made it much scarier. Also the parasite they based it on is a real thing and this could very likely happen

What Lies Beneath

Frankly not as good as everyone says.
Let me first start off by saying this movie is by no means bad but I was just expecting something terrific from all the reviews I read. Michelle pheiffer and Harrison Ford cant act. Im sorry everyone out there but its true. Michelle is much better then Harrison but still not great though every time ford was on screen I wanted to shoot myself. Even though there was a big twist you could see it coming a mile away. Predictable cheesy writing with a 90 million dollar budget. Don't ask me what they spent all that on.

This movie is about a woman who lives in a big house with her husband. She is home alone most of the time due to her husband working all the time and she begins to notice strange things happening around the house and then she starts to see ghosts.

I found this movie to be OK for a one time watch but it was just such a let down from what I was expecting.

Attack the Block

I shut it off in 10 minutes.
Let me first start off by saying that I watch a ton of movies. A ton of bad bad movies. And I rarely shut movies off I may have shut off 5 or 10 in my whole life and this is one of them. All it took was the first scene to make me understand I was going to hate this movie so I shut it off. The reason I did because the opening scene was like this...first a bunch of terrible acting annoying accents and foul mouth kids then a stupid looking creature thing and some flash shaky cameras then an outline to the dumbest plot I have ever heard. So it was terrible the first ten minutes were all I needed to make an informed decision don't watch this for any reason.


Good movie but no scary like people say.
I first heard about this movie because I have heard countless amount of times about how this movie is scary and one of the scariest movies ever and I don't see how anybody thought this was even a horror movie. It seems much more like a psychological thriller to me. It is very interesting and thrilling but not in the slightest scary.

This movie is about a writer who goes to suposedly haunted places and stays the night so later and he can write a book about his experiences. No where he has went so far as been haunted but he wants to go to a hotel room 1408. It had had over fifty people die in it and is apparently actually haunted. The goes there thinking its just going to be a normal night but things start to get strange.

This movie is pretty good the only big complaint I would have about this movie is I don't think john Cusack could pull this role off. Not by a long shot.

Dead Silence

I guess Im unscarable
I actually decided to give this movie a watch only because I heard over and over again about how it was actually a good movie and how it was scary and all this. The only way I could see this movie be scary is if you were like 8 years old. Other then that its just kind of a silly story about an evil puppet. A lot of the moments are not scary they are almost laughable. I watch all these so called "Scary" movies and I don't flinch for a second.

This movie is about a young man who one night receives a ventriliquist dummy in the mail. He leaves for a short while only to discover his wife has been brutally murdered. He suspects is the dummy and goes to look for the reason behind it all.

This movie was not all bad it was just kind of silly and not scary like everyone said it was which was the mainly disappointing thing. Overall good horror movie for pre teens not for adults.

The Others

Not as good as everyone says.
I actually had never seen this movie up until last night but I had nothing else to watch so I decided to give it a try because everyone seemed to love it on here. First thing the acting in it is good from everyone except the little girl. The plot is quite good with an interesting original twist however the movie is quite slow and dull for me.I thought it was going to be somewhat scary and it was not at all.

This movie is about a young family in England circa 1940s. The father has gone off to war and the mother is forced to stay at home and take care of her children who have a rare disease which makes them ultra alergic to the sunlight. Strange things start to happen though as the kids start to see ghosts.

This movie was OK it was just a little boring for me. Slow and dull just like most English things. Still more exciting then Paranormal Activity of course.

Short Circuit

Great film from my childhood.
I remember seeing this movie when I was little and I have loved it ever since. The story is a great family tale thats heart warming and adorable. It is kind of a 80s B movie because the acting is not great but it makes up for it in story line and hilarity with the robot.

This movie is about a military robot that is struck by lightning. It gets out of the military compound and now realizes it has gained consciousness. He finds a lady and they become friends and he becomes more and more human.

This movie is just great I would still highly recommend this to kids now a days just because they are sure to fall in love with the robot just as I did as a kid.

Short Circuit 2

A great sequel
This is the sequel to the first classic starring Johnny Five. It returns a beloved character Ben as one of the main leads. Everyone does a great job and Johnny 5 is still as hilarious and adorable as ever. The plot is not quite as good or heartwarming but it is still very good and entertaining.

This movie is about Johnny 5 who goes to the big city to help his friend benjamin. He has to help him build tiny toy robots but in the mean time Johnny is manipulated by criminals to do their bidding.

This movie is good and in a lot of ways its better then the first because you see the robot much more and he is where the humor is.

The Hills Run Red

Not a bad slasher film
I was kind of nervous at first watching this movie because I heard it was a straight to DVD thing but I was bored so I decided to give it a try. For a horror movie I got to say that it actually has some pretty decent writing and twists and turns. Not you typical slasher film which is good. The only real complaint with this one is the acting exspecially from Tad Hilgren or whatever his name is. You may remember him better from on of the terrible American Pie spinoffs. And he was a far better actor in that then in this frankly hes just terrible. The others were not too bad however so it was watchable. The blood looked terribly fake though so.

This movie is about a guy who is obsessed with horror movies. With one impaticular that never was released to the public. Apparently because it was so gory and sadistic. So the guy goes on the look for the orgins of the tape and the tape its self starting with the only known living cast member...the directors daughter.

This movie was pretty good I really wish a studio could have picked this up and upped the budget a bit because you can tell its low.

Team America: World Police

I rarely laugh at a movie this much but this one is just soo funny. I remember when I saw it in theatres when it first came out and the whole theatre was howling with laughter. It was actually kind of annoying because as soon laughter from the last scene finally subsided another hilarious scene would come up and put the theatre into hysterics once again.

This is definitely one of my favourite comedies created by the men who brought us the hilarious show South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone who also do most of the voices which they are oh so good at. The movie is very well made and its non stop funny.

This movie is about an actor named Gary who is approached by an Agency named Team America. Terrorists are planning a big attack on America and they recruit Gary so he can go undercover and find out where the WMDs are.

This movie is pure gold from start to finish. If you don't like South Park you probably wont like this because it does contain a lot of bad language and crude humour but don't let that put you off it is hilarious. Another thing that makes this movie hilarious is its filmed entirely with puppets. So much humour comes from that alone and this is just a great movie if you have not seen it yet stop screwing around and go watch it right now.


Too many problems to be good.
Uggg what to say about this movie...First off I will say it was a huge let down mainly because it started off so well and then there was problem after problem....plot hole after plot hole that it just made the movie almost unbearable to watch. Yes the acting was good by the main cast starring Mel Gibson And Jouqin Pheonix but the side cast were terrible. This movie had a high budget but it was shot in about 3 small different places? I have no idea where all the money went.

This movie is about an ex reverend who owns a farm. One day after his children were screaming in the fields he runs out to discover crop cirlces. Then they turn on the news and see that something very strange is happening as crop cirlces start to pop up all over the world. He tries to keep his family safe and calm as the invaders come.

This movie started off really good and it really did have a creepy atmosphere but why too many plot holes ruined it for me.


Ritchies funniest movie!
It seems most of Guy Ritchies movies are very identical and this one compares to Snatch although in my opinion not as good but a hell of a lot funnier. This almost seems more of a comedy then a action because some parts honestly had me laughing out loud. There is some great characters and writing with a story line that keeps you interested right till the end.

This movie is about a crime boss who has a very valuable painting stolen from him. He tries to figure out who stole it and eventually figures out it was his junkie stepson and now he hires some people willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.

This movie was great definitely one of my favorite from Guy. I did not much care for lock stock and two smoking barrels but I loved snatch and this.


Intense thriller. Another great Gibson movie.
I watched this movie first when it came out and I was only about 11 years old or so. So I decided to give it a watch nearly ten years later and I loved it even more. Its not a very original idea and it has been done before but the writing and the great performance by Mel Gibson make this far superior to most of the movies with this subject.

This movie is about a well off boss of an airline who while at the park with his family one day has his son kidnapped. The kidnappers ask for a two million dollars ransom. The father is going to pay without any questions until he starts thinking that once he pays they will kill his son so he comes up with a back up plan.

This is a really good thriller and another great movie from Gibson. I have always been a Gibson fan and I only wish he made more movies these days.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Entertaining but very flawed.
I put off watching this movie for one reason and that is the god awful title. But after reading many positive reviews on here I decided to give it a watch. First thing I will say is this movie was entertaining and if thats all I judged movies on I would have given this a much higher rating. Due to the fact I judge movies on a whole I give this pretty low and heres why.

The acting is pretty atrocious. Some people will argue and say its good but it really isn't. The second thing is the constant inaccuracies such as making silver ball bearing for repeater rifles? which of course wouldn't work. Or ball bearings for revolvers....yes revolvers....Or the fact you see the vamps with a huge mouth of teeth but when they bite they only use the typical two sharp ones. Really makes no sense.

This movie is about Abraham Lincoln as he is growing up and discovers there is vampires everywhere. He teams up with one to destroy the vampires and save America.

This movie was OK but I wont give it another watch. The acting, the inaccuracies and the ridiculous action sequences make this movie pretty terrible. Everyone who liked this will have to explain to me why.

A Bug's Life

This is one of my favorite animation movies for sure. The animation was just jaw dropping for its time and even holds up now against some movies. The voice actors all did a good job and it manages to hold your attention with a very captivating storyline.

This movie is a about a young ant named flick. He is a screw up around the colony and one day after screwing up so bad by dropping the food the ants were supposed to give to the grasshoppers in a offer of peace(Grasshoppers oppress the ants) into a pond. The colony then sends him away to "go looks for bugs to fight the grasshoppers" But it was really just busy work. He actually finds bugs though and brings them back everyone thinks their warriors but they turn out to be circus bugs.

This is one of my favorite animated movies and its just great. Made in the same year as Antz not as good as Antz but still very good.


A good movie
This is probably one of my favorite Animated movies of recent memory. It stars Johnny Depp who plays his part very well and is quite hilarious as a lizard. The animation is amazing everything looks very sharp and very well done. The story line keeps you very interested unlike many of the animated movie they have have somewhat of a child story line this one does not.

This movie is about a lizard who has an owner but while driving his cage falls out of the car and he is stranded in the desert. He finds a small town of creatures like himself and creates a new identity for himself claiming he is a roughneck gun slinger.

This movie is very good and has its funny moments. This seems more of an animated movie for older kids then younger.

The Adventures of Tintin

Not as good as I would have hoped
Now I will start off first by saying that this movie had incredible animation. To the point where everything looked nearly lifelike probably the best animation I have ever seen and definitely the best part of this movie. The acting was good and it was directed by Spielberg so you have a very well put together movie here I just did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I thought they would have it be kind of funny and it seems like they did but its more of a very dry humor.

This movie is about a reporter named TinTin who teams up with Captain Haddock to find a treasure ship that belonged to captain Haddocks ancestors.

This movie was not all bad and it was a fun adventure and you could tell they spent a lot of time making it. However the story line just was not as gripping or funny as I had hoped however thats my opinion Im sure to lots its a perfect movie.

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