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Eaten Alive

Rather Unknown Gem
This movie seems to be one of the most unreknowned horror gems, overlooked by so many other unworthy horror attractions over the decades. This is a dark and atmospheric Tobe Hooper classic in many ways resembles the look, feel, and tension that made the original Texas chainsaw massacre such a classic. The film offers the great Texas feel, a secluded out in the sticks, lonely, dirty and dark run down place full of creeps then with added fun-loving kids, sex, drugs, and alcohol. it's a place where you wouldn't want to stop and sleep because you know you ain't gonna rest until your butchered. The Crocodile part of the story is actually quite minor and until the end i don't feel was the main disturbing part of the movie, but it was the character of the sick and disturbed hotel owner Judd (Neville Brand) who portrayed the character superbly, who made the film truly great. There's also a very young Robert Englund who stars, who's great too, a complete bastard as always. Tobe yet again makes a classic horror which should get more credit. the low budget of the film makes a more enjoyable, and adds to the atmosphere. If you like Texas, Tobe, disturbed loners, and 70s horrors buy it!

Albino Farm

Calling All JERICHOLICS!! and Wrong Turn trilogy liker's.
Thats Right Wrestlings Fans, a movie starring WWE legend Chris Jericho!! Not the bloody Rock again or dodgy Triple H! But multi-talented singer and actor Jericho. Im a big fan, and was so-so surprised and chuffed when i saw this movie by chance starring Chris, i had heard very little about it. The Film also stars the gorgeous hot and curvy former actress of Home and Away Tammin Sursok, who is a good actress. The acting in the flick is actually very good! not cheesy. It takes awhile for Chris to appear but once he does, he doesn't disappoint. I like how his character is portrayed, and not what i was expecting it to be. Chris could definitely get away with making more films in particular more horrors! The future looks bright for him.

If you are a fan of the WRONG TURN trilogy, then i would definitely recommend this! they are similar and shouldn't disappoint you! I like the country style redneck style horrors with cannibalistic freaky characters, that are inbreds. They make a good horror. I recommend this.

No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker

I watched this one before the first film. I was pleasantly surprised after initially thinking within the first 15mins of it, it was going to be a pile of crap. some bits are a bit far-fetched but aren't a lot of modern horrors? But as the film and story continued, i found myself getting more into it. There's plenty of blood and gore, very over the top to be honest, but good. I was really impressed with a certain idea of the film! so not to give to much away about it but the idea of how they kept the story surrounding the location is cool and was humorous at one stage when a character uncovers a secret and then the horror comes more a light and you start thinking holy-crap, can you imagine that. The acting ability of the cast was also good, not sub-standard like some horror sequels of late. I didn't see the plot come together until the very end, i was surprised and found it quite unpredictable until i watched it again and pieced it together. so it's clever as i didn't see that coming. i would recommend it if you get the chance to see it.

I Am Legend

Willy's first ever nasty film hits a nerve..
This is the first film i have seen Will Smith do that is truly a nasty sci-fi style horror flick, i was very surprised how mean and nasty this film is! especially for the style of film we've come to expect from Will Smith, happy go lucky sci-fi action flicks. This sure raises the roof for him and opens up his career to all new levels he did really well. Some great action, tension, and special effects that can blow you away. It's very dark and very moody. Sometimes a little humorous but then again sometimes quite haunting, creepy, moving, and scary! i just think you have to give this a go, you might feel very depressed afterwards and want to watch something more happy but i would definitely watch it all, stick with it if you find the beginning slow because it's worth it, it's meant to be slow at first to build up the tension but then BANG! it's one messed up creepy ass flick, soon as the film gets into it's stride it's over too quick and they could've made it longer, but hell there was some awesome explosions! the trailers don't give a lot away and i don't either, so enjoy it! and enjoy the not-knowing feel to it. i could say a lot more about this film but it would give to much away and spoil it so just watch it. i love his dog, excellent chemistry, great dog actor! rest assure the film does explain itself as it goes along it does leave you wondering in the beginning like what the hell is going on, whats happening? but it does reveal all. enjoy it guys! don't watch alone at first tho.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Not as good as the first two.
I was very hyped for the release of this film, especially as i enjoyed the first 2 so much, and have played the computer games. Also i like Milla Jovovich a lot easily the best Female Action Superstar around today, she can kick Ar"". Very sexy and hugely enjoyable for all the boys. She's made a big impact on the action flick scene, and raised expectations for all future flicks, it's gone of the days where action men dominated the movie scene, we now want to see hot chicks with guns, and major cool action stunts and Milla always delivers, you want more and more. This movie does have it's high points and continues the story from the first 2 films, which is good, and often takes you back to the first and second films, the film has evolved from much more than just a zombie horror flick it has become a series like the games, and has been left wide open for a 4th because more needs to be answered, and I'm dying to see what the creators come up with next. And yes we do get a lot of blood, a lot of guns, a lot of zombies with more dogs and crows!!!! it was nice to see the cast from the second film return. I don't have anything that bad to say about it really just didn't quite reach the mark the second did, but still highly enjoyable. It was nice to see Ali Larter from Final Destination, i find she looks a lot like Milla, and before now got them both mixed up. I feel they could've used Ali more, but most likely didn't want to take the shine off Milla, not that you could! these films are her own.


Some kids might enjoy while others might find it VERY boring
This is not the best Disney Pixar movie, although it is quite enjoyable, great voice overs for all the characters but the film just isn't that funny, it tries VERY hard to be, but just fails to be that funny. You might laugh once or twice and i suspect that might be it. A lot of the kids at the cinema got bored watching this and were looking behind them and trying to find something more exciting to watch, while parents and other adults alike were falling asleep, so thats not very positive. the makers did try hard with some great animation and some exciting parts! the rats were really cute! but it just lacked the usual I LOVE THIS MOVIE attitude Disney-pixar animations normally have, it's OK but your missing nothing here. They did great with the promotion for this animation, the clips are more funny that the actual film.


Crackin' performance from Clifton Collins Jr., excellent compliment to films like Training day
A really strong performance from Clifton Collins Jr, combined with an excellent bad cop come good cop story from Chris Fisher and Gil Reavill with excellent acting from Cuba and Clifton, really great chemistry between them both, really solid acting made this film a knock-out, a really good compliment to films like training day. I would highly recommend this film if you enjoyed training day like me. Some great camera angles with the action scenes contributed towards some great tension and atmosphere, very enjoyable with some great faces like Wyclef Jean, Cole Hauser, Tory Kittles, Khleo Thomas, and Keith David to top it off. Rent it or buy it now! top marks. I hope cuba Forgets films like snowdogs, and continues with films like this and End Game, easily his best film since boyz n the hood.

The Ringer

Johnny Knoxville rules! but this film sucks..
I really like Johnny Knoxville, love the series Jackass, some really funny s+;* and I'm so happy to see him doing more movies, Walking tall with the Rock was excellent, great chemistry between them both. Johnny's a really funny guy, a natural. But this film was AWFUL! embarrassing to watch, i might of laughed ONCE! and that was it, and thats not what i'm use to with Knoxville normally your rolling around the floor for hours, but this film was complete and utterly boring, totally pointless, totally unfunny, totally crap. a real disappointment, don't bother. I think Knoxville will have to do films with a strong supporting cast, not on his own, like walking tall, Dukes, and grand theft parsons, i don't think he can hold a film on his own.

Spider-Man 3

Don't make anymore, 3 was enough..
I have really enjoyed the first 2 films, the romance between Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is sweet, really enjoyable, reminds you of the innocence of being in love, and how much you want a pair to be together but in the 3rd installment thats completely dead! what has held the movies together with the romance is over with silly dancing sequences and pointless cheesy behaviour, it's like a totally different cast, and the direction went out the window, there are some good action scenes, flying and stunts, but the film is just pants. I did like the character Sandman/Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), he was the only good up-point about the film, excellent character, some excellent scenes, the best villain yet. The spider-man change in character could of been good, really exciting for the trailers etc, but when they put the film together it totally blows! awful! maybe with some better direction, it could've been good, forget there's a 3rd, enjoy the first 2.

Shoot 'Em Up

Don't blink or you'll miss some awesome action..
If you don't get to see this action film, your truly missing out on a gem! you simply have to see it. If you have any doubts in the back of your head about seeing it forget them all and just watch it! really funny one liners, from Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti, along with the chemistry they both have with Monica Bellucci is great! but especially the chemistry between Clive and Monica, talk about hot. The action is off the hook! it doesn't stop, your either laughing or wow'ing at the awesome gun scenes or the fighting. But if you have seen this film you'll know what I'm talking about when i say the word 'Carrot' forget about what bugs bunny did with a carrot what Clive Owen can do with a carrot is much better, you'd never of thought how dangerous a carrot can be. You have to see this film, Clive Owen shows he can really kick arse. But you'll always remember after watching this, NEVER trust anybody with a carrot. It's a classic take your brain out, and enjoy.


Don't rush out to watch this...
John Cusack truly holds this film up on his own, a good hour in total is just John Cusack and nobody else, just John Cusack and the tension along with twists and cool affects, There's not many faces, and the film doesn't hang around, not a lot of build up just straight to the storyline, you will be confused, very confused, and if your not too depressed after the first viewing you will have to watch this again, and again, to try and piece together and understand this very strange story from Stephen King, but of course if you know Stephen King, you'll know thats his kind of movie. It's not your typical horror, you get very lost in the story and a lot of the time, it does not make much sense, i'm not sure it really qualifies as a horror just a spooky, make you confused, and depressed kind of film. There is more exciting films to watch out there, and i would recommend them first. If you like Samuel L. Jackson there's not a lot of him but plenty of John Cusack. John is a great actor and shows it in this, but it's just not a great film, you could say a little boring not enough tension, maybe could've done more to make it more exciting. Samuel could of played a better role, more involved, he was just a name for the promotional poster and trailer. This film will no doubt get forgotten nothing special.


A fresh look at things! something new for the War film genre! i really enjoyed!
I would happily recommend this movie, but something i would say is, if your looking for a war movie with all out action like saving private Ryan or something you are looking at the wrong type of film, this is in fact a completely fresh look at things. The heartache and pain of going to war, risking your life, and you weren't even needed anyway. They go through the heartache of training, risking their lives, and don't get to play the part, they had always trained for, dreamt of, and wanted to. This film also provides a look at what keeps the soldiers motivated and what could happen if their motivation is taken from them, it leaves them lonely and out of their mind, when they need to try and defend their country. It also shows the bounds between soldiers, and some of the after affects, and provides you with new thoughts, opinions, and answers. And also you might learn new things about what goes on, that you didn't know.

With a fresh all out talented cast, that we all need to see more of, you can see a lot of fresh faces for a lot of future movie roles, with actors to take over for the new generation of movie making! This film took a whole new look at things with a 21st century edge of movie-making, direction, and filming with an excellent soundtrack.

The New World

The Most Boring'est' epic you will ever see! The Boring World!
The Film started out slow, and continued very slow, and continued to bore us to death! The story isn't heart warming in my opinion or entertaining, or exciting. It would have to be the worst 2hrs and 10 minutes i have spent watching a film. They could've made this film run for an hour and 30 mins, and that would've been enough and you'd miss nothing they had already shown in the 2hrs and 10 minutes. The scenes in the film drag on for so long you feel like it's been on for an hour when it's actually been on for just half an hour. Each seen Colin and his love interest are touching each other or looking at the sky, or saying words like 'moon' 'sky' 'eyes' 'ears' 'lips' trying to teach her English, and that drags on for an hour at least, it's completely boring. the couple of battle scenes they provide us with in the film aren't even that long or good. It's very boring, very slow, and utterly disappointing from start to finish, from a cast you'd expect more from. You can't even say the words battle scenes with this film because they just aren't. Totally not what i was expecting. I would avoid both Colin Farrell's epic movies like this, and Alexander, because they both suck!. All that said even with a romantic look at the film, it's something you've seen already with a dozen of other films! the chemistry between both the actors is totally unbelievable. I'm glad i didn't go to the cinema to watch this after because it would've been the biggest waste of money, and time ever. Don't blink either, or you might miss Christian Bale, because the film hardly focuses on him.

Superman Returns

went to cinema especially to see this with my girlfriend, and we were both utterly disappointed expected so much more from a talented cast of Kate Bosworth, and Kevin Spacey, but they could not deliver with one of the worst actors ever trying to be superman Brandon Routh, he was utterly unconvincing, and could not act to save his life, trying to do the macho talking parts, and then the macho looks, and body and attitude but could not deliver, a diffo cast possibly a better film, i was quite worried about it, when i originally read the cast, and after watching it my concerns were right, Stick to Spider-man! then maybe daredevil.

The Salton Sea

Possibly Val Kilmer's best film ever..
This film was an absolute treat! an amazingly enjoyable thrill ride! if your one of those that switches a film off, when you see drug abuse, i warn you, don't switch off this, because your sincerely missing an excellent, well casted, well directed film! a must see for anybody so long as none of the themes in the film could offend you, one of the best films here of 2002! an excellent cast of Val Kilmer, the Beautiful Deborah Kara Unger, Luis Guzmán, and Peter Sarsgaard, with an excellent character in the film called Pooh Bear played by Vincent D'Onofrio, He's wicked! With lots of twists and turns, and a solid story to follow, everything gets put together, with a great blend of humor. Don't rent it, when you see it, buy it, you wont be disappointed.

The Rundown

A must see for all action lovers!
I can tell you, without a doubt, this is 1 of 2 of the rocks best movies, the other being Walking Tall, With crackin action scenes, fights, explosions, and cool stunts, made this a blockbuster smash for all action fan junkies, it's a great adventure, with some nice 1 liners and dumb comedy sequences, it's a great film to watch with your mates, and other people you have a laugh with, of course not ideal for kids but older kids will enjoy it! you could easily watch this with a girlfriend also, it's light hearted fun! done the kick arse Dwayne Johnson way, this is why he became an action star and gave up wrestling, he was born for this! what also makes this film great is a classic pop up seen of an Old action star passing the new action star in a quick sequence with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This gets 8 stars from me, and well earnt as well, the Title isn't much to go by tho, it makes it sound kinda tacky, and i can assure you it ain't, stick to the American name The Rundown, much cooler.

Dead in the Water

Worth a Go!
A lot of movies based in 1 particular place, can sometimes lose it's path and get boring like Open Water, but this movie with it's talented young cast of Henry Thomas, and the gorgeous looks of Dominique Swain kinda carried it off! the film once or twice needed something to pick it up abit more from feeling too quiet & , un-atmospheric, for a thriller! but with some better direction, this could've been a hit, more intensity, more of a cutting edge, it could've been a nail-biter, but in the end, it's predictable, BUT! with a sweet touch at the end which makes you feel like, it was all for nothing, if only if people were more honest, and youngsters didn't act quite so dull. maybe worth renting first before buying, but if you find it cheap, give it a go.

The Outpost

Bad! Bad! Bad!
This is Wes Craven at his worst! this is the very worst horror, if you can call it horror, you will ever watch, esp from one of the masters of horror Wes Craven, Poor Direction, Poor Acting, Poor Set, Poor Atmosphere makes this the biggest pile of rubbish ever! the bad guy is totally unconvincing, you couldn't even feel sorry for the guy! the gore, and horror involved in the film is laughable, it's just plain rubbish! the only good points i can think of is, It stars Natasha Gregson Wagner, Giovanni Ribisi, and Lance Henriksen, but not even that cast, could stop this from spiralling out of control, and into one of the worst horrors ever. If you still ain't watch it yet, don't bother, you'll only hate it.

Albino Alligator

A well hidden Gem for the crime genre!
With such an excellent cast, and actor/director, in his first ever directorial role, Kevin Spacey, i cant believe how unheard of this film is, it has an amazing cast with Faye Dunaway, Matt Dillon, Viggo Mortenson, William Fichtner, Skeet Ulrich, Gary Sinise, Joe Mantegna, this would be a straight to cinemas hit! these days, a well established cast, of well known big screen names nowadays, and it's an awesome film, a classic Kevin Spacey-type pace film! i love it and would highly recommend it, esp if your paying £5.99 like i did! buy it or rent it you wont be dissatisfied. A pretty modern time day crime gem with some tiny flaws.

Dawn of the Dead

Excellent remake! one of the best!!
Most of the recent remakes we have seen, have been awful, and complete flops, to name one would be the Amityville Horror, but here comes a remake thats complimentary to the original like Psycho the remake was to the original, the movie's well acted, well casted, with top notch horror, and tension, I've been able to watch the film over and over, and not a lot of horror flicks can make you do that esp remakes, but this was something special, highly enjoyable, highly recommended, and i hope they make the sequel! great casting with Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer not huge names but are very talented with their reputations growing, if you love horror give this a go! You are missing a real treat!

Welcome to Collinwood

Highly Recommended
The first time i watched this film, it was a crowded room, and we all sat down to watch it, and ended up turning if off, and selling it, but after surfing ebay, i noticed this title again, looked at it, read about it, and looked again at the cast, and thought i have to give it another go, and I'm pleased to say i did! it's an amusing film, with some very funny parts! George Clooney might be on the front cover, but his part is not big at all, he appears 2 or 3 times, but with the excellent acting abilities, and great humour, esp from Luis Guzmán, and his cracking 1 liner! Your Momma's a whore, makes this film a highly enjoyable 86mins, that i can easily recommended to the right audience. Excellent!

The Big Bounce

Not worth your 85mins of spare time..
You can totally give this movie a miss, and would not of missed anything exciting, for even the most solid Morgan Freeman or Owen Wilson fans, There's absolutely nothing going on in this film. The humours boring, and Dull, the stuff thats suppose to make you laugh just makes the film more un-enjoyable! Completely Un-funny, and Completely boring! Vinnie Jones even gets BAT-tered by Owen Wilson! if thats not enough to go by, and put u off, i don't know what is! but on a bright note, It's always great to see Morgan Freeman, he has no need to do dull projects like this. As we all know Owen Wilson has his own unique style of humour, thats the main reason why we like him, i find him extremely funny normally but even understanding that, this still sucked! you were hoping a giant shark would jump out of the sea and eat the set, least that would've been amusing.

But the best part of the film is, watching Sara Foster's sexy body! she's really fit, and not a bad actress either!

Only buy this, if it's being given away!

And watch the last 10 minutes, no need for the other 75mins.


This is impressive, ignore the flaws..
I still cant believe how low submerged rates on IMDb 3.8/10, look at the stars tho that looks better! to give this film a go.

With an impressive selection of Hot women, and talented British co-stars this film was very good! lots of explosions, some nasty scenes of violence, esp 1 fight with Vinne Jones! that was really raw! some surprising twists and turns which i think makes this film a hit, esp for Steven Seagal fans! and people who want to try a recent Seagal action flick, he doesn't do as much hands on combat like he did, but he's more for explosions & some hard hitting big guns! some good car chases also, with a nice blend of Special Effects, my opinion this is more of a Action thriller, than an Action Horror if thats what you've heard! Alison King is really fit! she has a body, hair, and lips, to die for, she's so fine! and she's been in a lot of well known British progs including Corrie & the hit comedy Cold Feet! watch it for her! and the hard nut Vinnie Jones, with the Superstar Seagal! this film isn't all based around being under sea because they aren't stuck there for long really, some sources might be misleading stating that, coz you might then expect a psycho killer but it's anything but that.

Man on Fire

Hard-Hitting, to the bone..
What an excellent achievement, and another Top Quality movie from Denzel Washington, and Dakota Fanning, this movie is without a doubt one of the best films that was to come in 2004, top notch film making, with great intensity, gritty, powerful, and excellent acting, all the ingredients for a powerful treat! a masterpiece! also an excellent supporting cast of Radha Mitchell, Christopher Walken, Giancarlo Giannini, & Mickey Rourke. This is a film to be compared with other Hit-man movie classics, like Leon, & Bourne, and rightfully so. Once in a while movies like this come along.

You've gotta see this! 10/10


Better than THE GRUDGE
I was pleasantly surprised when i watched this movie, with how much potential it did really have, they made a good movie, out of an already done dying type of film, and with the name Boogeyman you'd expect cheesiness, and a weak horror, but what you got was some good acting, with some great effects, and some originality! all the cast have potential esp the lead guy Barry Watson who plays Tim, and his Girlfriend who plays Jessica(Tory Musset) i can see her playing a really diverse character, with also her sexy looks & charm, my opinion that young actress has something, i just hope it's noticed. But Seeing as i was very disappointed with the producers last project "the Grudge", i did not give this movie much chance, but it's quite a surpriser! i would deffo give this a go, but the only downfall is the ending could of been done better, and with some more Knots tied together. Also the young actress Skye McCole Bartusiak who plays Franny Roberts deserves a mention, she's a talented actress, that has bright things to come i think. But on the whole a good film, and give it a try!

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