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Paradise Road

It touched my heart in more ways than one.
If I was going to describe this movie in one word, the word would be atrocities.

I think men who are assigned to the seeing after of POW's, especially female POW's, are particularly inept, and not good for much else, and probably realizing this, and being angry about it, are experts through their anger, in the field of designing, and applying atrocities.

The courage, and resourcefulness, of these ladies was impeccable. Even when faced with what seemed to be the most dire of circumstances, they were able to maintain their digninty.

The music they created through the expertise of Glenn Close's character, was unique to say the least, and also enjoyed by their keepers, I believe to such an extent, that they were spared at least some of the indignities they would have had to suffered.

I've watched this movie several times, and although there are a few places where it seems to get a little slow, it is still a very enjoyable film, because these slow places are essential to the movie as a whole.

I couldn't write this without mentioning Frances McDormand. She is so versatile, and in this movie, she proves once again, that there's nothing she can't do!

Last Dance

I voting for about the last thirty minutes
The last thirty minutes of this movie, explained to me why I had to set through the slow moving, but well acted first seventy three.

I thought I had it figured out, but.... Wow!! I loved this movie!! Sharon Stone Was perfectly cast. No one could have done it better (or as good). There were a few aspects of the movie, and the situations produced that were in my opinion, a little far fetched. Some the folks, who the folks were, and why they were, where they were, made some of their personalities a little hard to accept, so I couldn't in good conscience give it a perfect score. Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

Cold Mountain

As beautiful a movie as I've ever seen
I can't remember ever seeing such dynamically beautiful scenery. It absolutely took my breath away. Quite honestly I never cared much for Nicole Kidman before I saw her in this movie. She was absolutely stunning. This is the first movie that I ever remember seeing Renee Zellweger in. I fell head, over hills, in love with her character, Ruby. I'm from the south, and am quite familiar with southern accents, and this is one of the few movies I've seen where the accents of everyone included were done with perfection, especially Ruby. As a rule I'm not a big fan of movies involving romance, but this movie had a very poignant twist to the romance involved. It ended with such profundity, that this 59 year old mans eyes filled with tears. I can't think of enough good words to describe what an absolutely wonderful movie this was.

A little bit of trivia. The revolver that Inman was using in the beginning of the movie was a pretty unique weapon. It was a Le Mat, nine shot 44, 42, or 44 caliber revolver, which also had another short 18 gauge barrel in the center of the cylinder. It was essentially confederate weapon, but by the end of the war it was, like a lot of other weapons, in the hands of both sides.

If you don't see this movie you're missing a very enjoyable experience.

The Grave

The night scenery was the best part of the movie
One of the reasons I liked this movie, is because Gabriella Anwar was in it. She's beautiful beyond words. The show was suspenseful, ghoulish, comical, and to some extent romantic. One of the scenes that I thought was the funniest was when Craig Sheffers Character, who had been buried alive for at least 24 hrs was dug up, and was still alive. The expression on his face was priceless. I was very surprised to find out who the priest had been talking with in prison, at the end. If you like dark scenery, ghoulish, and somewhat stupid macabre characters, you'll love this movie. I wouldn't recommend it for children or shell shocked adults. It might cause traumatic episodes.

So there ya go!

Boys Don't Cry

It's hard to describe in words what I thought when I saw that bullet go through Teenas head
Altho I'm straight, I feel more than sorry for folks who choose to be otherwise.

Teena Brandon, or Brandon Teena, however you choose to describe her, couldn't help being the way she was. Folks like her have to have an unsurmountable amount of nerve in order to reveal themselves.

No matter what you think about them, don't ever think gay folks don't have guts.

If you were gay, would you have enough guts to tell folks you were? I for one wouldn't. I'm too much of a coward, not like the gay folks who have come out of the so called closet. These folks deserve admiration, not disgrace.

Teena brandon was killed for no more reason than that a couple of misanthropic sons of bitches couldn't accept her as she was.

I cried for half an hour after she was killed. As a matter of fact there are tears in my eyes as I Write this.

I've seen actual pictures of her in death. They are unspeakable. I realize I haven't said a lot about the movie so far. Hilary Swank couldn't have played her part with more perfection. The entire cast was perfect, right down to the sorry bastards who killed her. This is in my opinion one of the most important movies of our times. It's a movie for anyone who has never understood gay people. They may still not understand them, but they will certainly have a different outlook on them.

This is a very powerful movie, and it deserves an audience with a powerful personality.

Watch it, you'll kick your ass for not doing it sooner.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

This is one of the best feel good, and tenderly romantic movies I've seen
Sonora Webster was a young lady who had the guts, and determination, of a linebacker. She was gonna be a diving girl, at all costs.

At first she just had menial jobs like shoveling manure, and feeding the animals, but as time went on, in her spare time she began to work very hard at learning how to mount a running horse. It proved to be both physically damaging, as well as humiliating, but she finally managed to learn how to do it with perfection.

When the main diving girl dislocated her shoulder Sonora got the chance she had been waiting for, and she pulled the dive off perfectly.

She traveled with the show while the other girl recuperated. One thing led to another, including the passing away of the owner of the show Doc Carver, played by Cliff Robertson, while they were on their way to Atlantic City to do a show.

It was in Atlantic City where tragedy, as well as what some might call a miracle took place, as also did the wedding of Sonora, and Al Carver, the son of the deceased owner of the show You'll have to watch the movie to find out more, I told you more than I should have already.

The Apostle

A very confused man on the run
I only gave it a ten because Robert Duvall was in it, and also June Carter Cash.

Sonny was a stupid SOB who thought he was doing the Lords work. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not a particularly religious person myself, but I think I'm intelligent enough to know that men of god don't go around drinking whiskey, and killing people with baseball bats, then running away, and of all the nerve, starting a new ministry.

Some of the folks seemed to like him, but I couldn't stand the bastard he was a drunk, a womanizer, and by all indications a blasphemer.

I loved the movie, because I hated Sonny so much, which is a tribute to Duvall for doing such a good job of portraying him.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

Crazy in Alabama

Crazy couldn't have been a better name for this movie
Everyone who acted in this movie gave me the impression of a three legged elephant trying to take a dump in a shot glass, from Meat loaf to the judge. It was hilarious, thats why I gave ten stars.

A woman carrying her dead husbands head to Hollywood was as unique as the parting of the Red Sea, and even more bizarre, was the fact that she actually landed a spot on a major television show.

All this was happening, while poor old mom was taking care of her kids, who for some reason seemed to all be all the same age. Her female anatomy must have been built a lot like an M-60 to squirt them out at that rate. Poor Pejoe had a hell of a time with the crazy sheriff, because he saw him kill a black kid. It was chaos from beginning to end. and I would recommend it to anyone who is into utter craziness. I actually thought it was fabulous.

A Lesson Before Dying

This movie is the essence of prejudice
I have never been bias, but this movie made me ashamed to be a white man. Tears are falling from my eyes as I write this. Jefferson was as good a man as anyone could have been. He was referred to in court as a hog. That would have been humiliating to anyone, and I believe the man who said it it meant for it to be. This bothered Jrfferson more than the death penalty that had been put on him.

MR. Wiggins, who was more or less employed by the lady who raised Jefferson to try and instill some dignity into him before he was executed, had his work cut out for him, but in the end he did seem to get through to Jefferson that he was much more than a hog.

He did finally have to meet his maker, but he did it with an undaunted dignity. Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

Edward Scissorhands

As good as any movie ever made
This movie impressed me to such an extent, that I had trouble sleeping for the first few nights after I saw it, not because he scared me. I just kept thinking about this guy who had scissors for hands, and was so unfamiliar with the world,

He had a wonderful talent for making things with his unique hands, but he was still confused about the way the world worked.

He finally wound up back where he began, which in a macabre sort of way was where he belonged, because his background just wouldn't let him fit into a so called normal world.

The ending was very sad. I'm a relative old man, and it made me cry. Watch it!! It's probably the best movie you'll ever see.

Open Range

Vicious,Bloodthirsty,and Beautifully Romantic
Charlie, and Boss,were cowboys who took advantage of free grazing when it was legal,and weren't well liked by the folks in the nearby town. As a matter of fact they weren't well enough liked to even deserve to live.

One of their hands was beaten, then killed. Their dog was also killed. They swore revenge on the perpetrators, and in doing so they instigated one of the bloodiest, violent gunfights I've ever seen in a movie.

I won't describe the best scene, but I think you'll know it when you see it. You'll be glad you watched this movie. There is also a fair amount of beautiful scenery.

I can't imagine how this movie could have been any better. Sorry I forgot to mention that Charlie fellin love with the doctors sister,and in the end they were to be married.

Till Human Voices Wake Us

This film hit close to home for me
The beautiful Helena Bonham Carter as usual played her part to perfection.

When I was young a girlfriend of mine drowned while we were swimming, so in a remote way I can relate to this movie.

I of course never met the ghost of the girl that drowned, but I can relate to the feelings of the boy. This movie was rather a fantasy, and I was very impressed with Miss Carters performance. DR Franks seemed to have difficulty in believing she was who she was, So he hypnotized her to find out for sure, and he convinced himself I believe to an extent. The ending was a little disappointing, but it would have been hard to come up with another one I guess, so we'll have to be satisfied with this one. I watched the movie because Helena Bonham Carter was in it. You can watch it because it was a beautiful watchable movie.

Children on Their Birthdays

One of the sweetest stories I've ever seen
Lillie Jane Bobbit is one of the most beautiful young ladies I've ever seen. Its no wonder the boys went bonkers over her. Truman Capote proved his genius on the particular story. The rivalry between the two boys, who had been best friends was for lack of a better word vicious. Rosalba Cat who turned out to be Lillies best friend, played her part perfectly, I hope to see her in more movies. As the story goes, a shady character held a bogus talent contest,and the folks of the town of Medda Alabama were cheated out of a lot of money. Billy Bob, Lilly Jane,Preacher Star, and Rosalba, who were the kids involved took it on themselves to capture the criminal. Wheather they were successful or not will be up to your willingness to watch the movie. I can tell you that Billy Bob, and Preacher Star, did become best friends again.

The Man in the Moon

Powerful, as well as gentle
This story involves two sisters,one(Dani just coming of age), and Maureen who was a few years older, who have a crush on the same boy.

I felt sorry for both girls, because the boy in question was more attracted to the older girl, and it hurt her feelings to know she was hurting Danis feelings.

The story ends in tragedy, and this gives the girls a reason to reconcile, and show their love for one another.

This is a very intense, and powerful movie, and deals with sibling rivalry, and should be seen by almost anyone who has kids or siblings. I forgot to mention that this story takes place on a farm in Alabama, and there is some beautiful scenery. Including the beautiful Reece Witherspoon who plays Dani.


Perfectly produced
This movie was filmed in my part of the country, and I have virtually been to every location that Othar, and Dewy were. What can I say, this movie was perfect in every way. I'm familiar with the process involved in making whiskey,and the movie depicted it perfectly. Dewy, And Othar were pent on getting revenge for the killing of their grandpa (Slim Pickins). I won't say more because I don't want to spoil the movie , but I will say it's exciting, and well worth the time it takes you to watch it. There is also some of the most beautiful scenery you;ll ever see. I've lived in this area all my life, and I've never taken it for granted. Thanks for this opportunity to let me express my opinion.


Westerns don't come anymore vicious or bloody
Mean cowboys, whores, a mean sheriff,an old gunslinger, and a thousand dollar reward=a damn good western. William Munny decided on the advice of a so called Schofield kid,that he would go on a quest for a thousand dollar reward a bunch of whores were offering for the cowboys who cut up one of their ladies.

In the process he employed his old sidekick Ned Logan(Morgam Freeman). He, Ned, and the so called Schofield kid, took off for a town whos name I can't recall, in search of the cowboys responsible for the cutting up of the whore. In order not to give too much away, I'll just say that basically all hell broker loose, and there was an abundant amount of killing, and a lot of rain. William Munny became the vicious killer that he had vowed to his dead wife he would never be again.

But sometimes circumstances seem to over ride even the most solomn of promises. This is one of the best westerns you will ever see.


I wanted to hug the guys neck, I felt so sorry for him
Powder is one of those movies that sticks in your mind. At least it did in mine. You take a nice guy, who happens to be an albino,and has telekinetic powers, and you have a freak that everyone makes fun of. Even with his telekinetic powers, he never used them for revenge. He's a much better man than I am , because I'd have kicked some serious ass, If I'd had the powers he had. Electricity seemed to attract itself to powder, and in one instance he used it to save a boys life, a boy who had abused him severely.

Powders IQ was as unbelievable as the rest of him, and in the end he used it as well as a bolt of lightning to evaporate into eternity.

I hope I haven't given away the movie. I don't think I have, because there are a lot more interesting things that will catch your attention, and keep you entertained. It is a movie well worth spending your time watching.

Jennifer Eight

A little hard to watch, because I only have one eye
Jennefer 8 is one of those movies that can't be duplicated. Uma Thurman was wonderful. She's beautiful even when she's blind. the movie seemed to center around the fact that she could hear better than folks who can see. The movie boggled my mind to such an extent that I was actually tired when it was over. I don't think I've ever involved myself in a movie to the extent that I did this one.

I could never stop thinking about the blind lady, as handicapped as she was, and how hard she was trying to help solve the murder.

This is a very easy movie to get involved in, and very well worth watching.

Sling Blade

This Movie Made me wanna kill Dwight Yoakam too, with a 9 lb sledge hammer
There was nothing about this movie I didn't like. Even the misanthropic SOB that Yoakam played. He's one of those folks whos mouth I wouldn't urinate in to put his teeth out, if they were on fire. Karl had every right to split his head open with a lawn mower blade.

It's too bad we didn't get to see the results. Lucas Black played his part flawlessly. Being from Alabama he had the perfect accent for the part. I also enjoyed Natalie Canerday. She's always a pleasure to watch. She's so down home, and has such a beautiful personality.

Even Jack Ritter had a role that suited him well. altho I'm straight,I always, for some reason feel sorry for gay folks, and I felt very sorry for his particular character,I think because of the way Yoakam treated him. The story consisted of a paroled mental patient who made friends with with Frank (Lucas Black), and moved in with the family, which consisted of Franks mom, and most of the time Doyle Hargrove, who hated Frank, and was abusive to Franks mom, which in the end led to his demise. I hope I haven't revealed so much that you decide not to see it. Believe me it is well worth watching, if for nothing more than Billy Bobs unbelievably acting,


inviting , to say the least.
This is the story of a lady( professor Lilly Penleric,) who under unfortunate circumstances was forced to move with her sister, who was a teacher in rural applacia. During her stay she discovered the local folks fluent in folk songs of the era, and set upon herself to order a recording machine, and try, and record, some markable songs.

Her efforts seemed to be difficult, to say the least,because of the reluctance of some of the local folks and the rough terrine.

in the end , the songs she was able to record were destroyed buy a fire deliberately set by some of the local folks whos discovery of miss Penlerics sister, and another local lady being lesbians. This was a very sad ending to what could have a wonderful story.

It's a very beautiful story, with some of the best folk songs you'll ever hear. one of the best of its kind that I can think of.

My Girl

Too real to life, especially mine
When I watched this movie, I didn't know what to expect. So after I watched it, I vowed never to watch it again. This exact same thing happened to me when I was young, except I as the survivor, I was the boy instead of the girl.

I don't mean to discourage others from seeing it. It's just too painful for me to have to endure it again. The acting was superb, in fact so surperb, that it had me left with tears that I didn't know I had left to cry. It's a good movie, and I hope everyone who sees it understands its meaning. It amounts to a lot more than a young girl who looses her best friend through a freak accident.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

Big Fish

Fantastically Imaginative
This story had a giant, a witch,a midget, and also Helena Bonhamm Carter, Whom I expect is probably the most beautiful creature on the face of our earth.

Quite an imaginative story, complete with its own version of shangri-la, and also a one sided fist fight in a field of jonquills.

A little hard to follow, but very easy to enjoy. I never really decided if young Bloom found out as much about his father as he wanted to or not, but he got to listen to a lot of mighty enjoyable adventures while he was trying.

One of the best fantasy films in a long time. Don't hesitate to see this one, you won't regret it.

Monster's Ball

Unique to say the least
Billy Bob whos character participated in the execution of a black man whos widow he became acquainted with under some bizarre circumstances, fell in love with this lady, and began to show her as only a racist could, that he was in love with her. Hank, Billy Bobs character took care of his ailing father Buck, who was also a racist by all indications.

Hank was so in love with this lady that he put his father in a nursing home, because he, and his racial slurs were detrimental to his relationship with Lucille.

Every thing seemed to be working out between the two, until unbeknownst to Hank Lucille found some things that tied Hank to her late husbands execution. She kept these things to herself, and in the end it was uncertain as to how it finally ended. It's one of those endings you have to anticipate for yourself.

All in all it was an excellent movie, as most of Billy Bobs are.

A Simple Plan

Billy Bob again prooves he can play less than bright folks perfectly
Billy Bobs character Jacob,who was as a rule a very gentle person, but was also impulsive when a crises presented itself, and he killed a man in his confusion, and from that point the domino effect set in. Bill Paxons character Hank Mitchell did every thing he could to protect his mentally challenged brother Jacob, but the simple plan they had devised to keep anyone from knowing they had found the four million dollars, began to become more, and more, complicated, until it finally became inconeivable that they were never going to get to spend a penny of it, as an FBI man who wasn't really an FBI man convinced them to lead him to the crashed plane.

When they arrived at the plane, it was evident to the fake FBI man that they had removed the most of the money. one thing led to another, and there were killings.

Jacob, who had had as much of this chaos as he could take wanted out, permently out, so in order not to tell you more than I already have, I'll just say the end was unspeakable.

This movie made me angry, it made me sad, and it made me cry. It's positively worth seeing.


Realistic and tear jerking
I feel sorry for anyone who didn't like this movie. It's probably one of the best I've seen. Harvey Keitle played his part perfectly, right down to the accent. His character tried to give the impression that he was a hard man, but I really believe he was as soft hearted as his little girl. He just was ashamed to admit it. His rough tenderness made its self apparent in the last part of the movie, when he announces that Shadrachs wish would be granted. This is a movie I'd recommend for almost anyone. I think parents should be discreet when letting children watch it, because it does contain some rather unacceptable language. The language has it's place in the movie, but you still might not want your kids hearing it.

Actually, death ain't much

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