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Great suspense, and build up. Wonderfully told in just the right way.
This short movie is a great surprise. From the beginning you are in the shelter with this family as they "Live" and don't just survive. Great characters that you can believe, and relate to with a musical score that puts you on just the right edge at just the right time.

With steady regular steps we are filled in slowly over time on how this family got here, and eventually even what there greatest fears are. If they can just follow the rules that have kept them going this long.

There are many tiny thrills in this movie, and most of them were really tight. I was even yelling at the screen at some points. Tensions are tightened just right, You know Zoe is going to scream, you just hope she won't with all your might.

If you figure out the twist then just go with it, if not then great you just enjoy.

I would be surprised this way again anytime.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


There are a lot of great ideas here, if only they were put together better.
First off you really do have to hand to to this entire crew for creating a movie this big in scope completely through Kickstarter. This is a fully fleshed out scifi movie that sadly falls so flat. There is so much over acting, and way too much video game style leveling up as the story progressed.

Simple things that make no sense like a comm system that seems to increase it's capabilities as we get 20 minutes further in. A strange race of Morlock types who seem fine with the sun, and still were shredded clothes that they could never have worn to begin with that look like stretch Armstrong, but they all go down with one punch.

I kept trying to like this movie just for the sake of it, but there are just too many of those. A race of strange people speaking Klingon or something that can understand English just fine (The Queen's English at that).

The action would be good enough if it wasn't so over the top, and over acted. The week are feeble, and the strong are not always strong. Kate can lift herself up a mountain with her arms, but has trouble on a horse, and they did say "gravity normal" when they first landed. Last thing really "Taking on water" where? then she was just floating under the water.

Saturday afternoon popcorn stuff here. This is the movie you will watch while you clean the TV room.

I really liked the special effects, most of the green screen was handled well, and the story is just too much like a loose Seventies kind of thing before real science started getting into science fiction stories.

I Enjoyed the end result even though I was shaking my head a lot, so I say if you like movies where women kick but, and climb stuff, then this is that, and there are space ships too.

Jesse of www.jesse.ca

Almost Royal

In the style of Borat, or Jackass without the sickness, or the stunts.
Yes this is all fake, and yes the lines are being fed to Ed Gamble, (Georgie) and Amy Hoggart (The regal Poppy) but it is the reactions and the very sincere manner of delivery these two have that make the show.

I find myself laughing out loud at the simple manner in which our visiting duo are able to disarm, and at the same time mess with these unsuspecting people of all walks of American life. Just by being British there is enough that most Americans do not know, but assume that they do, so that when Poppy is snobby, or even a bit flirty (in her way) or Georgie is a complete seemingly inbred idiot, saying things that should completely offend people; it all just rolls off.

Every place that these two go they are welcomed, and they never miss an opportunity to shout their British pride, and give people little bits of the back story about their dead Father, or their Mum who needs someone to get her moving again, or their poor Uncle who was disowned just for being himself.

I personally have a crush on Poppy, the character, with her limited range of emotions, and her curiosity she is just such a treat, and watching her played out makes my week. I Enjoy the character of Georgie a lot also though, as there is no one that he is afraid to offend, and he does it so well they really just think he is ignorant.

If you get a chance to watch Almost Royal, I say treat yourself. You won't be sorry you did. There is not a lot of language, and very little even simulated violence, this is just a fun little show that feels sincere because of the real people who are invaded by these Brits.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

The Hooligan Factory

Hands down one of the best parody films of the year.
So much here to love. From the start you are smack dab in the beginning if every other UK gangster/hooligan movie that there are, but this is in every way a good thing. A deserted country road with a familiar wooden fence, and a group of regular faces sitting in their car after just having completed some dirty deed, or another, and wham the tongue in cheek not quite normal hits you in the face for only the first time.

Taking this ride with Danny played by Jason Maza is a total blast, and the characters are all really good, I was surprised on more than one occasion by people just going left when you least expect them to.

Dex played by Nick Nevern is a complete Charles Bronson type, and is far more likable than Jude Law's Dom Hemingway. This will be a fan favourite, and Dex just might win you over as he does Danny.

Simple to the point a lot of simulated, (but obviously simulated in the funny way) violence, and some language, but not really. Nothing I can think of about this movie that I didn't Enjoy, so I recommend this to anyone who has seen a few British gang, or hooligan movies, and is up for a lot of the same, only different.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Yes this is the best Apes movie without Roddy McDowall.
Funny enough they never do any damage to the Golden gate bridge, they just go over it a couple times, all the poster show it blown up (that is most likely the next movie).

This movie completely rocked though, I really enjoy not seeing people in monkey suits, and the seamlessness of all of the scenes where Man, and Monkey are face to face. The special effects are just that good.

There seems to have been something in that serum they took that makes them really good with guns as well as sentient, but that is somehow never touched on, and the only flaw I really noticed.

10 years later, and the world has changed so much that most people will not believe it possible, but you take us out of the picture for a couple years, and everything will grow right back so it all fits really well. As in the last film there is a strong bond between Cesar, and a few of the humans as he is really the only "ape" who was really ever treated well by "us".

Gary Oldman is good as the leader of the survivors who has lost everything, and only wants to save what's left of humanity, until these talking "animals" show up, and get in the way. Cesar is such a powerful character, that you can easily believe that he is real, and actually interacting with the other characters, in fact all of the simians are so well developed, and full of life that you will definitely have your own favorites in no time.

Really worth the $300 that it costs to go to the movies (where they have smaller cups, and no longer give refills. What's that about?) but if you want a great movie that the whole family really will enjoy, and though there may be some stuff to scary for the little ones, there are also some really heart warming moments that you will wish they saw if you hadn't brought them along, so your call, but that's how I saw it.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


Only thing missing was Bon Jovi on the soundtrack. "Going down in a blaze of glory!"
This movie takes back action movies, and gives back action.

I was really happy with what I got from this movie, the acting is all really good, the character development was not rushed, and felt full, and the story made sense.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still just as good as he ever was at delivering the perfect tough as nails performance that he used to give in the days before politics got in the way.

Mireille Enos surprised me at the beginning of the movie she looks so much healthier, and happier than you have seen her in any roll in a long time, but as the movie gets on she devolves back to the poor wasted look she usually has. That does not have anything to do with her performance which is as always top notch.

Olivia Williams is great as the FBI agent tasked with figuring out who is killing all of Breacher's crew though as is happening too often these days you can still make out the accent, and for me this interferes with the actual character.

There is a huge cast of very well known leading men, and strong female actors that fill out the remainder of the cast, and all of them are better as a team than any of the teams in the Expendable movies.

The story is believable, though it was glaringly obvious where the money went from the start, the real mystery is the killer running wild through the crew, and that is handled quite well.

I found myself tensing up at the right times, and biting my fingers as the team swept another room, and so this was an Enjoyable ride for me that I recommend to most folks. The gore factor is kind of high for a non aliens Schwarzenegger film, there is lots of sexual humor, and some nudity, but for today's action fan this is going to be a real treat.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


Taken as a fantasy action piece it's a fun little ride.
This is a really nice piece of fantasy, and a lot of attempts to make things easier to explain the little details that just don't mesh. I really enjoyed the idea that (and come on this movie can not be spoiled it has been told) once the ark comes to rest there would not be any wood to build homes with so they would use that and there explains no ark.

Couple little things though: The remaining humans come off the ark with agrarian skills, and knowledge. Why instead of growing the trees does the all mighty not just grow them an ark? Time in this movie is like the water that runs across the globe meandering here and there in what has to be days, not years (the kids never get older during that time) Last one I have to point out, the story plays off evolution as something that happens in a day, but the planet was spinning, (what unit was that measured in) oh, and they come so close to the man ape question it is kind of painful.

Now you take all of that out of this movie, and you have a really great popcorn flick that anyone who likes fantasy action with a kind of alternate earth like Mordor kind of feeling will love. The Angel/Helper/Rockmen creatures are really nicely blended in for the most part, and the ark itself which strangely takes very little of the surrounding forest to build is a marvel in it's construction that would never work, shaped that way it could only ever sink, there was not even any consideration for buoyancy, or balance. Enough picking apart the details, or I would have to go on about little green screen errors.

I really ended up Enjoying myself watching most of this movie, the fantasy that there was an advanced civilization that covered every inch of land, who were all wiped out, and the evidence some how washed away, and the fact that all the animals came way more than 2 by 2, but no one ever points out that they came from nowhere because the cities had taken everything. Sorry there I go again.

To make it simple this movie is like 10,000 BC, (only not supposed to be as far back somehow...) in the liberties that are taken with history, and proof.

My last question, I have to ask though is how did any girls ever grow to have children in that world? They were all just traded for food, so where did all the guys come from?

So yes I do recommend this as a piece of fluff that you can enjoy for the fantasy that it is, and you will be rewarded with some great effects, and a decent story acted by a top notch cast. Your call, but that's how I call it.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


A good simple movie that has all the suspense, and drama that you are looking for.
You don't need a lot of glitz, and glamour to make a good movie, and with this simple cast of great actors that is just what the folks have gone and done.

This has to be the first time that Stephen Dorff has died so early in a movie, and even with such a short time on film he still gives his usual excellent performance. Svetlana Metkina is really good in this as a journalist who is used to being in rough places, and dealing with the harsh conditions. Her character Tally really comes across as real, and she plays her so well that it is easy to believe that she herself could handle anything that the world throws at her. Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones is just excellent in this she is a spoiled little American girl who suddenly has her life ripped apart in the middle of nowhere and she only has Tally to rely on which we get to watch as she slowly learns that she can not just act like she would back home, and survive out there.

The poachers led by Peter Stormare in one of his more scary, and far less violent rolls in a while, are a very good device for keeping the 2 women moving.. This whole movie is well filmed, as each shot is a sweep across the wide open desert, and the animals in the wild always circling, and ever present make up the remainder of the cast as a kind of scary comic relief.

Over all this was a very Enjoyable movie, and I would recommend it to anyone, there is a bit of blood, and some animal, on animal violence, but that is just nature being nature. Anyone looking for a good drama with some very suspenseful moments in it, then this is the movie for you. Never really too slow, and always on the story, you will not be bored, and you might even learn to love the Hyenas too.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Heaven Is for Real

A family trying to make sense of what they must believe.
To start Sorry if it offends you but I am no fan of religion, I do though love good movies so it makes no difference to me what they are about. In this case Greg Kinnear who has been on a bit of a kick in this general direction lately provides a fantastic performance as a Father trying to make some really tough decisions while the walls are getting thinner. Kelly Reilly is her usual fragile beauty (that you just know is going to go south in just a few years so she had best get it all in now) and still in morning from a recent loss that she will not talk about.

Over everything I Enjoyed the movie, and found that the supporting cast who are mostly well known TV faces, were very good, and helped a great deal with legitimizing the entire production. The kids of course though were the entire show, and they all shone brightly giving very real feeling to these characters, and letting the audience get the sense of family, and safety that is shared amongst this small tight community. I say go ahead, and watch it, yes it is mostly Reverend Lovejoy sermons, but it's the family, and community moments in between that give us all hope.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Girl Meets World

The new production is going to win new fans, and call back people who miss T.G.I.F
They are all back don't you worry.

Actually it looks like this new telling should do really well, the cast are all there (including posters of Feeny everywhere, and maybe more) Same sappy messages, and the only real change other than the flashy update to today in NYC is the Gender swap. The big change of course which will do exactly what Disney is hoping it will, which is to hook them young boys, and girls and keep them hooked as they grow with these characters, and get more, and more burned into young minds in the endless re-runs.

Truth aside, and down to the show, Savage playing the father, and teacher is the perfect place to find him these years later, while Fishel has not yet shown us what she is into now. Savage is playing Feeny just right I think, the same writing is evident as the girls, and other kids in the class are always given just enough rope to explore, but then someone will always show up just in time to pull them back.

If this doesn't run for 5 years I will be surprised, as they have given lots of room for growth.

The true stand-outs are going to be the Daughter Riley who plays the innocent very well, and the break-out of the two has to be Sabrina Carpenter who play's Riley's best friend Maya (from the broken home of course just like Shawn) she looks way older than she is playing, but that is mostly just a lot of energy, and raw talent that is shining through. You will see their faces in the mall, or on commercials for years to come so just thought you might want a heads up.

I Enjoyed the telling of the first, and can see that this is something that we will all enjoy once in a while even if just for a little Cory, and Topanga love.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

The Leftovers

There might me something there, they just have to be willing to share more.
Strong start for this new show right out of the gate. You have another twist on the what if some folks just disappeared one day, and all the folks left behind are still wondering 3 years later why not them.

I personally get a strong The Stand vibe from this show so far, people are having visions of sorts that they do not yet understand, and who knows if the missing folks could ever still come back. There are the usual militia groups, and cults that you would expect to have in a situation like this, but there is something special going on with these "Silent Witnesses" who are chain smoking fools that may in fact know something that of course they are not telling. The cast is very broody, even Liv Tyler seems dry as all of the people feel as though they have been in morning for a long time, and there is still much to be determined as we learn that people we would think are gone are not, just drifting apart, and the dogs...

So HBO's new take on fantasy/drama, and I Enjoyed it, so I say if you like twisted up mysteries with a little bit of fantasy to really mess you about; then here we may have an interesting interruption from the norm.

Really not big cinema, or high end art, but the showing is strong, and the performances are worth checking out.

Edit Oct 2015: Really loving the second season. Solid changes to the story, and the addition of "Miracle" backdrop really make the story lighter but still edgy, and full of questions and mystery. Even a new opening sequence. They really freshened things up without taking too much away from what was good.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

They Came Together

A parody that takes itself far to seriously. Everyone looked as uncomfortable as I felt.
Total crap!!! Sorry but this is not worth your time. My time is free, and it was not worth my time so that is where I get off saying so. Avoid this thing at all cost. I just kept asking "Why isn't this funny?" I just thought it was supposed to be funny, but instead it is just forced, and empty. Paul Rudd is wasted in this, everyone else is just as bad as they always are lately. This movie is just a rip off of other romantic comedies, and it is supposed to sort of parody them, but instead it takes them all on as though it has a right to those stories because this is a "true story not a movie". I did not enjoy one thing about this movie, and do not recommend it to anyone.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Brick Mansions

Blending many great things does not always work, and here it just barely succeeds.
This is one of those Rosetta-movie movies, so filled with different styles, and effects that it wins the match on points alone, as there is certainly never even a good connecting hit from any one part of this movie, though the action scenes do try, and come close a lot. You get your car chases, and your shoot-outs, and the sniper hunting his prey (badly) and then you get all the different movies ripped off at once, (Robo-cop, and the Fast movies, (but closer to Torque)the Raid movies obviously) and thrown into another parkour over choreographed wall runner (just like RUN). I could badmouth this movie all day, There are really bad choices made for shots, (how is there a shipping yard inside the walls?)and RZA just gets too soft too quickly, but as I mentioned this movie does win on points, so lets talk more about those.

The special effects are mostly really good, and seamless for the most part (just a bit to cartoony in some places) the acting is decent, even though the cast is mostly made up of stunt players, and the action is what makes this movie work though and it is a decent little action movie that you will most likely still Enjoy even while cringing at the loose story.

Paul Walker could have had way worse be his last movie, and this movie does do his talents justice so for no other reason than you just want to see some action; I recommend this as an easy choice to make for an action loving family night, or even a solo ride. Aloe Blacc's I'm the man signs off perfectly.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Kaze tachinu

Miyazaki's tribute to Jirô Horikoshi, and Tatsuo Hori. Less fantastical, and more fantastic.
Really great true story for once I was actually worried when I first saw the big round Totoro in Miyazaki's film company logo that this would be another little kids and magic fantasy adventure, but though the true Miyazaki style is evident, and there is a lot of time spent in dreams, and a possibly shared fantasy world; this movie still shines as a mostly true telling of the story of one of history's great aeronautics innovators.

A truly touching story with beautiful and sometimes fantastical landscapes, and skies. The characters are all so alive, and the parts of the movie where Jirô is adventuring, and learning are a lot of fun. A movie trying to tell this same story would need to be almost entirely CG, so I am glad that Miyazaki chose this story to tell at this time.

I really Enjoyed the love story that spans a generation, and many many miles, it touched me to see the two lost souls reunited at the "magic mountain". I recommend this to folks who normally shy away from animated movies, as a great historical look at Japan between WW1, and WW2, with their desire to build the most powerful weapons outweighing the needs of their people.

Of course this is a sure recommend for anyone else out there as well the lovers of animation, the uber Miyazaki fans, and folks who just like to be told a great story, so add this one to your lists what ever form they take.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Jack Strong

How one Polish spy may have saved us all from the end. Well told, and acted.
This was really fulfilling and so well acted that I was pulled in, and really found that I cared about these people of Poland, and this family.

A man who is trusted by the highest ranking officials in Poland rises up the ranks in the army very quickly, and not in any small way also due to his exceptional skills at seeing the whole picture. All the while his country is simply a puppet, or chess piece that the greater Russian power likes to keep under a boot, and the people are reaching a point that they will not take it anymore. So a spy is born, and completely of his own free will, as he is not recruited but in fact goes out of his way to contact the US, and offer information which he refuses any money for.

This is based on a true story, and so I am not giving too much away with all of that, I just think for most people you need to know what a real hero this man Ryszard Kuklinski was so that you understand the powerful story that is told here. This one man saved his people, and possibly all of us from Communistic rule, and total destruction of the free world we mostly have today. The story is told much like an episode of The Americans, with all of the tension, and slight of hand trickery to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the skill of the actors to portray these people desperate, and proud just shines.

This movie is a history lesson, and a good one so I recommend it to any Drama lovers, but there is plenty of Suspense, and even some nice Action scenes to keep everyone happy.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Sap ji sang ciu

Solid though formulaic JC movie that gives you everything that you should expect.
All I have seen is people putting this movie , and 成龍 Jackie Chan down, and after watching it, there is no way that I could do that. This is a Jackie Chan movie, the formula is dead perfect, and the action, humor, and story are all exactly as you have come to expect for a JC&JJ picture. Basically what you should always expect from JC is what I would call a "My First Action Movie" movie, the type of movie that some kid, or old person from anywhere at any time can watch, even with the sound off, and get the entire story, and enjoy the jokes, and even root for Jackie like anyone else anywhere else. How can anyone fault that?

The story is very basic, as well as being childishly fantastical and all of the action is so obviously either on wires, or choreographed very tightly and lastly the many languages that they filmed this in are very much mixed up, and they never quite get it right, but to all of those things again, I say who cares?

This is a very Enjoyable movie full of flashy images, and great action scenes with people dancing all over the place, and throwing things everywhere, and you might even get taken away by the fun fantasy of the story as well, so for anyone with an open mind, and a hunger for something fun, and never too serious, then this is exactly what you need.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


The idea is there, but instead of big entertainment it is just a lazy flop.
It has been a few weeks since I last sat through something this bad from start to finish, and really the story, and a few of the stand out characters were the only thing that kept me hanging on through out.

The story is really a shambles, but it is trying really hard to be The Stand from Stephen King, but it is telling so many little stories that you can feel that the production crew had not decided who the story was actually about, and for the viewers the problem is how should you care.

The parts of the movie set in the cul-de-sac are actually the best over all with the way the small group form up, and bond (lucky there is a survivalist in the bunch) The story if the completely inept government officials is ridiculous, and just way to muddled, they had hours to warn people, and no one once says turn off, and unplug your stuff, or put it in the microwave, then in the fridge, or something, anything.

This movie is really not Enjoyable, there are no channels of communication, yet somehow the people in the bunker "know" stuff but they have to use paper, that someone must be printing for them somewhere, and why is a kid in North Carolina wearing a Michigan school jacket?

Too many problems, and the only solution never really makes any sense either, like thinking that if you dream about how to design a car, then in the morning you should be able to draw up the plans, but that is not how things work. So avoid this movie I am sad to say that I can not recommend it, the acting is over the top, and abrupt most of the time, and the story really needed to be read before they started filming.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Behaving Badly

Cheap laughs and sexy stars make for an alright 80's style romp.
Selena Gomez and a great cast of beautiful women, and funny guys bring this John Hughes style movie that is just a bit too MTV2. There is a good little movie in there under all the fluids, and debauchery, though it has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for a couple of years. The cast is really the only reason to watch this movie, the story is completely unbelievable, and the premise is just thrown together to make things fit, however the talent on screen does make up for nearly anything.

There are as many stars in this as one of those old high school TV movies from the late 80's, great surprises, and not a prude in the bunch.

I did not get into the movie right away, the first 10 minutes are excruciating, but after the flashback, and the real story starts it gets much easier. However the ending is just as bad as the beginning, and is just a bunch of random solutions that do not all make sense, in order to stretch out some of the cheaper jokes. This is not really a movie for the kids, this is all about sex, and very much a mutated copy of Last American Virgin (without the teen pregnancy). So if you are old enough, and only U or your parents know for sure, then this may help you kill a couple of hours, and laugh a little.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Full of laughs this giant fart joke has more layers to it if you stay open to them.
This is one long star studded poopy fart joke, and I Enjoyed most of it. If you are someone who's sensitive, and is to fragile to hear or see things that might effect their tender sensibilities then you will hate this movie, anyone else will see the humor in most of what is on offer. Yes there is nothing all that new here as far as the story, and oh geez does that MacFarlane have a dirty mouth, but there are some really fun moments that you will actually find funnier after they have past. Take this movie with a grain of sand in the liner of your swimsuit, and don't keep your arms crossed the whole time, then even you might like the fun little movie they have worked really hard to bring us. The cameos are decent, some way better than others, but that is up to the viewer to say which. Beautiful vistas, and that set that Disney paid all that money for so why not use it more cause it looks great make for a nice canvas to watch this movie against with nice touches in the sound track which may refer to a joke only a couple people in the world will get, or those nice touches that we will all feel that shared sense of ownership for. I don't need to recommend this movie it will be viewed, I just don't think anyone needs to be all that hard on it either, it is a decent movie, and you don't have to watch it.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca


A very impressive science fiction story muddled up with over eager actors, and too little focus.
This movie is a real mess, the amazing amount of effort the cast, and production team must have used to make it is the only thing worth seeing. The acting is abrupt, and sharply inconsistent, all of the players seem lost, and confused, but at the same time they are trying so hard all just itching to jump in with the lines they think they have learned. Great use of special effects, they floating screens are handled like it is very ordinary, and nothing new. The story is a disaster that makes complete sense. The edit feels rushed, and really off with the out of sequence scenes that are repeated (and just as bad when the story finally catches up to those points. The story is a disaster, yeah I said that, and that is how the story feels, you have a bunch of very willing actors in Norway who seem to think they are speaking clear English, and what seems like a bad translation that has not been explained to the actors properly, though the fiction holds up sort of. (side issues. If you have a gun in your pocket it should show in the mirror even if you don't, and is it only you that doesn't see your reflection in the mirror, do other people see you in it with them?) To be blunt, I really tried to Enjoy this movie, I was quite impressed by the effort that the cast gave, it is just a shame that they could not have just spoken Norwegian, and subtitled it, this might have seemed less like a college production. The special effects and the tech over all was well done, and gave a real feeling of our future, so if you don't mind something that fells like it was made by kids for nerdy kids, then give this one a go, they really do try hard these folks.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca

Ghost of Goodnight Lane

They made it this way on purpose. Doesn't mean it shouldn't have been better.
Well this is just awful, but what makes it even worse is that it has all been done on purpose. Many people will watch this for Billy Zane, and for those people this will be exactly what you are hoping for in Zane's non stop blabber and off hand remarks that on some occasions don't even have anything to do with the movie. Now fans of Lacey Chabert will be completely disappointed by the amount of screen time she actually gets, and the limited depth of her character. Lacey has talent, (find, and watch Thirst if you are not already as sure of that as you should be) but once again, she is being wasted in a terrible movie that very few people will actually ever watch. Now about the movie itself, there is no reason why it has to be this bad, they started out well, and they have stocked the movie with a lot of talent, it is just that the intention of the production team seems to have been to create something funny, sadly that mark was missed. Every door before it opens has to be shown first as a scary thing that the cameras must rush up to as if a great invisible beast were coming (every time). Why does it hate the doors so much? is almost funny, and sadly the only almost in there. The ghost is in the house, and of the house, so where is it coming from each time that it needs to storm the doors, or when no one is looking to get scared, why would it need to open doors sneakily? I'm sure I am taking this movie a lot more seriously than the cast did while they worked on it, but if you are going to choose a movie to be entertained by for an hour, and a half or more, you should at least be entertained. The acting is all fine, how can you fault a room full of improving actors when the script most likely just gives a rough idea, and says go nuts. I did not Enjoy this movie, and do not recommend it at all. Even a horror parody has to be based in something, or anchored somehow to some rule that does not change, this is too loose for it's own good.

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Really solid crime drama, with a great cast who will impress you.
50 Cent and STARZ Have made a really solid show in Power. Great well mixed cast of mostly well known actors who are all very believable in their rolls. The story so far is very well developed, and once you get past the introductions (and the show gets down to the truth) and the real business is revealed, then you are rewarded with the darkness that really runs things. This is shaping up to be a really good series, and with Starz you know there will be no corners cut, they have real competition out there, and they know it. This show in a nutshell is the family values of Luck or Ray Donovan or even Sopranos, and all the secret back room, and backseat goings on as well. Full of sex, and violence, but mostly a story of one powerful man and all of the things he needs to keep in the air at once.

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I'll Follow You Down

A good drama about lost people hoping to live a better life. That just happens to have time travel.
Time travel pulls me in every time, so that was all I needed to watch this movie. For anyone else though there is a lot more here than just a time travel story. In fact this is a very strongly acted drama full of story that is touching enough in the now, that the time spent in time is really meaningless and short. Basically the movie starts out with an over saturated light that they use to represent the past which some will recognize from 12 Monkeys, and that is where any similarity to that movie ends. The Haley Joel Osment "Son" gets the job done, you will have to agree the grown up version can act as well. I did Enjoy the movie over all though I would have preferred more time travel, and less time figuring out how to, but that is my hang-up. The story is great, the acting is solid, and the direction was obviously quite tight. I recommend the movie as a nicely produced drama about some people who may eventually travel through time, full of very believable people and their lost lives. Jesse

De behandeling

The darker secrets could go deeper still. A story told truthfully, and not trying to be clean about it.
De Behandeling - de film or The Treatment. A very dark story, but this is another of those stories that humanity needs to tell, and is helping to shine light in those dark places.

Here we have a very determined police detective who has a very disturbing past of his own with the kidnapping of his brother when they were both kids, and the fact that the man he has always been so certain took him still taunts him up to this day. Well with all of that going on there is a pedophile loose in the countryside who is earning the name "Troll" creeping around on rooftops, and in trees. This is a very deep mystery with a very descriptive story that has been filmed extremely well, and acted to perfection by a cast who truly feel like they are all in on this together, or really want to be. Very well acted indeed there are times when the lead character of Nick played by Geert Van Rampelberg is manic, and so out of his head that he can not think, or act correctly, and this was handled so well.

The evil in the story is as deep as say an episode of Criminal Minds, only taken to the farthest extreme. This is not a knock in any way, but I felt that this could have easily been one of those fantastic 3 part series that are coming out of the UK, and Europe lately it is the way it is filmed, and the rural feeling of it all that makes it feel that way for me. I Enjoyed this movie a lot, it was very creepy, and I yelled at the screen quite often hoping that Nick would hear me, and focus on the right things, but whether he did or not I was still rewarded by the experience, and his ultimate choices.

I recommend this to mature adults who understand movies, and reality are not the same, but sometimes we need to look into the mirrors that they provide, and improve ourselves accordingly, oh, and to suspense filled drama lovers. Just be warned, it is dark disturbing stuff.

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Rob the Mob

Like Donny Brasko and True Romance blended together giving a real fresh, and well told tale of two doomed lovers.
This movie starts off with these two degenerate losers who I did not think I was going to be able to watch much past the first 5 minutes, let alone the whole movie. Then it just seems to happen very naturally and I am won over by Rose-Marrie (Rossie) then I think only because she is so funny, and so much more real than I had expected it became easy to care for Tommy as well. Great casting, including (and he looks really good and clean) Ray Romano as a jaded Mob reporter tired of writing about the same thing, who falls for the kids as hard as you will, and I did. I mentioned real, and that is a feeling you get from all of the characters, even though these same faces have played these exact same people a thousand time (could even be because of that fact) every thing feels real. With one glaring exception the city looks fine, and they show great news clips, also the use of new cars, and other things make it feel more authentic, just that one thing for me is that they all have such perfect teeth, but like Chum-Lee once you get past that it seems to be very authentic. I really Enjoyed this movie which I had come into with no information, and would recommend it to any fan of mob movies, or the great romances of history of which this may be one, but really this is an everyone movie that gives a wonderful snapshot of that time in our world, and some behind the scenes to what was really going on.

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