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The Killing of Two Lovers

the kids
Wow, such a beautiful film. Clayne Crawford is amazing great dialogue beautiful camera work, amazing actors including The kids

God Bless the Child

It's a hit
I saw this film at SXSW it is a charming film, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry. I would give it a 10 because it tells a story of a real social problem in a way that is real and not a Hollywood version of "real life".This movie takes the viewer into a home that has 5 children the oldest is a teenage daughter and 4 younger boys, the mom drives off at the very beginning of the movie, leaving this young teen daughter in charge of these 4 rambunctious boys, there are all kinds of funny boy stuff and some really touching scenes with this teen girl. They are all getting through the day in their own ways. You don't know if the mom is coming back or not, but the daughter is the only one who is really aware that that is a possibility. I would love to see this again, Hopefully someone will pick it up and make it available to the general public.

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