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The Proud Family

"PROUD" of kyla Pratt
I have watched the show and it is actually pretty good and delivers a good sense of humor to what can be important issues. The episode I saw had penny and al roker,he was some kind geni or something.Any way,she wished that the to children she was watching would grow up, well...they did, but they were old than her and did what ever they wanted to do.So by the end of the episode penny wished for everything to be as it was before the "wish".The show has it's moments that are funny.Did I mention KYLA PRATT gives her voice to penny,KYLA is so fine, But it's still a great show for kids of all ages.

One on One

One on One
I enjoyed the show "One on One" it is very good and touch some important issues. For example,there was one episode which SHE and HIM where going to have sex for the first time,at least thats what SHE thought.She found out he wasn't a virgin and she decided to wait for the right moment.The show is a show that parents should allow there teens to watch and some cases can be rather helpful in the issues they could be facing in their own lives as teens growing up with parents who doesn't always understand.This is my favorite because I like HER as an actress ,role model,celebrity,and a beautiful goddess,BUT I AM 18 FOR THOSE WHO MY THINK I'M GROW. THANKS

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