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The Lion King

People need to understand
After reading so much review I can say please understand what is disney doing

1) They are recreating 3D animation so we can see that in different view 2) They are recreating CGI, so it would to a next level, you can definately see each emotion with Mufasa and Simba 3) Its not a remake to earn, its just for new generation, all are not watching old movies, so obvius it need to remake that.

Why they should change story? They obvious have new voices, and if you compare each voice with old one it wont be same, see new thing dont compare.

Its a beautiful movie indeed.

Darr @ the Mall

Very Good Horror Movie after a long time
Indeed, a good movie to watch.

Characters are perfect, Jimmy steal the show. Asif Basra has grown from vendor on Ratlam station in Jab we met and giving good performances now, nusrat is good.

But every character played a good role in movie, we can say there is no loop holes in the movie. Indeed the movie has many scary scenes, few are taken from Conjuring (like guy on the cupboard).

It shocks you every now and then with the special effects, also the main ghost is very strong in posture.

One of the scene at the end where director showing past of what happened when all children got burned is created with great special effects, and can give you goosebumps.

Over all good effort from director and definitely a one time watch in theater.

Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

Pathetic Movie Ever
To begin with, I haven't added a single review yet on any film on IMDb. But after seeing this I cannot stop myself to warn the users.

When you think about SLB, you will remember Khamoshi, HDDCS and great love etc etc. This movie doesn't having anything from that. Just lust sex that it. How they fall in love? Simply seeing each other and on first meet they smooch? Same day meet they goes on the bed and talk about removing cloths? where is all the great love by SLB.

Nothing in story that keeps you on the screen, I waited 2 hour 30 minute to see something extra-ordinary but disappointed. I was just waiting when the movie will finish.

Unrequired dialogs, No logic for many things, Specially why this is ram- leela? Why using so strong topic from myth, just for hype. In one scene Leela(deepika saying 10 proverbs without reason pathetic).

Abhimanyu singh totally wasted. Supriya pathak was the only one who done the best.

If you still not watched it don't worry there is no special thing. Don't waste your 2.30 hours on this.

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