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The Monster

WOW! I'm blown away!!!
I just watched this on a whim on Amazon Prime. I thought it was just going to be another schlock monster movie with bad acting, bad script, bad everything. This was not only one of the best Horror Movies I've seen in a long time, but also one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I had to give it a 10 for my appreciation of the utmost talent involved here. From Direction, script, editing, and SUPERLATIVE acting. I actually cried at the end, and that is no mean feat. I rarely review any film on here, but this film is just special. Yeah it was an analogy, a metaphor, and we got an actor in a monster suit, but I remember the good old days. Crappy CGI would destroyed the effect, and have made it less poignant. I must say the little girl who played Lizzie is one of the best young actresses I've ever seen. But her mom was just as good. She traversed a wondrous arc between the lowest to highest range. I just loved this film. This is not a movie, it is a film. There's a difference. This one resonates. I'm looking forward to seeing so much more from all involved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dracula: The Dark Prince

Good Dracula movie on a cheap budget
The one thing that really made this movie was Luke Robert's Dracula. Hey I can take a blonde Dracula when he's that freaking gorgeous and such a fine actor. His performance elevated the movie which kind of played out like a graphic novel. I'm really watching out for him. Hope someone snaps him up for a hit role fast. He showed a lot of range in this role, and he's totally hot! Reminds me a lot of Gerard Butler. A lot of the story was well fleshed out analogy wise. Like Wes Craven's Dracula 2000, it played out biblical themes of sin and redemption. I don't think Bram Stoker had any idea of the Pandora's box he was opening up. Can you believe that this one little horror novel has spawned so much historical extrapolation, inner exploration of what is truly good, and what is truly evil, and of course that old axiom: Love conquers all. If you really understand the symbols, Dracula is but one of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero With a Thousand Faces." Watched it twice, will probably watch it again. Absolutely LOVE Luke Roberts!! He's a star waiting to be plucked. And let's be real okay, those old Hammer Dracula films also had Cover Girl worthy vampire chicks too, complete with false eyelashes, but we still love 'em. Give me a break!

The OA

Intriguing and Thought provoking!
Wow, I started watching this and just couldn't stop. It will blow your mind! It was mesmerizing, and amazingly complex when so many shows are just pablum shams by hacks where I'm left yawning by the first ten minutes and change the channel. I'm finding that Netflix is actually producing better shows than HBO and Showtime. There may be some spoilers here so please watch it before you read the rest of this review. The basic question is what is the nature of reality? Was she remembering an alternate universal experience? I mean, where was she for those seven years? And how did she come back with her sight intact? How did the scars get there? The story she weaved and brought to heartbreaking life brought those five disparate people who were so disconnected to life together to become angels in their own right and learn the meaning of love, and that we are all connected and stronger when we come together for a common goal. The acting, directing, cinematography, and story weaved a sort of spell. And I boohooed my eyes out, so have a box of Kleenex handy. Similar to Stranger Things (excellent,)and Sens8te (again excellent) and absolutely unforgettable. Forget cable!! All you need is Netflix!

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Amazing! I feel like a kid again!
When I was 15 years old, I read a review in the local paper for Star Wars. Well being a sci-fi reader, and a lover of adventure stories, I was intrigued. When I got to the theater that hot summer day and saw all of these other people in line to see the original Episode 4, I felt this amazing excitement running through the crowd. Like all of the others who were there for that moment in time, I will never forget it. No one had ever seen anything like it. There were no big stars, only the amazing reviews. And were taken to a Galaxy far...far away. A place where planets were like continents. All you needed was my favorite souped up girl, the Millennium Falcon, and my favorite pilot of all time, Han Solo. Rake, scoundrel, sexy, antihero, funny, brave, so lovable, and always up for a good fight. Yeah, I would have had his kid too Leia! Too bad he turned out to be a sociopath. I digress. I was very skeptical of this movie. There was SOOOOO much hype. But after my beloved Star Trek J.J. Abrams reboot, I just had to give this a chance. My son bought tickets for Christmas day. I don't know how we got in. Wow, I haven't seen these kind of crowds since Avatar. It was sharing a moment again with not only my generation, but also a whole new one. My son for one. It was the best Christmas present I've ever gotten. I have the first trilogy on DVD. My son and I are going to have a SW marathon and then go see the movie again. I don't know if he will understand why I left teary eyed. I have read other people saying that this is a remake, but it's not. J.J. gave us all the touchstones of our youth while making the way for the next generation. He re-established the wonderful mixture of comedy, tragedy, and on the edge of your seat action of the original. It's so refreshing to see a real fan make a real fan's movie for real fans. I didn't see it as a remake at all. It was just a new wheel within a wheel. Everything makes a circle. And I loved so much seeing it come around again.

I can't wait for the next one!

Penny Dreadful

Love this show!!
If you are a student and reader of early horror and have actually read the old classics from Bram Stoker's "Dracula," Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," you will love this show. If you're looking for the old Universal and Hammer films (yes, I am a horror aficionado), you will not find that here unless you're ready for a serious reboot. Of course the love of everything that has come before will help you totally dig this. Also Jack the Ripper is always lurking in the shadows. But was he a vampire? Dorian Gray? A werewolf perhaps? This show really brings me back to my childhood love of "Dark Shadows". But this is "Dark Shadows" on steroids. Not as romantic, but just as bewitchingly inscrutable, and mysterious. I've only seen the first two episodes, but can't wait for more. I'm pretty sure they're going to run into Dr. Jekyll, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain Nemo possibly. I love it!! Maybe this show will inspire many to read or reread these wonderful classics. Right now I'm just going to enjoy this wonderful concoction of original horror seen through the lens of present fans who still carry a love for the written word. These guys know exactly what they're doing and are serious fans of the original material. Intelligent and inventive with great actors such as Josh Hartnett and Timothy Dalton. But I have to give the biggest kudos to Eva Green. Holy guacamole! She is amazing. I loved her in the Tim Burton version of "Dark Shadows" as Angelique, but she is stealing every scene she's in in PD. Guys you better catch up with her because she is chewing so much scenery I can feel it stuck in my teeth!! Of course in a, GREAT way. This chick is going to win an Oscar someday! Mark my words. I can't wait to see where these writers are going to go next! Werewolves, mummies, even H. Rider Haggard's "She" might show up. H.P. Lovecraft was a little later, but who knows? They can take it anywhere from here. This show is what NBC's "Dracula," and Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" wish they could be. They're both not bad, but not as incredibly good as this show.


Lyrical and Beautiful Film
First of all I have to say that it is a low down dirty crime that this excellent film did not receive wider distribution and a decent marketing campaign! "Byzantium" is an exquisite gem that, thank God, has not been lost on some of us. Had it been widely released I would have gone to the theater over and over. It would have been worth every penny. However I am only able to do that here at home. I just caught this last week for the first time on Showtime. I was reluctant at first until I saw that it was a Neil Jordan film. Mr. Jordan has refused to cow-tow to the bottom line and continues to make thoughtful and deeply intellectual entertainment. But as any artist will tell you entertainment is not their end goal. Exploration of the human spirit is what they're after. That is what the best stories offer.

The name Byzantium can be interpreted as a metaphor for change; for something ending and something beginning, or built on top of the past. That is where this story takes place. Clara and Eleanor return to the place where their story begins. For both of them it's the ending to that story, and the beginning of another. The script was multi-layered and eloquent, weaving the story on a dreamy Gothic-modern loom. I can't wait to see more from Moira Buttini! It's nice to see and hear a female voice for a change. This is not your typical vampire movie, which has become very tired of late. Character development is the important aspect of film making, and that has not been forgotten here. The direction and editing were impeccable. The score by Javier Navarette was absolutely beautiful and spot on. And the use of the Beethoven's Sonata Opus 2, No. 3 set the tone and juxtaposition of past and present. The scene of Eleanor playing that piece in the convalescent home and her first meeting with Frank, the catalyst for Eleanor's change, is haunting. That's what really anchored the first act for me and drew me in. The set direction and cinematography were equally superb.

Now for the acting: Gemma Arterton was a revelation as Clara. She gave such depth, passion, and pathos to what could have been a totally unlikeable one-note character. Saoirse Ronan is hands down one of the best young actresses today, proving once again that she can carry a film easily on her oh-so-young shoulders. Those incredibly blue eyes and mature screen presence made me believe she was 200 years old. Another wonderful revelation was Caleb Landry Jones who surprisingly matches her at every step. Their chemistry was palpable. I had to see what else he has been up to and ordered "Antiviral" on Netflix last night. This kid has some serious acting chops! Syd March and Frank are polar opposites of each other, and yet played with the confidence, bearing, and aplomb of a much older actor. I fell in love with this young man who has proved himself to be a true artist. His Frank is heartbreakingly vulnerable, sweet, and painfully awkward. With that soft gravelly voice, tall, lean, lanky body, those farm-boy blushed cheeks, and soulful eyes he reminds me of a young Brad Pitt. In this movie he proves that he can play the romantic leading man which I'm sure he will be doing again very soon. I can't wait to see both he and Saoirse up for Oscars in the not too distant future. Through their perfect pitch performances you can feel that due to Frank's lifelong illness and her immortal "condition" leaving them both desperately lonely that their shared isolation is what attracts them to each other and binds them in deeper ways than even they know. I also loved the scenes on the mysterious island in the ancient shrine (possibly to the goddess Hecate, which the Byzantines worshiped?) of the nameless saint as Darvell calls it. He also says that his gods are more ancient than Christianity. The Divine Feminine? How ironic that it's been hijacked by an mysoginistic fraternity. I think it fits. When Eleanor enters she is confronted with her mirror image and the "turning" is gentle. When Darvell enters and confronts himself, his "turning" is very violent. They are very different in nature. After all, in ancient myths it was called a place of healing. Eleanor has taken on an Angel of Death persona relieving pain and suffering. She is the epitome of mercy. The fraternity eschews mercy as Clara notes. When a director shows you something twice he wants you to take note. I'm ordering the blu-ray disc of this movie, not only to add to my collection, but also to show my solidarity and support for excellent film making. I gave it a 10 since I am so tired of the crap that gets shoved down our throats, while beautiful works of art like this are ignored. I certainly hope the distribution "rules" will change in the very near future. The nearer, the better. This film should be re-distributed so that everyone is afforded the opportunity to see this incredible film on the big screen. Or, more succinctly...story. After all, this movie is about stories.

"I am Eleanor Webb. I throw my story to the wind. And never will I tell it more. Another one begins..."

Fright Night Part 2

Classic Sequel!!
I have loved this movie since the first time I saw it, when it came out. Why do they give it 2 stars? I loved the original, and found this to be the perfectly grown up book end. It has the same panache as the first one. The pacing is a little slower, but to good effect. It's sensual when it should be and picks up where it needs to. Very well acted, directed, edited, and overall executed. Still have a big crush on William Ragsdale! I'm watching it now and he's still a doll! I have seen this movie over and over again, as I've watched the original. I enjoyed the remake, but it will never reach the wonderful mix of horror, comedy, and sensuality of the original 2. And William, I'm single, if you are too, CALL me!! You're a babe!

Phantom of the Paradise

I've loved this movie since 1974 when I was 15
This is one of those rare films that unfortunately flew under the radar. I hope that is no longer the case. I had a copy of this and watched it over and over over the years, but I lost my DVD. Just watched it again and DVR'd it from cable. God how I still love this movie!! Very operatic and melodramatic. If you are a lover of musicals, Faust, The Phantom of the Opera, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Beauty and the Beast must get the tongue in cheek humor, the glam rock "Kiss" references, and the ultimate tragedy of a talented geek who had the unfortunate luck of meeting the Devil. Paul Williams' understated and perfect pitch portrayal of Swan is wonderfully perverse with a good dose of wink, wink, nudge, nudge... His cherubic outer image juxtaposing his inner evil was simply delicious! (I'm licking my lips. Can you tell?) And his score is still strong enough to pull me back through the years to a magically specific point in time. I'm really pushing for a musical on Broadway. This is just a natural for that venue! And Mr. Williams could expand on his score. It would be perfection. It's nice to know I can still dream.....

6 Souls

A truly intelligent and interesting horror film!
OK, I'm giving this a 10 just to try and even this out. If you like the Paranormal Activity films and similar ilk, this is not the movie for you. If you love intelligent, subtle horror with great performances (Rhys Meyers is a standout!!), a good script, and equally good direction with a moody score that works as the perfectly creepy backdrop then this is for you. Some here have interpreted this movie as parading religious ideology. I think it just questions our concept of good and evil. As any lover of Stephen King and Anne Rice will attest to, this is the ultimate theme of all great horror fiction. Think about it. Even in the Lord of the Rings films that was the overall "theme" of the stories. It's as old as we are. Just read Joseph Campbell. I love films that make you think. There were some plot holes, and some cliché's, but overall it was very well executed, and kept me absolutely enthralled! Best horror film I've seen in years!!!!

The Revenant

Just saw this and loved it!!
What fun for any horror lover. I must say I am truly surprised! Most other horror/comedy flicks are absolute dreck and not worth the time. But this brought back memories of An American Werewolf in London, and Evil Dead II without being a ripoff. Not bad company for this writer/director/producer. I can't wait to see what he does next, as well as the two male leads who were absolutely, hilariously brilliant! And I've seen some comments here that some thought the ending was probably not the smartest thing to do, but when has the military thoroughly thought out the ramifications of their tactics such as invading Iraq, which turned out not to have WMDs, just being the first blunder and the ingenious setup for the plot. I personally thought the ending was perfect. A soldier who at the beginning is so morally conscientious it gets him killed, becomes the perfect killing machine at the end which comes full circle. The anti war/gun mentality is deftly embedded. The script is witty, ironic, and very, very funny with a balanced dose of pathos thrown in for good measure which made the characters much more believable and human. Overall great entertainment for those of us who love this deliciously twisted genre when it's done right. Two thumbs way up!!

The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu

Great Horror Comedy!!! An unknown gem!
Okay, I gave this a 10, because despite it's obviously low budget, this is one of the best horror comedies I've ever seen! The acting, direction, production, script, and everything else I can't think of now are just inspired goofiness! It's geeks vs. freaks, with great animated segues, wonderfully cheesy effects befitting a B-movie spoof, and very tongue-firmly-in-cheek dialogue. I love Lovecraft, but this was just a wonderfully silly send up of horror/monster films in general. I see some Young Frankenstein, Eight Legged Freaks, and Shaun of the Dead especially. All of these guys are up and coming, if anyone in Hollywood has half a brain left these days!! I demand a sequel!!!!

Till Human Voices Wake Us

What a beautiful, poetic film
I just came across this film on The Movie Channel this morning. I'm home sick in bed, and there's not much else to do. Wow, am I glad I did. I don't know what other movies this writer/director has made, but believe me, I will look them up. I've only read other user reviews, and if the critics panned it, then I don't care to read theirs. Sometimes films that are not easily categorizable, get lost in the modern film market. Whether it is a ghost story, or a psychological gestalt is left up to the viewer's interpretation. I rarely come on here to post, but this film compelled me to do so. This film brought me to tears, both happy and sad. Like a beautiful poem, it unfolds slowly and heartbreakingly. The writing, direction, acting, cinematography, and score are excellent. I'm so glad I DVR'd it, because I'm watching it again. It does remind one of Bergman and some of Kurosawa's more personal films in it's intimate construction. But this filmmaker stands on his own. It haunts you and is absolutely unforgettable.

Fright Night

Great, great movie!!!!
Let's face it, if you're a horror aficionado, there's been a severe drought. The remakes over the years have been total crap. And I was not very hopeful about this one. But I was very wrong. I read some great reviews, but still wasn't convinced, so I decided to see for myself. Wow. Smart, intelligent script by Marti Noxon. And I was so glad to see that Tom Holland had a hand in it. Some people say it's a little slow in the beginning, but I can actually watch European movies so I don't mind a slow set up. Craig Gillespie shows here that he has a lot in common with Hitchcock. The car chase especially. The camera work here is amazing and very innovative. The score is also reminiscent of Bernhard Herman, believe it or not. I'm definitely going to be watching to see what Gillespie does next. And the acting is really top notch: Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Toni Collette, and David Tennant all hit just the right notes every step of the way. But now for my favorite: Colin Farrell! Holy Moly! This guy is freaking incredible! He's a leading actor in a character actor's body! I've never seen such a chameleon! I've been checking out his other films, and I am absolutely blow away! You know I'm a lifelong film lover. Even going to acting/film school and I've just never seen anything like this guy. Going to see Horrible Bosses tomorrow. I hear he has a combover and a gut!! Oh well, if he can pull off a spot on Texas accent, sing country and play the guitar in Crazy Heart, well I'm sure I will have to pick my jaw off the floor...again. Really looking forward to the Total Recall remake now. Anyway if you haven't seen this film, you truly don't know what you're missing. I can't wait to see it again.


I really liked it!
As a vampire aficionado, I always like to check out a new film in the genre. I saw Bled last night on Comcast on demand for free, and I was pleasantly surprised. This film had a new take on it that was fresh and interesting. I just watched it for the third time and really love the direction by Hutson, the screenplay by Essex, and the production by Allard. For a B movie this was excellent. I can't even make it through most B movies once, so three times is quite a record. I have to say that the addiction subtext, the "Lovecraftian" parallel universe, and the question of demonic possession, and the tragic love story definitely elevated the film. This was a Jungian nightmare! It also has something I have missed from many recent vampire films: eroticism. True eroticism is one of the reasons I love vampire stories so much because of my early exposure to Dark Shadows and of course Dracula. I guess you could say the first time I read Dracula it also coincided with my own sexual awakening so this movie definitely filled the bill for me! So many recent vampire films are just gore and soft porn without a substantial plot or even passable acting. This had them all. The acting, direction, production, editing and score were great considering the low budget they had to work with! This is definitely an A1 B movie for the more cerebral horror fans!!!

But I don't think I would have enjoyed this movie quite as much without Chris Ivan Cevic!!! A STAR is BORN! This guy just lights up the screen! Not only is he incredibly handsome, sexy as hell, and drop dead gorgeous: He's also a good actor! If anyone in Hollywood actually reads this: HIRE THIS GUY!!! I can see him in romantic comedies, action flicks and anything in between! This guy has got that indefinable "IT," and he makes the movie immensely more enjoyable. Trust me....


A Stunning and History making achievement!!
I sat for 3 hours this afternoon slack jawed, mesmerized and awed to have the privilege to experience this Masterwork. At times I completely forgot about the special effects and felt that I was actually visiting another, incredibly breathtaking world. But no more beautiful than the Earth: the Garden of Eden she used to be. James Cameron has brought the art of visual storytelling and it's audience to a whole new dimension.

To those who feel the story has been "done before," and/or the plot is too simple: You must understand that this is a morality play. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Many movies have used similar archetypal themes. They're universal. Just read "The Power of Myth," by Joseph Campbell. Each story tells the Hero myth in a different way, but with the same theme. And of course the analogy to Native Americans is inescapable, but the technique in which it is conveyed is unique unto itself.

The actors: from the Zoe Saldana's blue skinned, nine foot Goddess Neytiri, to Sam Worthington's heartbreakingly paraplegic Marine. The ever radiant Sigourney Weaver and every character in between are absolutely excellent and have totally immersed themselves in their roles. But the star of the show is the moon of Pandora itself. It's most incredibly beautiful place that it almost defies description. The sweeping score along with the amazing imagery just underscores the epic grandeur of this film. But in the end this is a message movie. The message, the warning and symbolism are clear: The Na'vi are our ancestors before we became "civilized." At the core of this film is a childlike heart of innocence and wide-eyed optimism that maybe it isn't too late for us if we can manage to wrest the stewardship of our own planet from the Corporate/Military Industrial Complex. Nothing is more precious than our home. I feel humbled, uplifted, and yet ashamed of my apathy.

This movie is more than a movie on so many levels: It is an experience, a true event. I can't wait to see it in an IMAX theatre, that is when it isn't sold out. I have never been so touched by any film as I have been touched by this one. I'm so grateful to have been introduced to this new 3D film technology with this exquisite, incredibly crafted and beautiful Masterpiece from the film God: James Cameron. I've already seen it again in 3D and it was even better the next time. I'm sure I'm going to be going again and again. To say that I am pleasantly astounded is an understatement! The last time I got this excited for the future of film making was "Star Wars" and the LOTR's trilogy. But be warned: It's hard to watch another movie after this one. Nothing else compares. It is in a league by itself. I wish there were more than 10 stars for this vote. It's off the charts, like a rare diamond, it is priceless. Tonight I looked at the Earth around me with a newfound wonder and reverence. This is truly a landmark film and an astounding achievement!!!!

Kagen no tsuki

I Loved this Movie!!!!
When I first saw this movie I got a little bored and confused in the beginning until I got into it further. This is one of those rare gems that reveals it's secrets gradually, like the petals of a lotus. Not undercutting the wonderful visual components, the music score is was what really hooked me. It was absolutely, heartbreakingly wonderful. In fact, without HYDE's achingly sad and beautiful song, and equally sad and beautiful presence, I don't think this movie would have "worked." His music transcends language. I loved all of the actors and actresses. This production was as first rate as any "Hollywood" movie you can name. At first glance you might dismiss this movie as mere "fluff." However, if you stick with it you will see the deeper meanings: Life and death, love and loss, betrayal and redemption. It is a perfect circle. What better way can I describe this movie.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Great film for kids or adults !!!!
My son has grown up with the books, and I've always brought him on opening night to each of the first three movies (which we also have in our DVD collection.) He just turned fourteen in October which was apropos for the release of this movie. Of course again, having been enchanted by the first three films, (expecially the last Cuaron sequel,) I again brought him to opening night. Wow, being 48 and a big lover of the LOTR movies, I was absolutely enthralled! All of the characters were so much more fleshed out. Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint have grown so much as actors as well as just, well grown! I think that's why so many more adults can access this film on a more common ground. Sometimes we forget what it was like to be a kid, but we never forget puberty. NEVER!!!

The themes and dangers were more adult: The story itself is much darker and involving. And of course the unveiling of the evil Voldemort packed all of the emotional wallop it was supposed to convey.

I loved Richard Harris as Dumbledore so much, it was very hard for me to accept Micheal Gambon in the role. However, in this film he really conveyed a much more complicated and interesting character. No more omnipotent; he seemed much more vulnerable and human. His deep connection and fear for Harry was much clearer and well defined. Since I could no longer hold out reading the next two books in the series, I can definitely see how this character arc veers seamlessly into the next two films.

Brendan Gleeson, GREAT!! As were all of the supporting actors as usual.

And what can one not say about the wonderful special effects! I could go into details but that would take five pages or more. I can't believe just how far we've come sometimes in CGI. This film combines live action with digital animation INCREDIBLY and WONDERFULLY!!!

I can't wait for the next one!!!! We'll be there on opening night again! I don't know how it will top this one, but I still can't wait!


The Phantom of the Opera

Stunning!!! Magnificent!!! Powerful!!! Beautiful, Sexy, and Tragically Heartbreaking
I can't believe I waited so long to see this movie. I've never seen the stage play. I lived in L.A. for about 17 years, attended acting school, and performed in some musicals before, but was never that crazy about seeing them, so I really didn't know what to expect. I thought "Chicago" was okay. I went to see it on a whim. But when that chandelier went up and the sweeping transformation happened to the opera house from black and white dusty ruin to a lush landscape of red velvet and gold ornate statues to the equal sweep of that unimaginably beautiful music, I literally forgot to breathe. Every time I see it I still get goosebumps. You feel that you've just been magically transported to another world. I loved every frame, every note, every performance from the very beginning to the very end. The critics must be crazy. This movie should be up for every award ever made!! I can't stop watching it. I've seen it ten times already and can't wait for the next time. It's definitely now in my top ten of all time. Joel Schumacher, and Andrew Lloyd Webber have created a MASTERPIECE!!!

What can I say about the performances that hasn't been said, they were superb. Emmy Rossum was innocent, beautiful, and angelic with a voice to match. Patrick Wilson was perfect as Raoul; handsome, and with a voice as smooth as silk. However, I can't say enough about Gerard Butler. His emotional range is absolutely stunning. Not since Richard Burton or Larry Olivier in Richard III have I seen an actor who can encompass so many different levels on the turn of a dime: Murderous rage; intense sexuality and longing; incredible vulnerability. I can't believe the comments I've seen on his singing. His voice was beautiful, sensuous, and the amazing thing was his singing matched every emotion he was feeling from highest to lowest. In the beginning we see a very confident, strong, domineering individual partial to strangling people when cornered, (not the most sympathetic of individuals,) who nevertheless shows a sensitivity and sweetness despite all of his extremely fatal faults; that is, in the more than competent hands of Gerard Butler. His performance is so beautifully and deftly drawn that gradually by the end of the film we see what's been behind the mask all along: He's just a lost little boy who never grew up.

I also have to comment on the "Point of No Return" number. That has got to be the sexiest scene I've EVER seen. And neither of them lost a stitch of clothing. Well, accept maybe a cape and a mask. But I digress. I'm sorry, but I would have dropped Raoul like a hot potato just to lie in that swan bed and let him sing to me ALLLL day, and ALLLL night, among other things.....use your imagination. So he lived in a sewer and had a little anger management problem. We could have worked through it with a good therapist. I mean this guy gave Christine what every hot blooded woman wants: Total and obedient worship. Am I right girls? Anyway to all you naysayers, I say this movie would have been nothing without him. To tell you the truth I kept wondering, "Who is this guy, where did he come from? So I did what the rest of you do and looked him up on "imdb." I'd seen "Dracula 2000," and "Timeline," but I didn't recognize him at all. Since then I've seen his other film roles, (to be honest the films weren't that great, but that's not his fault. You've got to take what you're offered.) So I just have to note another of his astonishing talents: I swear he changes with every role. His voice and his face, even his body molds to whatever character he's playing. I cannot believe that he is not up for Best Actor, or that this film is not up for at least ten Oscars. Incidentally, I shall be boycotting them this year, and I urge you to do the same. Compared to this film, the rest is just drivel. Anyway, Mr. Butler is an amazing actor. I'm so glad Mr. Schumacher had the tremendous insight to cast him. I hope now he will get the roles he so richly deserves. I'd pay admission to watch that man walk across the street. I can't believe he'd never had a voice lesson before. I hope he does more recording. I still can't get those songs out of my head, got the CD and still can't stop playing it. To all those spoil sports, GET OVER IT!! This is a MOVIE, it's not the stage play. You must embrace it on it's own turf. And WHAT a movie, I can't wait to purchase the DVD so I can savor it like the finest wine that it is to my hearts content. If you haven't seen it yet, you've missed something extremely special. It's one of the finest and most beautiful films ever made.

I have to thank you "imdb," at least we, for once, get a chance to air our opinions. I will never see another movie without consulting my fellow "little people" again. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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