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  • This was an ideal follow up to the OG Coming to America. You see all the other reviews saying it didn't meet up the first ones expectations but it's a different movie. The dumb criticism is that it's only in America for five minutes but that's not what made the original Coming 2 America. It was the characters, who for the most part, are all back who made that movie and each get their nice little arcs (not arches). Sure, not all of the jokes land but a comedy has to pace himself, it's not one gag after another. This was a sweet follow up, ignore the people whose first instinct is to write a critical review of a movie they think is from the 1980's. Now we just need that Beverly Hills Cop follow up!!!
  • If you had a negative feeling about this movie going in, you probably had a negative one going out. It's a light movie that builds off the first movie with even more ridiculousness and accents from Vanessa Hudgens. Yet, that's exactly the reason why I liked it. It's Netflix one upping Hallmark, sometimes you just need cozy.
  • I really dug this movie for a myriad of reasons. The leads had great chemistry with each, the scenery of Guam was beyond gorgeous and it was something genuinely pleasant to watch. 2020 been stressful enough and sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie that doesn't require you to be invested. Hopefully, this draws more attention to the beautiful territory of Guam and it's people.
  • Sure, the gags might have you cringing more than once but it is sweet,simple pleasureful viewing for the family. Paul walker moved on to greater things obviously but this was a great indicator of things to come, RIP. John Ashton from the BeverlyHills Cop movie is a great balance to his surfer vibes and like why did Dennis Hopper agree to this? But he was a blast most definitely.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film was just what the doctor ordered. Perfect amount of the usual Shawn and Gus shenanigans, an intriguing mystery, classic Lassiter moments, and it's always a delight to see Juliet, Chief Vick, Henry, and Woody doing their thing. Hopefully Tim Omundson will continue on with a strong recovery and we'll see a couple more sequels. Still gotta bring back Cary Elwes and John Cena and a bunch of other surprises to come. I can't believe Gus is going to be a dad!!!!!
  • Not every movie is destined to be mentioned in the same breath as Casablanca. This is a sweet, fun children's film!
  • Very charming, actor did the best with what they could with their script
  • Quarantine got me working through Disney plus and this okay was merely okay
  • Somebody finally reinvented Groundhog Day. I sat through Edge of Tomorrow, Love, Wedcing, and Repeat and Before I Fall only to realize it was for the Lonely Island to master. Milotti and Samberg play off another beautifully while the amazing JK Simmons is great as usual. Also this screenplay was ridiculously clever.
  • Everything just clicks in the movie. The kids are a delight, Rose Byrne is relatable funny, and even marky Mark offers a balanced performance. That's all I got.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Clearly the third best film of Peter Berg (front of Mile 22 and Deepwater Horizon) but behind Lone Survivor and patriots day. Post Malone clearly can act though. Mark Wahlberg does his usual stuff but his girlfriends funny and Winston duke delivers a sound performance
  • It doesn't really decide what it wants to be. Is it a kids flick or a hard violence flick with a dash of manic Ed Helms? Though Betty Gilpin and Taraji P. Henson clearly are having a blast.
  • The judges aren't judging the quality of the food so why bother with judges? Burgess is clearly enjoying himself but I don't know how long this could possibly last.
  • A touching father daughter relationship at the core of it. A bit of a downer but it redeemed itself with a heartfelt ending
  • I mean whose opinion do you need? It's a Hallmark movie after all but Lacey Chabert does her thing and she does it well.
  • I took a lot away from this movie more than I thought I would. It has heart, humour, sensibility, and the birth of a new young star. Between her and Jacob Tremblay, Hollywood shouldn't be too concerned with the up and coming young talent. Also Jim Gaffigan is a gem while Janney and Viola solidify a strong net with key performances.
  • First off, this is a Christian movie. Now that is made aware, I'll dive into it. It's a sweet little movie driven by the performance of its young leading lady. Her chemistry with her costars, including our director, is off the charts and yea it's a pleasant film to tune into!
  • It's not going to wow you with anything but it is a fantastically shot film and I'm an animal lover so it's my kind of thing. Elizabeth Hurley does her thing too as she is not in enough these days.
  • Its a fine cute story and the demographic it's made for is pretty young but it sets out what it wants to accomplish. Also the young cast can act just fine. Solid direction as well.
  • There were some rehashed plot elements and the story was a little dull at some points but it'll do as a way to pass the time.
  • That James Van der Beek is a charming fellow. The script gives him that and not much else. But it's sweet and Doris Roberts is a treat!
  • Yet the whole time I was entertained by the cartoonish villains and those kids. It's cringey but it was a good source of entertainment for eighty or so minutes. Hats off to the Horse Crazy cast and crew...
  • Riddled with cliches and trophes, it still bears something you would care to watch one day. The young actress got some talent and Alex Morgan is better than most athletes you seen act(cough.... Shaq)!
  • I love these characters and they come back fairly nice in this long awaited sequel. A unique perspective on so many different ideas and it is cool to see on screen!
  • Yet the movie's characters have strong arcs and the screenplay is very solid. It's harrowing, harmless teenage fun and you could do a whole lot worse.
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