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Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

The title's bad...the jokes are stupid...but in the's not that terrible...
OK....let's start with the title first - Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World? Hmm...considering the fact that Albert Brooks is sent to India, a country with 80% of its population 'HINDU', known worldwide as the 'Land of the Hindus' and the land where Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainisn and Buddhism originated, I don't see why India should be called the 'Muslim' world. Yes, 12% of the Indian population IS Muslim...but India isn't a theocracy and is the largest democracy in the world! Anyway...moving on... I believe that this movie would have been immensely funny if it was filmed in the Middle East - if Brooks went to Iran...or the UAE...or even just Pakistan...where the majority of the population hates America and the country is Islamic. A Jewish man visiting Palestine or Iran to make them laugh? THAT would have been funny! A Jewish man making Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Indian Jews laugh? Not so funny. However, Brooks acts sincerely. The Al-Jazeera part of 'That Darn Jew' is immensely funny...but the call center jokes and the stand up comedy is not exactly the typical 'Albert Brooks' comedy...mainly because it's just not that funny. His assistant in India, Sheetal Seth, is very good. She could very well be the saving grace of the movie. Albert Brooks said that his movie got good reviews in Dubai...well...I believe that the Arabs there DID have a problem with the title...DID think that instead of Brooks making fun of himself..he was making fun of Muslims...and well...they couldn't see why the movie couldn't have been filmed in Dubai instead. In conclusion,the plot isn't very thick...the title is a blatant misrepresentation of India..the jokes won't get you roaring laughter...but if you really have nothing else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon...go watch the'll see some great shots of the Taj Mahal...


great movie - a definite must-watch
Aandhi is a classic. A movie based on human emotions - and the struggle of two individuals who meet, fall in love and then drift apart only to meet again after many years. If my memory serves me well, I even believe that the female lead has elements of Indira Gandhi in her. A must-watch in order to understand Indian traditions and politics. Suchitra Sen is a rich politician's daughter who falls in love with a hotel manager, and marries him, against her father's wishes. They start a new life until Suchitra decides to follow her father and join politics, much against her husband's better judgement. The toils and troubles of a hectic political lifestyle results in their daughter's death and their divorce - leading them to pursue different directions in life for many odd years. Finally, the two meet again, after many years. A very sensitive movie - with well crafted lyrics and beautiful performances. I give it a 9.5 due to Sanjay Kumar's performance, the music and the trouble the movie had as it was released during the emergency.

Neal 'N' Nikki

terrible movie!
I really wish bollywood would stop exposing their actresses and start writing some GOOD stories. The problem with this story is that there is no story to start with. A horny young man of Indian origin from Canada decides to have his share of sexual escapades before his wedding to an Indian girl from India. He goes on a 21 day trip to Vancouver to satisfy his perverted ideologies. There he finally succeeds to get girls under the covers but is always prevented (coincidentally?) by another Canadian of Indian origin. She dresses like a prostitute and decides to help him sleep with other girls. In the end, they realize that they are truly made for each other - and not for the other 100 girls he wanted to have sex with. Sad story, sadder costumes and no morality whatsoever. Tanisha seems as horny as Uday. When will bollywood understand that we don't watch bollywood movies for its sex but for its stories...if we wanted to watch movies for 'steamy scenes'. wouldn't we just go for Hollywood?


good movie if you like comedy
I personally liked this movie. Not because it has a good script, nor was it because it had Oscar winning performances by the leads( has neither of the two). I liked this movie because it was a good way to pass two hours and not regret it later. Anyone who likes comedies and does not criticize every single detail in a movie is bound to enjoy this movie, just like Kate and Leopold which had a few problems but yet, was fairly good in the end. Jennifer Love Hewitt is great, so is Gene Hackman. I have always liked Sigourney Weaver, and this movie did not change my opinion of her acting skills in any way.It's a an interesting comedy with a good plot and funny situations. It isn't a classic, but a good movie for your comedy collection when it comes out on DVD.

Main Aisa Hi Hoon

okay movie...great acting!
Watch this movie if you like Esha Deol and Sushmita Sen. This movie is given substance only because of the female leads in it. Lillete Dubey and Ajay Devgan's daughter have played their parts extremely well. Ajay Devgan is good as usual, but if you really wanted to watch a movie of this sort, you're better off watching the original, I am Sam. However, if you want to watch some seriously good acting in bollywood, you should go for this movie. Esha Deol is getting better in every movie. We can see the sadness and anger in her eyes when she calls her father up on her birthday but doesn't get through to him. She has an extremely expressive face, and definitely has the potential to be a super star like her parents. Sushmita Sen is awesome, like usual. She just keeps getting better. I thought she acted immensely well in Filhaal, but now I think this movie beats that in terms of her acting. Ajay Devgan has always been good and this is just one more feather in his cap. The whole supporting cast has done a good job as well. Yet, even with the fabulous performances, this movie lacks the essential ingredients of a blockbuster. The songs look like they've been forcefully added and, as I stated earlier, you'd rather watch the Hollywood version of this movie. An okay watch if you have nothing to do on a rainy day. Also, the end result of the case and Sushmita Sen's decision seems a tad bit unbelievable, but I guess that's cinematic liberty! I give this movie a 7 mainly because of the acting!


awesome of a kind!
My uncle gave up watching Hindi movies as he believed that there was no good Hindi movie after 'Anand'. He started watching bollywood movies again after watching 'Black'. Black is Hindi cinema at it's best. Obviously, Amitabh Bachchan plays the lead in it...who else can? While watching this movie, I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed myself. Amitabh Bachchan trying to show 'bullshit'in sign language and Rani Mukherjee trying to hit the person who bumped into her. Amitabh Bachchan, is inspiring. There's nothing to say about he left me speechless. Rai Mukherjee's performance is by far her best. Watch this's the best you'll watch in ages!

Koi... Mil Gaya

bollywood's first sci-fi flick...a must watch!
Three Cheers to the new age of Bollywood! This movie proves that Bollywood has become conscious of it's viewer's tastes and is finally taking steps to please it's vast audience! Koi...Mil Gaya is a sci-fi flick with a heart of gold. Hrithik Roshan is the child of a dead scientist who believed he had made contacts with aliens. However, a car accident kills him before he can prove it and leaves Hrithik (Rekha is pregnant with him)mentally retarded. Hrithik grows up but his intelligence level stays at the grade 7 level. Nisha (Preity) is a friend of his who sympathizes with I'm and thus hangs out with him. Together, they accidentally send sound waves in outer space while playing with his dad's old computer. Thus comes a response to their waves and an alien lands on their small town. Hrithik and Preity befriend him and name him 'Jadoo'. The story proceeds so forth and so on. Hrithik is just BRILLIANT! Preity Zinta looks really good and has complete justice to her part. Rekha convinces us well. Hrithink's grade 7 friends and Johny Lever have done a great job. Overall...a fabulous movie! A must watch! Take a Bow've done a terrific job!

I Am Sam

good movie..keep kleenexes in close reach!
This movie is made for people who love watching emotional movies! I loved it! Pfeiffer and Penn are wonderful as always. Dianne West has done full justice to her part as the reclusive neighbor. Dakota Fanning is brilliant...she manages to capture the innocence of a seven year old child and does not irritate. The scenes between Penn and Fanning are very well done and definitely bring tears in your eyes. The story is about a mentally challenged man named Sam(Penn)raising his seven year old daughter(Fanning), the result of a one night stand (the mother fled as soon as she was discharged from the hospital...leaving the daughter with Penn. Sam is a good father who loves his daughter unconditionally and raises her with the help of his neighbor (West) and friends. However, their 'perfect' world is in danger when some social workers decide to take Fanning away from Sam. Sam goes to a rich, ruthless lawyer(Pfeiffer) who helps him and tries to decrease the gap between her own son and herself by learning from Penn. A well made movie...


yeah well...okay...but watch Dil Chahta Hai instead! where as brilliant as Dil Chahta Hai...weird way of expressing patriotism and a waste of Big B and Om Puri's acting potentials. a very lenient critic...I kind of liked this movie. The story's about a guy finding himself in the Indian Army and finally 'grows up' to become aware of his responsibilities towards his country and family. Good base...but the story lacked that special something needed to make a movie good. Yeah...many of the youth in India are facing the problem of 'finding' themselves and 'patriotism' isn't what it used to be...but Hrithik's character just isn't framed out well!!! While the characters in Dil Chahta Hai made the movie so amazing(the educated youth in India could relate to them)...Hrithik's character in Lakshya just seems like a work of fantasy than a normal everyday character. Hrithik as usual though, is BRILLIANT! Preity Zinta has obviously taken tips from Barkha Dutt...but her hairstyle was much better in Dil Chahta Hai. Overall...a movie muuuuch better than all the other nonsense Bollywood is churning out right now...but could have been better!

Dil Chahta Hai

great movie
Dil Chahta Hai was an amazing movie for me when I first saw it...and it's still one of my favorites. It deals with the youth in India, the transitions they go through, their love lives and most of all, friendship. Farhan Akhtar is brilliant, and this will always be one of his master pieces, no matter how many movies he makes in the future. The movie starts with the present, with Dimple Kapadia being admitted in the hospital, and then a flashback sets in. Farhan Akhtar has created the characters of the three main protagonists with a lot attention to detail and thus, has created characters that the youth in India can relate to. The protagonists are not extra-ordinary heroes, nor are they spoilt brats. They are just normal young Indians with new ideas raised in affluent families. They have the right blend of traditions and modernity. The movie consists of a strong plot, good characters who are believable and yet, interesting. The songs of the movie are excellent too. The picturizations and script is great. Overall, a well done movie with good acting from all the main actors - Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Preity Zinta, Sonali Kulkarni and the ever beautiful Dimple Kapadia. A must watch for anyone.

A Change of Place

fine...typical harlequin stuff
Watch this movie only if you have absolutely nothing else to do and need a laugh. It's a typical harlequin movie,the plot is thin, the story's utterly romantic and ridiculous, and the actors don't have much to do but look beautiful, handsome and glamorous. Andrea Roth is playing twin sisters Kim and Dominique. Dominique is an immensely successful model but has taken to the bottle. Her sister, Kim, is an arts professor and aiming for her Ph.D in the same field. They change places when Kim decides to put Dominique into rehab and take her place as a model for a couple of weeks. There, she meets her dream man, helps Dominique overcome an embarrassing secret and ultimately all ends well. Typical movie...not too bad for people with nothing to do.

Prem Aggan

Gawd!!!What was I thinking!! In the first ten minutes of the movie...I realized that this movie was a waste of my time. the optimistic person that I am...I decided to watch it anyway! Typical Hindi movie...but acted out so badly that it was torture to watch...Fardeen and Meghna...TAKE SOME ACTING,DANCING AND COMMON SENSE CLASSES! As for Feroz Khan...his worst movie ever! Well...the heroine is rich, the hero is poor..(but see...he has class and dignity) Obviously, they fall in love and heroine's parents don't agree. They've got this other rich guy for her. She goes abroad leaving the hero with a badly beaten heart (and limbs, hands etc as her parent's men beat him up). Yet, he doesn't give up and goes after her (selling his prized possession to get the money - his bike)Meanwhile, the heroine his lost it and has become an alcoholic (or at least in the process of becoming one)...hero comes there, rescues her from her villain of a fiancé and wins her father's heart. Major yawn..yet if you really want to laugh at the level of stupidity in Hindi movies...and bad acting...and bad dances...and a bad script...and bad cinematography...this movie is meant just for you!

Do Ankhen Barah Haath

a must watch for every movie lover...or human being...
I first saw this movie when I was just a little kid. I loved it then and I love it now. Do Aankhein Bara Haath is one the finest movies ever made. The plot is about an idealistic police officer who tries to rehabilitate 6 criminals and succeeds facing several problems during the course, The ending of the movie makes me cry each and every time. V Shantaram was a genius, and this movie is his masterpiece. A must watch for each and every human who needs to re-affirm his faith in the good of humanity. The song "Ae Malik tere bande hum", sung by Lata Mangeshwar(of course...who else?..there is no competition)is an evergreen track. The female lead in the movie, Sandhya has acted very well...and the lead Male, played b V. Shantaram himself is worth every penny of the money and time you spend on watching this movie.A definite must doubt about it!


great movie - definitely worth a watch
This movie leaves the theatre with you and stays in your mind for a long time. A realistic and honest look at the problems our police system is facing is the theme of this movie. Amir Khan, is as usual,incomparable and produces a strong and honest performance. He and his team are a bunch of honest, hard-working cops trying to get Mumbai rid of all the terrorism and criminals. Amir Khan plays a tough cop with a rough past (his brother was killed by gangsters) and the event has led him to try and sweep crime away from Mumbai. All the actors in the movie have done their job very well, especially the actors in Amir Khan's police team. Sonali Bendre has done as much justice as she could to her role, which is kind of minimal and unfair. Yet, the movie is a great one. Naseeruddin shah is amazing as usual, and goes through with his character with ease and perfection.Worth a watch, the movie will surely not fail to impress.

Proof of Life

great movie
I liked this movie a lot. Usually, I prefer watching romantic chick-flicks. this movie however, changed a bit of my perception. Meg Ryan has acted superbly. The same goes for Russell Crowe. The chemistry the two of them share is great. I liked the ending of the movie as it was not predictable and added a good suspense on the future of the negotiator and the victim's wife. Meg Ryan has proved that she's not incapable of acting in thrillers...and she's awesome. Russell Crowe looks smart and Meg Ryan's sister-in-law in the movie has done complete justice to her complex character. The relationship between Meg Ryan's character and her sister-in-law has been carved out very well. David Morse has done an excellent job and should be given such meaningful and intense roles more often. The characters have been well thought of and their weaknesses and strengths have been showed articulately. Overall, a good movie for someone who likes Russell Crowe, Meg Ryan or movies with a good script.

Kate & Leopold

Fine movie...could have been better though
I'm a fan of Meg Ryan and think that she's one of the best there is in Hollywood right now. Yet, I believe that it was HUGH JACKMAN who stole the show in this movie. He is so charming and charismatic that you can hardly resist falling head over heels for him! Leopold is a duke from the 18th century who mistakenly lands up in the 21st century one day...and is obviously bewildered with everything he sees. He stays with the man who got him there at the first place, Stuart,Kate's (Meg Ryan) ex-boyfriend. Predictably, Leopold falls in love with Kate and she retaliates. Yet, he has to go back where he came from, and that poses a problem for their relationship. It's a cute movie, yet, I couldn't agree with the ending, though it was predictable. I just couldn't see eye to eye with the reasoning they gave us for the step Kate took. Okay movie...great if you have nothing else to do and like chick-flicks. That's exactly the reason I watched it. I liked it..but I've seen better by Meg Ryan.

Raising Helen

old refreshing movie
The story of three kids being given to an unqualified relative has been repeated countless number of times. This time however, Raising Helen gives the story a nice turn. The story is predictable...and yet..thoroughly refreshing. Kate Hudson has done a fantastic job and John Corbett looks dashing as usual. The child actors are really good and the story pretty funny. It's an honest attempt to make a good feel-good movie. Joan Cusack is her usual great self...and adds a touch of reality to her character. All in all...this movie's worth a watch, especially for those who like watching a feel-good romantic comedy!The Asian neighbour and Kate's boss at the modelling agency have done justice to their characters. Kate Hudson is definitely someone to watch out for...she's going places!

Swades: We, the People

Amazing movie...just loved it
I saw this movie yesterday and I must say...this is one of the best movies I've seen in years! I had really high expectations from this movie...and although I'm not a huge fan of Shahrukh...this movie surpassed all my expectations. It really makes all of us NRI's who have left the country for a better future to think. The newcomer Gayatri Joshi has acted very well...she's definitely a new star on the rise. The romantic scenes between Shahrukh and Gayatri have been written very well and I loved them. They portray innocent love...something diminished in bollywood movies due to all the vulgar item numbers and ugly, non-desirable sex scenes. In short...Ashutosh Gowarikar has lived up to his expectations and created another masterpiece. One of the must-see and classic movies of the year...and great acting by Shahrukh...restored my faith in his capabilities which was diminishing due to movies like main Hoon Naa.

Kal Ho Naa Ho

OK movie...could have been handled better this was supposed to be a good movie...and it some extent anyway. I'm not a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, but he acted brilliantly in Swades. Anyway, this story is about how a dying man changes the lives of a troubled family in the U.S. Preity Zinta is the lead female role and Shahrukh Khan shares his seat with Saif Ali Khan. The music was good...especially the title song. The jokes,especially the ones with Kantaben(Saif's childhood nanny) were pretty funny. The story however, was predictable and even a bit boring. In the end, it was an average movie and I would have even loved it if it wasn't for my high expectations when I went to watch it.

Purab Aur Pachhim

good movie if you have time to spare
This movie has Manoj Kumar in a patriotic role (yes..yet again)Siara Banu has acted pretty well...she must have been pretty daring to smoke and drink in a movie when all the other actresses were struggling to keep a good image. Bharat is a patriotic Indian who's father was an Independence fighter He goes to London and is disappointed to see that the NRI's staying there criticized everything Indian and were wasting their life away. Prithi(Siara Banu) is one such NRI who falls in love with Bharat but refuses to go back to India with him. Bharat also meets Harnam(Prem Chopra) who is Bharat's father's friend's son and he likes Prithi too. In the end, Prithi agrees to go to India with Bharat and stay there temporarily. Conclusion : All's well that end's well and Prithi gives up all her bad habits (smoking, drinking etc)and finally starts loving India.

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