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Love Crazy

Love Crazy is my favorite movie!
I first saw this movie when I was in my twenties and I found it hilarious. Over the years, I've searched for it and I just found it again! Over thirty years later upon re-watching it, I still find it unbelievably funny. I've laughed more at Love Crazy than I have over a Jim Carey movie. The scene where William Powell as Abraham Lincoln frees the hats is a favorite.


With Run you never know what will happen next
I love this show! The two main characters, portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever, have an incredible chemistry. Their relationship, even after 15 years apart, is filled with a passion which runs the gamut from love to distrust. Lust and longing are registered in every word they speak to each other and in the way they look at one another. Merrit Wever is a talented actress, and she is gorgeous, too. Domhnall Gleeson is a handsome redhead, and the role of Billy Johnson fits him just as well as his "favorite coat." I enjoyed other quirky characters from the show, as well, like the lesbian taxidermist and the good-looking guy on the train who is skilled at talking sexy. I demand a season two.

The Healing Powers of Dude

This show started off good and got even better.
Great show. Jace Chapman, who plays Noah, does a great job. The dog is quite adorable, too. In the first two episodes, the little sister character was incredibly annoying. However, in each episode afterward, she softened and grew on me. I cannot wait to watch more episodes.

All Hallows' Eve

Terrible movie, overacting on the villian's part.
Yes, this is a bad children's movie. The plot is pretty simplistic and it's apparent that no one got paid very much for acting in this movie. However Diane Salinger's Delayna Hallow character is so over the top that it appears that she is channeling the combination of a professional wrestler and a drag queen. I'm having a really hard time finishing this film because of Salinger's egregious overacting. She's out Shatnering William Shatner. Her broad gestures seem more suited for vaudeville and if she actually had a mustache, she'd be twirling it between her fingers. I get that she's playing an evil witch but Agnes Moorehead set the gold standard Salinger seems to be going for with her 1960s era Endora, while Salinger just stands around cackling horrifically and gesturing weirdly with long plastic fake fingernails. Not a great movie by any means but Salinger really ruins it.

Rim of the World

Old School Style Summer Blockbuster!
This movie reminded me of all the great summer movies I loved as a child in the '70s. It starts out as a classic summer camp movie, when Alex-- the main character-- is taken (against his will) by his loving mother to a second-rate camp called The Rim of the World. The film then quickly morphs into an enjoyable alien invasion movie. Along the way, the four protagonists, a nerdy white kid, a chubby black kid, a female Asian kid and a misunderstood Hispanic kid overcome personal, as well as apocalyptic difficulties, and save the world. I loved the "Breakfast Club" scene when each kid declares him or herself as what the world categorizes them as... I totally enjoyed this movie which was produced and directed by McG, the director of Terminator Salvation. My only criticism was that a few lines of the kids' dialogue were a little muffled and hard to understand. Good movie from start to finish. Watch and judge for yourself.

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