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Fleabag: Episode #2.1
Episode 1, Season 2

The Queen has no clothes
This was terrible. Embarrassingly contrived, mostly devoid of humour and too enthralled with its star turns. Waller Bridge can write brilliantly funny and edgy stuff - crashing, the first episodes of fleabag season 1 and much of Killing Eve. This is the point at which she started believing her own hype. Fleabag herself has become a bland every woman hero, no longer the messed up and no longer the challenging sociopath of season 1. The asides to camera aren't funny enough to justify their inclusion and as a result lose their effect. Really really disappointed.


Unbelievable that this isn't more revered
This is Waller-Bridge's finest moment - it is as funny throughout as the first few episodes of fleabag or the best moments of Killing Eve. Amazingly re-watchable and with a heart - but brutal nevertheless. One of the best British comedy series for a long time.

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