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Time Freak

freaking good
I expected a low budget ,cheap looking attempt at time travel , instead , this was hilariously funny , thanks to Skyler Gisondo , that kid from Vacation and Night at the Museum 3 ( I think ) . the movie really had a nice story , didn't need that ending though .

The Package

packs the punch
It was hilarious . a fresh story , nice performances and best dialogues helped to make it pretty enjoyable .


not as weird as the title
Honestly , I have been having difficulty pronouncing this movie's name ever since I heard about it . nonetheless , it was quite light hearted and message containing at the same time .


This was almost bad for a movie that is supposed to entertain people . should have been way more shorter , at least thirty minutes .

Mile 22

Mild disappointment
A nice thriller with some humor , a lot of explosions and shoot-outs , keeps you on the edge , some spy-work too but the main feature is the ending , may feel a bit unresolved for most .

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

This movie , if you choose to watch it
You are gonna enjoy it , that is what happens with franchises , people already know what to expect . The action scenes are way more practical and convincing than other contemporary movies , and then there are secret messages , secret obligations , some jokes and off course , masks

The Meg

Mad shark
Lets be honest , " terror in water " movies have a very bad reputation and I was surprised at the risk of a big budget movie but it surprised me even more . the director keeps the plot moving with interesting story-telling . a highly enjoyable / forgettable investment of money and time

A Quiet Place

way too quiet
A quite horror ? I would never have guessed it until this movie was announced . It is ok , a supernatural thriller , a family in danger and other cliches


Totally awesome gags
A fresh story , capable leads , amazing chemistry , supported by constant jokes make this movie totally enjoyable . I personally lost control at " Damn ! that was fast . " Kind of your typical New Line comedy


Rather funny
It is a formula film with big budget , a nice and lovable lead ( almost a superhero ) , a supporting character to ask questions in order to create the illusion of the unfolding of a predictable plot , generic villain , CGI creatures and action scenes with a lot of jokes

The Kissing Booth

kiss them both
It is a surprisingly complex teen love story , so much so that I couldn't believe that it ended , when it did . maybe a nice divergence from the simple streak of rom-coms . story is fresh-ish , acting nice , well the movie ain't bad

The Death of Superman

The dashing superhero movie
As I have written earlier , DC animations are priceless jewels , with great story , amazing dialogues , unbelievable chemistry , beautiful animation and emotional depth , you haven't seen it yet ?

Super Troopers 2

super fun
I literally can not believe how funny this movie was ! In my opinion , this one is even more entertaining than the first , it is a non-stop fun-fest . the chemistry is awesome , Brian Cox is unbelievable . fast and funny


Bad for your brain
As is the rule these days , a comedy ( or any movie for that matter ) comes full with wisecracking , unrelated to the flow of events and not creating situational moments of hilarity ( remember The Hangover ? ) . anyway , it works .

Ocean's Eight

three less than eleven
Ocean's Eleven was a fresh take on heist movies which used to be tense , slow and serious . Its success inspired two mediocre sequels and a whole lot of copycats . This one here is no different , it tries to be brainy , funny and creative but the ending is not the best

Destination Wedding

Definitely worth your attention
This is the most clever grown-ups/kids at heart kind of romantic comedy ever ! The chemistry between the two leads is unbelievably real . It is full of intense yet light-hearted and absorbing non-stop discussions which are gripping as well as realistic and hilarious

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Just the worst
As a fan of original Jurassic Park masterpiece , after seeing this assembly of pieces of jokes , unnecessary dramatics , poor acting and unforgivable plot , combined with the worst logical ending ever , I actually am now fed up with this CGI sequel continuum .

Deadpool 2

Dead inside
As a spoof of superhero genre with constantly breaking the fourth wall and all the jokes at the expense of pop culture , this sure is funny but it should not be , at least , praised cause it is a bad tradition .

Constantine: City of Demons

constant fun
John Constantine continues his misadventures in the underworld in this aptly R-rated movie , it is gory , it is funny , it is creative , they really need to reboot this character in live action .

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Lady James Bond
I totally expected it to be entertaining but it even exceeded my hopes , it was hilarious , a linear plot with continuous complications and non-stop jokes

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman - Rage of Atlantis

Reign of aquaman
Pretty soon we are going to get Aquaman in James Wan movie and we saw the animation Throne of Atlantis . this here movie is more suited for kids however , cause it is a bit childish . other than that , it is quite entertaining .

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

sheer bull$h!t and love
High school , cheer leaders , sports ground , football games , hot guy , class rooms , a party and off course , losers . entirely cliched , slightly annoying and mostly entertaining chick flick , personally , hated the ending , though .


This western is a rare entry in the genre as it is way too serious . Christian Bale is , as always , fully in the character . nothing fancy but if like slow drama with intense acting and nice story , without unreal shoot-outs , check this one out .

The Babysitter

the baby and the babe
This latest offering in the horror comedy genre is funny and fast paced , the main demerit is the poor acting of the two leads . supporting cast is way better and it is pretty enjoyable

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

outside the hotel
Not as good as the first one but improves on the second . some new characters are introduced but most screen time is taken by the Dracula , the gang does not get enough to perform , especially Johny . it is funny though .

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