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Autumn Blood

Intense and beautiful!
Sophie Lowe is now my favorite actress in the world!! I went with my school mates to see Autumn Blood at the San Diego Film Festival because we love Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki In the Vikings. Suddenly this actress that non of us had ever seen before entered the screen and all my friends dropped their jaw! Sophie Lowe is so beautiful and intense, and the story is super suspenseful, even my buddies who love mainly big budget Michael Bay films kept completely silent throughout the entire movie. The film started out very innocent and beautiful, it reminded me of Princess Mononoke, my favorite Japanese Manga. Every image was like a painting. And before you knew it it entangled you into this scary fight of the brother and sister, trying to stick up against a gang of really bad guys. I never thought the Gustaf could be such a brutal, dark villain. The relationship between Sophie Lowe and her brother was so special, I regret every fight I ever had with my sister. My buddies and I will be graduating this year, and then we want to take a trip to Austria to climb this beautiful mountains. I hope that I will get to see this film sometimes soon again.

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