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Gemini Man

very good story line but disappointing 3d animation
I had decided I won't watch this movie because I saw it's trailer before and I felt that It's a B movie. Later this week, we go out with my family and saw the trailer again. We thought, why not give a chance to this movie. So, it was a surprise except for Will Smith's poor quality clone. It's clear for me the 3D tech is not on that level where it should be make him real. I think it could have been work better with face mask. All over the film itself was very good. The storyline flawlessly went forward, built well by actors, cameras and locations as well. I think the trailer made the worst for this movie. This is my family's opinion as well but we left the cinema with a good feel. Finally, we watched a good action-drama which is barely come out nowadays. .


The worst Nolan's film ever
Very disappointing because of:

*The worst voice quality of the recently watched films - terrible *Bad start ever, asphalt road, clear walls etc!!! *Too sterile pictures, sights - every body who starts a research will see on the old 1940s photos of Dunkirk that roads , buildings and coasts were full of mess, debris etc. *The casts have no faces, names like zombies - only a died boy's name - George- remained in my mind. There is no really main character(s) *Very poor views of the dogfights *Poor picture quality -grain noisy and sometimes the objects is out of focus- and camera movements compared example to the War for the Planet of the Apes - over all the best quality every levels, sound, voice, picture quality, camera movements actors performances etc.- and compared to other IMAX movies *I gave only 1 point because of these reasons, the huge budget and the very professional A list directors, crews and actors. The bottom of the B category for ~150 mil.

Finally I was a big Nolan fan but now I am very disappointed and a bit up set in turn I'm and my family big fan of the cinemas especially ODEON ISENSE with Dolby Atmos. Usually I didn't do reviews I'm sick of this terrible movies.


High quality movie
It was the best low-middle ranged budget movies that I watched recently.

Casts were pretty good, but this kind of film, its speed and following more protagonists' happenings not allow them to fly. So their performances were a little bit flat. Camera department brought a high quality spectacle like an Oscar nominated film. Costumes and decoration were absolutely believable and detailed. CGI, SFX and any other FX not were cheap, they were incredibly convincing and expensive. All in all it was a visually perfect movie.

It recommended for science-fiction,thriller and action film fans.

It watchable once-twice.

Story 4/5 Effects 5/5

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