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Autumn Blood

Wow, what an amazing movie….
  • I think the direction on this movie shows just as much creative genius, if not more, than Steven Spielberg's first movie "Jaws".

  • The tonal values and the color is off the charts.

  • Knowledge and use of light in this movie is unsurpassed - your ability to reach just past the limits of the Dynamic Range of your camera - on the high end and the low end is beautiful.

  • The ability to say soooo much with so few words in a script is just past excellent.

  • Don't know if I would want to watch it if the story line was any more intense than this was.

  • The pieces of the story fit together seamlessly at the end of the movie.

  • I think everyone was able to relate to the characters (in a good way or a bad way) in the movie. This is not an easy thing to do with such a small written script.

  • I believe that one of the most important things in a good movie is a well written (re- written) script - In this case I would say that the director wrote (very well) most of the script with the camera.

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