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Vampire's Kiss

Cage's Kiss
Nicolas Cage is brilliant! Early in his career Cage proves his unique and unforgettable talent as the peculiar Peter Loew. This is the film where I first met and fell in love with Cage's qualities. He plays Peter Loew in a dark humorous and memorable manner. And thus, instilled in me the need to see almost every single film he's done since. This is an unusual rendition of a 'Vampire' movie. The story is set in the midst of modern New York (at the time the film was made), amongst regular folk and the vampire phenomena is casually infected into the plot. This film is strange, yet droll, dark, yet believable... almost like it could happen! Oh and it has a fair amount of sexy women scantily clad for those who are into that type of thing. I wouldn't miss this one if you're a Cage or a vampire fan.

The Wedding Singer

Funny Singer!
This quirky film has everything- lots and lots of comedy, a nice touch of romance, some violence and a hint of sadness now and again. Oh and it also stars 2 of the most charming actors- Drew Barrymore, as Julia and Adam Sandler, as Robbie. Their on-screen chemistry is very remarkable to watch and their individual charm is most appealing. The movie is set in the 80's and is a great nostalgic piece for that time period- in all is cheesiness and glory! Sandler as the Wedding Singer will surprise you with his musical talents. And musicians who have run the gamut of various music-related jobs will have extra giggles. And of course Barrymore will dazzle you with her cuteness and poise. This movie will leave you in stitches! And a must see!!!

Sid and Nancy

Oldman is Vicious!
Gary Oldman's incarnation as Sid Vicious is superb. This film is raw, ugly and loud! Precisely the way a movie about a drug addicted punk rocker star should be! The director, Alex Cox, brings the viewer right into the debts of the chaotic and anarchic world of the famous British punk band the Sex Pistols. The story itself is more focused on the self-destructive life of Sid Vicious, who was the popular bass player of this group and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen (played by Chloe Webb). Cox spares no details in captivating the essence of the mayhem and disarray of their dark life style and the bizarre yet haunting love they shared. Their is an eerie realism to this movie that makes one believe, that they are actually witnessing the lives of these people as it really happened. And what a tumultuous life it was. This isn't only great for fans of the Sex Pistols, this is truly a moment in history come back to life... for just a moment.

Blue Velvet

Definition of Cult Classic
This is the ultimate cult classic film. I judge the greatness of a movie by the number of times I will re-watch it. And since I've seen this movie more than any other film, I give it top marks. This movie may not be for everyone, it is subtly dark and ridden with mystery. But no matter how many times I see this film Dennis Hopper who plays the freaky Frank Booth leaves me in stitches from laughter. I must admit though, I do have a slight dark sense of humour and you kinda have to in order to get David Lynch's films. His movies move in a slow bizarre twisted manner. The character 'Ben' played by Dean Stockwell is the most amusing and utterly entertaining out of all the rest. I will never get sick of seeing this film. It is my favourite Lynch film, the only other one that nears it is "Wild At Heart".

The Evil Dead

This is the most over-rated Stupid movie ever!
Yes, I know it was done on a low budget. But I still hate it! I think it is a lame excuse to brutally and violently bash women around. I don't remember seeing any male demons or any of the men getting thrown around and having their heads bashed open... no... not at all... for some reason only the women turn into these crazed lunatic demons and in turn are disgustingly and violently beaten to death by the non-possessed male characters. I am not a femme-Nazi, nor am I sensitive to violence and gore... but when it is so obvious that this movie was just an excuse to lash out in such an extremely negative way towards women and try to disguise it as a horror movie... I just had to say something. I've always thought that this movie was over-rated. I've seen a lot better independent films that were made with even lesser budgets than this one... who were able to created a lot better than this trash. Whose ever idea it was to have only female demons killed in this manner- shame on you! You suck!


Oldman is the Best Dracula Ever!
This is the best rendition of Dracula ever captured on film. Gary Oldman's dark and sensual personae outshines any other vampire who ever dare put on a cape. To me Gary Oldman is the most talented and underrated actor ever. He becomes who he is playing, however in this role... Dracula became him... Oldman set the bar so high it is untouchable even to Bela Lugosi. Winona Ryder's delicateness suited the role of Mina/Elisabeta nicely and Keanu Reeves played the unsuspecting and naive Jonathan with satisfaction. However the whole movie comes together because of Gary Oldman's intoxicating essence. He draws the viewers into his darkness and passion and guides them through until the end. This film is drastically romantic and hauntingly captivating- just like a real Dracula movie should be. The cinematography deserved Oldman's phenomenal performance and perfectly created a true vampire realm. Francis Ford Coppola is brilliant. This is the spirit of the vampire.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Favourite Vampire Movie!
I am a vampire lover and this is the ultimate vampire movie (second only to "Bram Stoker's Dracula") consisting of the two sexiest male vampires ever created- Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. I must admit at first I thought Tom Cruise was a touch too 'apple pie' for this role, but he ultimately knocked my socks off! In fact, he is my second favourite vampire ever, second only to the incredible Gary Oldman in "Bram Stoker's Dracula". And Brad Pitt - oooh Brad Pitt - is hands down the most gorgeous vampire ever. And he played the role of Louis convincingly... but in my eyes would've suited the role of Lestat as well. If you love vampire movies, violence and gore, with a touch of romance and sadness then you will also love this film.

Vampire in Brooklyn

Eddie - Funny & Seductive!
The only person who can give a fair commentary on this film would be a vampire lover, such as myself. As much as I love to laugh and adore Eddie Murphy's comedic talent, the genre of Vampires is my ultimate favourite topic. Some may say that I'm even slightly obsessed... So when it comes to this film I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a touch cheesy and yes it was funny, but why can't a vampire film make you laugh too? I approached this film with a lot of reservation because I really didn't think Eddie Murphy was vampire material. But Eddie pulled it off. Yes- I feel that he truly did. He had that hypnotic stare and seductive movement that would've paralyzed me too if I was in his presence then too. So I give this movie the thumbs up and not just for vampire lovers and not just for Eddie Murphy fans- this is quite an entertaining film.


Best Ever!
To me this was the best remake of a fairytale ever! And I don't care if it's because I'm a girl and this is girlie material- I still loved it! Drew Barrymore personified this interpretation of Cinderella like no other. Angelica Houston was a kick ass evil stepmother. The combination of these two dynamite stars in these two classic roles created an unequaled magic. And of course let's not forget the freakishly handsome Dougray Scott who played Prince Henry. He graced the screen with a hypnotic charm that challenges any prince any day. This is my all time favourite movie. I can watch it over and over again. And I challenge any man to watch this film and understand what romance is really all about.

Everyone Says I Love You

Everybody should say 'I love you' to this film!
I must say that musicals don't really appeal to me, maybe it's because I'm young and am accustomed to more action and special effects from today's typical style... but this movie totally surprised me! The star cast including Drew Barrymore and Julia Roberts is what initially allured me to give this movie a chance and I'm glad I did. Now I know why Woody Allen is considered a genius. I mean I've seen parts of some of his earlier films and they didn't really draw me in either, but this one is truly a winner. Woody Allen chose his cast well, he obviously has a good sense of judgement in that area. The music and singing was actually a welcoming change for a film. I never thought I would like a musical so much. Each character's life was perfectly intertwined with all the others and the plot moved along in an up-tempo beat. It was also nice to be brought to France & Italy via cinematography. It seemed musicals were somewhat of a trend the year this film came out (1996), because that's also when "Romeo & Juliet" starring Leonardo DiCaprio surfaced too. It was a good turn of events to educate younger generations (like myself) into appreciating a more old-fashioned genre of film that was almost extinct until this film came along and rebirthed it.

50 First Dates

Entertaining but not Excellent
I have to say first of all that Drew Barrymore is my favourite actress, she is not only very very pretty, but extremely charismatic and talented. And her wonderful essence shined through as always in this film. I also adore Adam Sandler- he is very very funny and charmingly silly and all his great characteristics donned the screen. However, this movie was a bit of a disappointment for me. I do admit that it was entertaining and the story line kept my interest from beginning to end, but if it wasn't for the two amazing stars in it -Barrymore & Sandler- this movie would've totally sucked. I guess I was offended by the way the story made fun of amnesia and short-term memory loss. I kept thinking throughout the whole movie that if someone really had this disorder, it would be completely and utterly awful! I know that comedy is meant to make light of certain negative things and I did laugh often, but I would immediately feel guilty... so I constantly had mixed feelings about everything that was going on in the film. The setting is in Hawaii and therefore the movie brings you to a warm and welcoming place. There is also a great collection of '80's & '70's songs scattered throughout the film that is also very comforting and nice to hear. There are many good qualities about this flick, but if you are very sensitive like I am, the issue of making fun of a mental disorder/physical disability may offend you- so be prepared. However if you can look past that, you can find yourself having a good time.

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