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So over-rated but it has a good storyline.
One of the most over-rated movie of last years. Rated as 30th best movie of all time? It can be in 150 but no more. Not that realistic (not because its comedy style, because it has wrong parts), detailed and effective storyline. It has wrong parts that could not happen, the nonsense parts I mean. I also watched Memories Of Murder, not so different than this movie, but Parasite is so over-rated. Over-rated on websites and Academy Awards. I don't know how can be this movie the first Best Picture winner with foreign language. I know the Best Picture awards are not quite very well chosen. But we have seen amazing tens of movies from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Germany but none of them won the Best Picture in 100 years and this one won? Not that amazing and the other nominations was not that bad. Academy Awards only well chosen on Actor and Actress awards.

Full Metal Jacket

Platoon is far beyond better than this. "Kubrick" name makes the movie more popular.
This is just a worse Vietnam version of The Human Condition Trilogy.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Visuals, Art Direction and Cinematography ARE AWESOME but...
...The storyline is not good as those things. The movie has some parts and the parts are not connecting to somewhere, most of the scenes not important at all. Actually ending is not even important. Just the Computer scenes are really good written. As I sad I don't like the storyline, not because the movie tells us the story so slow. It is a good style for this movie. Because there is no actual important, effective, deep storyline. But in the other hand I don't know why everyone talks Jurassic Park has so good VFX and Cinematography that keeps movie look like new. This one is far beyond of all of them. Really it is. Special Effects, Art Direction, Set Decoration and Cinematography are JUST SUBERB. Just watch for them and realize this movie will never get old.

Once Upon a Time in America

Has amazing potential but a waste of that potential.
In the series the characters and their connections are well written, it's so amazing. But some some of the actions of characters are nonsense at all. Really amazing potential but it has nonsense parts that ruines the movie. There is no character that we can be on his/her side.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Not like other ORIGINAL Counter-Strike games... Not even close...
When year 2000 there was no game like Counter-Strike... With it Graphics, SFX, game style and everything it was a revolution in multiplayer games, not in just FPS games. Imagine a game that actually is a mod of another big game but more popular... (I'm not saying better.) Counter-Strike: Source is also has amazing graphics and SFX. Most of the players don't like CSS weapon system, because it wasn't easy actually. I think Counter-Strike was better but also Source was quite good. Even if the game style doesn't suit you, you need to admit in 2004 this game was revolution too. After many years later this little improved Global Offensive came. Basically there was nothing to tell. Not even avarage graphics, SFXs are old, not even changed. This is basically just the CSS with CS weapon style with rank and online matching system. Before this game came out there was Battlefield 3 look at that, it has amazing graphics, so much better than this crap game. When the real Counter-Strike came there wasn't a Call Of Duty game. Actually 3 years later the first Call Of Duty game released. Some new-born players will say "Graphics not important in online game, you need FPS." so what about gameplay? Gameplay is also the same, not improved it just get easier. Good graphic with good optimization is possible like in CSS. We need a real Counter-Strike. Without Nexon, Hidden Path or something else. Just VALVE need to do it.


Somebody explain why this game has so many players while not a single soul likes it?
Just answer my question. Is this a TikTok of video-games? Everybody plays but also everybody says "It is so bad." then why so many players?

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

It is really amazing but it needs to get more updates to fix all problems.
First of all the game has one of the best combat and skill system. Imagine a game in 2006 and that game has a thing like if you are running fast, then when you swing your sword it will give extra damage to the enemy. Such a good idea and these combat details are making the game amazing. Character, skill and combat system is simply the best. In this game also Trading and Forging is really amazing. Trading also was in Warband but in this game it is so much better. Only problem is crashes, bugs, non-complete areas and most importantly low FPS, lag and stuttering. In the map the game always stuttering without any reason. In the big battles the game slows down for real. All loading screens are too long. After loading the scene the audio lagging. This game is seems like not big deal for a new CPU & GPU but actually it is. Warband was playable even with 30$ worth GPU. Okay time has changed and graphics are better. But please compare to The Witcher 3. The Witcher has better graphics, better textures and has THE OPEN WORLD. But that game runs faster than this. Armagan Yavuz sad "This game will be playable on a cheap but new laptop." but actually even on mid-range desktop systems it is not playable. Did he mean 20 FPS is playable? Because I get 20 FPS in Castle Battles with a 1000$ new PC. Or did he mean 1000$ worth PC is a cheap PC? This game has almost same FPS as RDR2, are you kidding? This game is amazing but there is actually not a d4mn reason to explain why this game stuttering and runs so slow. This is not Crysis, ARK or GTA IV. Please make this game better. As I sad amazing game, amazing idea, we don't have any game like this, this game is so important that's why we need to have a better and faster M&B II. If we don't play Battlefield V then we may can play a game from COD or Battlefield 1. But there is no any game like this please make it faster.

Kingdom of Heaven

There is not much sideless history movie in Hollywood. This is one of them.
Ridley Scott is a legendary director. It career starts with Alien and now he prepares for Gladiator 2, I see there is really good movies in his career. Also in this movie there is really good VFX, SFX, Cinematography, Editing. I'm a great fan of Lord Of The Rings but in this movie Orlando Bloom is a bit weak at acting I think.

Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim

Amazing love story.
This is one of the best movies in Turkey. Don't miss if you are looking for a Turkish movie.

Pulp Fiction

A good Tarantino movie. But it is not a bit cheap for a great movie.
This movie has good film editing and a really good storyline. This movie is really good but not a cult movie or a great movie. Everything is just clear. It has amazing style to tell the story. But the contents in the movies are really cheap.

It has some awkward scenes. They are cleaning the car in 30 minutes. Okey it brings realistic style but the whole movie is already realistic, no need to waste 30 minutes.

A Clockwork Orange

Boring, nonsense, awful and a perverted movie.
This movie is absolutely amazingly bad. Actually this movie even doesn't deserve any words. Except one: A W F U L

Kimi no na wa.

The Core of the Comet. So amazing perfect storyline.
⭐Screenplay: 96/100

⭐Visual Effects: 96/100

⭐Sound Effects: 95/100

⭐Original Scores: 92/100


"Remember me." Too amazing for an animation.
⭐Screenplay: 94/100

⭐Visual Effects: 92/100

⭐Sound Effects: 93/100

⭐Original Scores: 93/100


Too perfect for an animation.
⭐Screenplay: 91/100

⭐Visual Effects: 96/100

⭐Sound Effects: 92/100

⭐Original Scores: 85/100

Toy Story

The taste of this movie... Never gets old.
⭐Screenplay: 91/100

⭐Visual Effects: 96/100

⭐Sound Effects: 92/100

⭐Original Scores: 85/100


An amazing adventure animation.
⭐Screenplay: 92/100

⭐Visual Effects: 90/100

⭐Sound Effects: 92/100

⭐Original Scores: 95/100

The Lion King

I didn't watch the first one. I think intro and outro musics are awesome, others are not so good.
An amazing emotional, musical animation. I didn't watch the first one, I didn't compare. So this movie is really good for me. Visual effects are even better than they say.

⭐Screenplay: 91/100

⭐Visual Effects: 100/100

⭐Sound Effects: 94/100

⭐Original Scores: 93/100

Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

A real good Iranian movie. A seperate, sadly affects everything.
A really good and dramatic movie, one of the best foreign movies.

Babam ve Oglum

One of the most dramatic movies. You just can't find a movie like this in Turkey.
Amazing acting performance and an amazing storyline. Be sure about you watch this movie. This is the third best foreign movie ever for me. The best one is The Good, The Bad & The Ugly from Italians. The second best one is Pan's Labyrinth from Spaniards. Third one is this from Turks.

⭐Screenplay: 96/100

⭐Acting Performance: 97/100

⭐Film Editing: 86/100

⭐Cinematography: 92/100

⭐Sound Effects: 88/100

⭐Art Direction & Set Decoration: 91/100

⭐Original Scores: 95/100

⭐Makeup: 90/100

⭐Costume Design: 92/100

The Mandalorian

Not that amazing but a good Star Wars serie.
It is really good serie but not as the best 50th serie. Saying as a real old SW fan. This is just not another failure of modern Star Wars stories.


An over-rated Martin Scorsese movie again...
Don't even expect a fake Godfather. I'm saying this is just a good way to waste of time.

Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi

A really good crime, drama tv serie.
This is one of the good Turkish series. It has good complex story and it is worth to see absolutely.

Leyla ile Mecnun

A really good Turkish absurd comedy serie but absolutely not 10/10.
It is a good absurd comedy tv serie. It goes better every season but it is over-rated by Turkish people. Don't expect too much. There is not really deep story or something like that, just really good comedy with a little drama.

Kardes Payi

Just a bit more than an average comedy serie in Turkey.
Empty comedy story, nothing to tell. Turkey has good series but this is not one of them.

El laberinto del fauno

Amazing and really effective story. Can you hear the lullaby?
⭐⭐⭐Screenplay: 96/100

⭐⭐ Acting Performance: 91/100

⭐ Film Editing: 88/100

⭐⭐ Cinematography: 93/100

⭐⭐⭐Visual Effects: 95/100

⭐⭐⭐Sound Effects: 96/100

⭐⭐⭐Art Direction & Set Decoration: 98/100

⭐⭐⭐Original Scores: 97/100

⭐⭐⭐Makeup: 97/100

⭐⭐ Costume Design: 94/100


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