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  • the reviewer above is looking for Saturday morning cartoon comedy this is adult theme based.

    just saying...... not everything is south-park family guy humor in the world. .... humor is multidimensional. like people. humor / tragedy = life john is an amazing gifted actor and gives a great stage presentation and interpretation of events in his life...... good show...

    hope to see more of him on upcoming specials!

    Benny blanco from the Bronx xD classic stuff. I think many in the viewing arena can relate to his flight in life with family and the trials and tribulations that he has lived through.... the show was above and beyond..
  • script aside although not bad actually there's an excellent combination of horror themes of past but with a maniac we here are not familiar with. this movie is a continuous ride of horror madness and a certain uncertain unpredictable element that worked really well. the main star of the movie is usually the maniac killer for us but this guy gave us such a case of the creeps along with the whole cinematography theme at work that we found ourselves cheering for another whom just a few frames earlier we were definitely hating. like this movie is just filled with enough of a twist to keep it going strong maybe too much gore or violence for some since we noticed a couple walk out in shock but thats what we were hoping for a real good scary movie not the same old remake of the same old remake no sir no see no evil not at all... run and run fast or this guy will kill you for sure!