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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Great Movie, not so Great visuals
This film was almost 3 hours long and should have been longer... also should have been shorter, because we get to see some of the best Fighting scenes i have ever seen, and for me it was satisfying to watch because the last film gave this film permission to do so and i wanted to see more so the film should have been longer. i say this because the first film gave The desolation of smaug a perfect set up as the first Hobbit was at least 90% walking which means that in this film i was expecting more action, and i got what i wanted. The reason i think it was a bad thing to be expecting more from the film was because there was so much dialogue, and obviously i knew this would have happened but it took a way some of the impact and made the film longer than it should have been.

The acting in this film was superb because they all told a story on what their characters believe in, it was just fantastic and they all immersed me into the film. There are too many actors and actresses to congratulate.

I was not so lucky enough to see this film in 3D which for me and for many others was a terrible decision to make, because this kind of film is not made for 3D it is made for perfectly good 2D. what 3D did to the film was just make it blurry when the fight scenes came on, the film was also blurry in many other scenes. i recommend that anyone and everyone should watch this film but watch it in the perfect 2D screen (IMAX).

overall this film was great and satisfying, the film makes you want to watch the third and final one right after you have watched this film. i believe Peter Jackson has done himself well for making a very good movie.

The Dark Knight Rises

End of a Trilogy and legend
The Dark Knight Rises was an outstanding end to what has been the best trilogy I have ever seen.

The film to me sums up what the batman stands for, the belief that someone can turn their leaf and become better, the belief that the fear that posses a person can be be destroyed or even help that person rise. what Christopher Nolan has given us in The Dark Knight Rises is not a lazy movie, it's a movie that makes the audience think because for me i had to watch the film many times until i have fully understand what has happened, and isn't that what makes a good movie when we have to watch it again and again and again.

lets move on to the acting and the star man Christian Bale who again amazes me with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne, because even though we don't see a lot of the dark knight i personally am okay with that because i like seeing the real Bruce Wayne dealing with problems without the batman costume. another star man was Tom Hardy as Bane, "scary" yes, "intimidating" yes, "witty" yes and this list can go on. the thing that tipped it was that we can only see his eyes, to me he was only acting with his menacing eyes that just captivates any audience. Anne Hathaway as catwomen was a perfect cast as she brings the zing to the film, she's elegant and yet sexy at the same time, which was perfect casting. perfect casting all round including obviously Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake (robin).

The Dark Knight Rises give audiences nearly three hours of pure excitement, for me i wanted it to continue for another three hours, the film was so good i had to watch the next day because it had every element of what makes a good batman film, such as the villain (bane) because he was the physical match for batman not like the other phenomenal batman films which was more psychotic villains. a good love story that doesn't bore the audience and a great ending.

overall this was the ultimate ending to an ultimate trilogy which is a must watch. once again Christopher Nolan has done something special.

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