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Atlantis: Milo's Return

What an awful sequel! I've had my fairy share of bad sequels, but I mean this one just topped them all! Within the first few seconds I just knew it wasn't going to be good. Yanno, I decided to put it on after I watched the first one the night before mainly out of curiosity. And I regret that decision now. The script was sub par, full of one liners and an excess of slap stick humor. The plot itself was pretty weak, I understood it perfectly well, but the story didn't unfold as nicely. The animation was cheap, stiff, and not as nearly expressive as its predecessor. I feel like this movie wasn't taken as seriously as the first. It was like watching a marathon of bad scooby doo movies! Not to mention the female characters are significantly weakened. Remember how awesome Kida was? Kicking butt and also being a rad princess at the same time? Yeah no, not in this one because of course the guys had to come and save the day. The reason so many people love the first movie is because of its diverse characters and interesting story! Lets not forget the beautiful artwork, expressive animation, and fantastic diversity between all the characters. This movie way obviously a way to make a quick and easy buck off of the public. If you have any appreciation for the first film, just watch the first one and steer clear of this catastrophe of a movie.

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