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Unexpectedly Brilliant
This film has a European feel to it, taking a slow and methodical approach to unveiling both the story-line as well as the main character, David. At first I, too, was thinking "why are some parts so drawn out and slow" but then it dawned on me that these characteristics perfectly denote the life of the terminally ill, and ironically, David's life as he struggles with past issues.

Don't expect a happy, Hollywood ending - how can that be when dealing with end of life issues? No, this film is gritty and real and as close to reality as one can get. Having filmed movies myself - especially filming difficult, emotional scenes, I stand in awe of the cinematographer's stamina and excellent positioning. Unlike most movies these days, where the camera has to be right on top of each and every scene, in a voyeuristic way, instead what we have is demonstrated decency to give privacy to that which should be private (no spoiler here; you will understand my words when you come to that particular scene).

The portrayal of David, the main character, is spot on the mark. Throughout the film I wanted to jump into the frame and give him a long, loving hug. He stole my heart with his compassion while life showed precious little to him.

Truly one of my all time favorites now. The kind of film that one can pull new meaning from each time they watch it. Deep and significant: my heart is still aching, woke up several times during the night to reflect on the scenes. Wish I could personally thank the writer, the director and cast. Bravo!

The Keeping Hours

One of my all-time favorite films
The Keeping Hours speaks to me of the tortured healing process that everyone goes through after suffering a tragic loss. The main characters in this film portray believable characters; more importantly, this film invokes my total empathy for this couple as they come to grips with the loss of their son.

The last few scenes are the ones that I cherish - the haunting music, the pathos, the acceptance of what is and what has happened - I was so deeply moved and still to this day, I so appreciate the depth of this film and especially the redemption of the souls of the characters.

Bravo to the writer, ditto for the composer of the score. Job very well done. And thank you.

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