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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well here it is! PS3 Played version

    I was surprisingly impressed with what I played! There straight off - its a good game! Now why - well please read on!

    To start off with - the era. The untapped era between episodes 3 & 4! Its great. Its in a very dark time when the Empire is expanding and conquering. It tells the story of Darth Vaders secret apprentice - known only as 'Starkiller'. Most star wars fans will know the irony of that name - it being the original screenplay name for 'Skywalker', before Lucas changed it. - No starkiller is not related to Vader before anyone thinks it - its just a cool in-gag! Starkiller is a powerful force user, corrupted and sworn to Vader, in the hopes that Vader and his apprentice will overthrow the Emporer. But Starkiller must be kept secret and allow no one to know of his existence. So basically anyone sees you alive - must die!

    Whats great is the story. OK most of the story. There are let downs and I think the writers did forget to watch 'A New Hope' to tie some of it together! But on the whole its OK. The story of Starkiller hunting Jedi is quite simple, but where it gets interesting is the point where 'you decide your own destiny' - especially with the Sith betraying one another. Are you working for Vader, for yourself? Who's side are you on, who are you manipulating etc. Its great - I was never sure if it was all Starkillers own masterplan for himself against Vader and the emporer, was he legit, was he working for Vader!? Its great, with excellent cutscenes. Some parts players may seem far fetched and a bit of a let down with key characters, especially when the game ends. Your left thinking, "ok, that doesn't make sense, or wtf!?" There are a few of these moments in there, but enjoy. The Star Destroyer force level is great - albeit it could of been explained a little better - as I wasn't sure where I was going with it the first time round!

    Story 8/10 Vader discovers a boy with an incredible connection to the force. Secretly taking him into his charge, Vader trains the boy in the darkside of the force. Years later, Vader sends his apprentice 'starkiller' to hunt and destroy surviving members of the Jedi Knights. Starkillers loyalties are divided for his feelings for his pilot 'Juno Eclipse', and his new friends. The Rebel Alliance is beginning to be born and Starkiller must decide where his fate lays - with the treacherous Sith or the growing band of freedom fighter, and the last of the Jedi.

    Graphics 9/10 Awesome. Really made excellent use of the next gen abilities. The levels are alive. Your character looks amazing. The saber looks great, the cutscenes are fantastic. The destructive environments are cool.

    Sounds 10/10 Perfect star wars music throughout, from episodes 1-6, plus a whole load of new tracks. The sabers, blasters etc are all perfectly spot on. The voice acting is very good. Darth Vaders is a little dodgy, but listen to Palpatine - its almost perfect. Starkiller is well done.

    Gameplay 8/10 Fun to walk around, blasting, electrocuting, throwing, sabering enemies about. Sadly its more fun to do it when your more powered up, so first time through when your not so powerful its not quite as much fun, - but fun none-the less. The parts where you can slice an ATST vertically in two is great, and you can take on Rancors with a little more ease - the way you would think Sidious, Dooku, Vader, Mual etc would if they were there. None of this crazy ridiculous enemies. The boss fights are challenging and require varying tactics and powers, making them more fun. One little let down is with the games selling point. You can blast your way through doors etc. This would be cooler than it is, if you had a choice. If you had 3 options to progress say - eg 1) slice the door, 2) blast the door or 3) open the door. This would be a lot more fun. But seeing as you can only blast it open, its no different than opening, you still go the same way regardless - so it just a fancy gimmick.

    Replay Value 5/10 I have completed this on 2 difficulty levels and only missing 1 or 2 orbs on each level. All the training missions are done and Im powered right up. Apart from going back and walking through each level again and slaughtering troopers - which is fun, there is nothing new to unlock etc. I can play with new saber colours (green, blue, red, yellow, purple, gold) and new costumes, but the same basic game I completed twice will still be there. So much to bring me back.

    Overall 8/10 This is worth buying, though for its game type it would always have a short lifespan. But the time you invest in playing and the shear fun of blasting enemies through walls, slicing ATSTs in half, duelling with Vader and Darth Maul (yes thats right) and being a Sith lord and the good story, its a worthy game to play. Don't expect to be playing this in weeks to come thinking there will be something new - as once you seen all there is, thats everything! But to return to a galaxy far far away, - and with Vader, the Empire as the villains again - it was great - like visiting old friends - and blasting them through walls before frying them!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I hate this game! I have just completed it and will NEVER play it again! I have been robbed of several hours of my life. Its the most all over the place, repetitive trash I have ever had the misfortune of playing. Now I played it on the PS3 version and this sadly sucked big time. First thing I want to address - is the PS3s horrible sucky six axis control system in this game - both PS3 and game are as guilty as one another here - this system in so many key spots of the game makes it a complete nightmare - because the controls don't work - there is a less than 50% chance of it responding or responding in time - and the number of times i messed it up and it did it anyway???? Why? Instead of giving the option to press a,b,x,y, up, down etc as you would get on xbox version - no - your stuck with this. PS3 tried to emulate the Wii and messed it up - and Ultimate Alliance using it every damn opportunity and if u fail its game over and u have to go back do it again! The Galactus level this is incredibly annoying!

    The characters - they are awful - they throw a load in, and you think cool - but no - there are so many because they are mainly rubbish and you have to work through them to find ones that actually stand up in a fight! The rest are pointless and less known, some you have to earn - which is OK - and some fan favourites ie spiderman are awful! Ironman can barely do anything - get the AI to land him on the level and not on a hole would be nice! Hulk isn't even in it, nor is Punisher! Half the potential cast is made up of X-men - but i played X-men Legends already!

    The graphics are bad - the cutscenes are awesome - but the game - the camera jumps about, they are so distant and when you zoom in - its pointless as can't see anything around you. Half the time you lose sight of the character you are, you can get stuck on invisible walls, or boxed in by your team mates and be stuck! The audio is annoying, same several tracks over and over! The Voice acting is rubbish - spiderman sounding like a weeny 12 yr old, the Thor guy sounding annoying! agh!!!

    The story is OK - with Dr Doom taking over the world, but it goes off very random to try to explore everywhere in Marvel universe - but so many characters, costumes, points etc - you can never get enough expensive points to get everyone you need! Some levels you can't go back to! The bosses are OK - they were more fun - especially where you had to use environment against them ie the Krakken - but sadly it happens all at once and you can't get a good look about to discover what you need when your being thumped whilst still laying on floor! The boss fights are too few and far between - you think with the number of heroes in this against their sheer army of enemeies - they could appear more often!

    There is no replay value - it was a cheap cash in, I will avoid the sequel! Shame as X-men Legends was good fun! Shame this went so badly wrong! This game sucks
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first of the 13rh series was an OK slasher/who done it! The second - oh its the boy Jason - risen from the grave to avenge his mother! From here on Jason wields a hockey mask and kills and and gets killed to be returned from the gave in more and more silly, crazy and yet fun horror ways to keep the audience coming back for more! The concept of the originals point of view killings to not know who was the murderer was kept in use for well into the 5th or 6th movie - despite we all knew it was Jason!! Who is Jason - a 7ft, hockey mask wearing, unstoppable, mass murdering, undead nutter! He kills and kills and then finally is stopped - then a running gag - he always comes back!!! It was fun - not great but fun horror!

    Then this came along - Jason is taken out within the first few minutes, then a possession story starts! Peoplee become possessed by Jason! So no hockey masked man - just ordinary people looking evil. - How boring is that - If I want to watch that - I will watch Law and Order!! The story of Jasons long lost heir and them being the only one to stop him - ripped straight from Freddy 6. That film gave freddy a fairwell in style - it was fun - not joe bloggs with a freddy glove!

    If i remember rightly the only high point was when in last few minutes of film - Jason finally comes back - with new mask!! and then is beaten - and the Freddy glove rises from hell and pulls his mask to hell - paving the way for the 2003 film - Freddy vs Jason! - Which I might add was a great film compared to the last individual outings of said characters!!

    Overall this film sucked! The next one Jason X - was dumb - but was more fun than this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well to sum this game in a word - BAD! I shouldn't have been expecting much with a game based on a TV series - but had anyone from the series been involved this may have been OK!

    I was hoping for a more GTA feel set through the current 4 series' and maybe even an additional medium of telling more story ala Matrix Game! But no - instead of walking anywhere u want, maybe borrowing Hurleys VW, go hunting, find stuff, join or fight the others and so much more they could of done, they failed.

    You play an amnesiac passenger of Oceanic Flight 815, - no one seen yet from the show. You slowly learn your ID etc in a very short and pointless story. You interact with a select few of the survivors, with some of the worst voice acting ever! Locke annoys you loads, Jack is just a hate monger, Sayid is spot on, Sawyer is a cliché redneck who is annoying. Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Mr Echo are nowhere and the surviving 40 + from the show become a surviver amount of 8 people!

    Graphics: 9/10 To be fair to the game - the graphics are good. The characters look the business, the Island is very well rendered. This looks spot on.

    Sounds & Music: 4 Though the music is crisp - it uses the same repetitive piano theme all the way through, which is the same as the show, it becomes very annoying. The Lost Theme - fails to make it in. The audio of voice acting is bad - it is so clearly not the main cast. Though Desmond, Ben and Sun do make it in - they are so underused and in it for mear seconds its hardly worth mentioning!

    Game Play: 2 The controls are horrible and very jumpy. There is a constant delay between commands. The game style is broken into 8 'Episodes' which is the same thing over and over - Flashback which involves a photo, quick puzzle, find something or run from it, then end of episode. Its boring. The constant 'Previously on Lost' bits are annoying, you can die so easily and have to re watch the cut scenes which you cannot skip!

    Replay Value: 0 Once you work your way through this, and finally complete it - with its horrible and pointless end sequence, there is nothing to go back for. No different ways to do the game, the extras are so small and rubbish you will almost guarantee to pick everything up first time - ie it tells you what to photograph! Once finished- which with dedicated play will last you a day! There are complicated puzzles involving setting the right amount of volts to a juncture. Its easy at first because it gives you an indication of the amount of volts. Later it doesn't and with the shear number of bolts to use - its a nightmare. Its not tough but annoying - cos it could be anything!!

    Summary This game sucks! Don't buy it or play it. If it used any other game type it would of been a decent game - but no it went with the Men in Black style and sucks!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have bought this on PS2, and I am sadly disappointed with what I have purchased. I thought the first Vice City ruled. So the thought of having another go with new missions etc would be fantastic! But no.

    The first thing I noticed was the glitch level was beyond a joke. The no of times walls would appear out of thin air, or would render into my car and I would be stuck etc was just pathetic programming.

    The story was rubbish - the guy who gets kicked out of the army, wants to be a nice guy but goes on a blood killing spree and drug selling etc - its like wtf? Tommy Vercetti was a cold blooded killing nut job and so it was justifiable to do what he did. But Vick Vance - was rubbish and hypocritical! Lance Vance - he deserves a whole section - yes the annoying guy who annoys you and eventually betrays you in Vice City - giving you the pleasure of blowing him away - is back - this is a prequel! And he is more annoying than ever. Every mission you do for/with him - is awful. Its tedious, stupidly hard and he is more annoying than ever. You want your character to shoot him.

    The fact that when you bring a vehicle to a mission, then the mission starts and your vehicle is gone is very very annoying, especially when there is a timer and your stuck driving some rubbish car. The good ones hardly show unlike the original! The turning and breaks and impacts etc are shoddy and all over the place.

    The one decent thing in this which is an extension of the turf wars in San Andreas is the empire building. You build on sites various criminal organisations etc. That was fun to do and build them all into thriving drug cartels etc and defending your turf was great. It took vice city's assetts and san andreas's turfs and mixed them together. this was a good point for this pile of S**t.

    The Police have been cranked up even worse. They are everywhere and I mean everywhere. Sometimes the city is deserted except for police. Gangs attack you and the police come after you! You can get stars in seconds! I went from 1 to 4 by only scraping a police bike and trying to get to a star (which are badly hidden about and almost impossible to get to in emergency. They should of fixed the police AI and even had them going after gangs etc too. I walked out my front door and was attacked by bikers, I defended - but as soon as I did - I got 2 stars and endless cops chasing, ramming into me and running me over! If you want to play a decent Vice City game - just go back to 2002's quality original. This one is lame. I spent more time shouting and chucking the CD around every time one of the many glitches or stupid thing beyond your control happen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off I played this on Game Cube not Wii - so whether the experience differs from the consoles and Wii's unique control system would make it better is unknown.

    Graphically this is average. I saw horrible near 90 degree angle and sharp corners on cliff edges and desending into almost flat 3D areas. Link looks much better looking more like he did in Ocarina of Time, along with Zelda and other returning characters. But it still did not look as good as it could have. The unique cell shading of Wind Waker looked superb and rounded - despite not the right look for Zelda.

    The music and sounds were very lackluster - usually one of the best elements of Zelda - with the standard Zelda music not even making an appearance - least until the end of the credits. The music was a mishmash of old Zelda 3 and Ocarina Music - which I think is just lazy. The sounds were average - but nothing I didn't hear on N64 nearly 10 years ago.

    The Gameplay was just about the same as Ocarina - meaning good right? Wrong - the Game Cube version's Z Targeting is atrocious. It looses lock on at vital moments unlike Ocarinas brilliant targeting! The use of weapons was stuff that we have seen prior and was identical - so good! The use of the Horse was a step up from Ocarina - with on horse combat and several on horse battles - including with the final battle with Gannon. There was proper sword play - and assuming on Wii would be better - but I found this fun. Enemies who parry, block and counter - making it like a proper fight with some enemies.

    The look of Hyrule is OK - but could of looked more like the classic Hyrule of Ocarina - even with the expansion of the land size.

    My biggest gripe with this game is actually one of the main things in it - the wolf and Twighlight stuff. Whenever getting transformed into the wolf and having that annoying creature riding you and constantly chatting and taking the Link literally out of the game. Later you can swap but have to resort to the wolf to solve certain parts. I really disliked this element and removing it and making a more Ocarina/ Windwaker / Zelda 3 style game would of made this a whole lot better.

    The Story was very confusing and never had the real threat the other Zelda games had and this King Zant character was just rubbish - the programmers almost threw Gannon in at the end to almost save it. And soon as he arrives and the annoying character who is with you is kicked out and you team with Zelda - it picks up straight away.

    The classic side quests felt almost missed - yes they are there - but not so blatant as the others that you really have to go out of your way to get them and they don't feel like they contribute much to the overall quest unlike other Zelda games where they all added up to good reward that proved helpful later in game. These didn't. I bought the magic armour and never used it - not once - just a waste. Costumes of old had a part to play or contributed - like the red shirt in Ocarina made you heat resitant - this was just a waste.

    Longitivity - I sadly don't feel the need to play this game again. After the stupidly long ending credits - there was nothing- the so called story didn't tie up and did't show much conclusion or resolution and worst of all no ending sequence making no worthwhile reward for your hard work. Then you can't save at the end to get a status or chance to gain 100% after. I like games with stats to tell you % of game completed etc to know how well you do.

    I think Nintendo really let their greatest franchise down with this - maybe they rushed it to get it out for the Wii - considering Zelda was largely ignored on Cube for stupid Mario games - this was a sad let down. Maybe the Wii version is better - but on game Cube this was a sad let down to perhaps a let down console that showed so much potential.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I played the demo that came with the DVD Star Wars Trilogy and found it dull. Then when I saw it on discount I decided to buy it anyway. I could not of been more wrong! This game is fantastic. Its even better if you love paint ball! Starwars Battlefront is a 1st/3rd person shooter set in the star wars universe from episodes 1 - 6. You can fight in familiar locations then nick a x-wing or trade federation fighter or tank and use it to pummel the enemy, then land and fight on to win the command posts.

    No overall storyline as just about anyone is familiar with the star wars story line, and you can play this story in 'Historic Battle Mode'. This is where you basically play galactic civil war (4-6) or Clone Wars (1-3). You start from being the Trade Federattion killing gungans (what a great level!!!) to playing Rebel soldiers destroying shield generator on Endor. The missions are always the same with some variants - capture enemy command posts and defend yours. Sounds repetitive? Far from it, you always need new tactics and strategies as well as work with your units available - from blaster trooper, pilot, rocket-launcher trooper, sniper and specialist. Each of the 4 playable factions (Separatists, Republic, Rebels and Empire)have own ships and tanks for you to climb into and steal from the enemy! There is so much to do and concentrate on, you really feel like your in the battle!

    The paint ball feel is quality, defend, capture or annihilate enemy. You need to capture more command posts to improve your positions on one of the many maps - from Tatooine to Geonoise (which is my favourite level). You need them to bring in your reinforcements to smash theirs, so this means you could have a good handle on the battle then very quickly take a hammering and they can switch to the lead!

    Then there is the multi player ability, play with your mates or go head to head over net. This is brilliant, co op or versus. One downside is the Xbox should have the 4 player mates team play but only has 2 like PS2.

    This games has great graphics, sounds, excellent game play and most important of all amazing replay value, you want to keep coming back to conquer in new and better ways. I recommend this game highly.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What to say with this game? It is without doubt the most ridiculous and stupid thing ever - and I played Men in Black on PS1. To look at it - graphics are superb - crisp, sharp and perfectly rendered. The cut scenes are one of the best I have seen in a game for a long time. But any true gamer knows, graphics mean zero to how good a game is - their not a factor - some of the best and hardest games are from old school - Amstrads, Sprectums, Commodores etc. They didn't have decent graphics even for their age. Its game play, game play game play - that makes a game. Anyone who has played Elite and Frontier will know - low graphics - High game play. Ninja Gaiden has none of it. Within a few hours of it I had realised I wasted my money. But was determined to finish it and least get access to the classy original. First and one of the most annoying elements in the game is the camera angles - they are awful. They randomly jump around, not fixed behind (considering it is a 3rd person game), and no depth perception making it very difficult to judge distances. Not having the right thumb stick as a camera control which would eliminate this, they have gone for center camera with trigger. This makes it hard when camera is wobbling all over the place in a critical fight and you have to keep tapping it. The enemies start of fantastic - being a ninja game - fighting ninjas. Then as you progress you move onto soldiers with rifles - again good. The soldiers gradually harden with rocket launchers etc. Then suddenly the soldiers and counter your blocks, grapple you every 2 seconds and slice your pointless energy bar down in a few hits. It gets worse - you start fighting so called zombies with swords for arms, who can infinitely keep re spawning. The main way to combat them is to use the counter attack when parrying - if this actually works - you could spend a stupid amount of time on them. Then there are bats, dragons, mini choppers - but the one I hate and find the most annoying and stupid is - The Ghostly Fish. Fish that infinitely re spawn, that can home in on you and have thousands attacking you in a split second, you would be lucky to hit them and when you don't the counter - and your dead. With a save point system in uses where save points appear hardly ever or grouped within inches of each other when you don't need them.

    The games difficulty is also a factor, it is extremely hard, and not hard where its a challenge, like first person shooters (red faction, doom3 et al) its impossibly hard, I swear through glitches and the crazy random camera I have fluked through some of the weird jumps and wall running with fire spouting at you etc. Enemies that go form being vulnerable to invulnerable within a hit, the re spawning enemies, being out numbered 50:1 etc.

    This game has all the factors I find poor in a game. There is no real challenge as you are in the AI's hands to whether it will beat you. You can execute every move and magic at your disposal, parry, dodge, jump and then - glitch and your dead. It was clearly meant to be a eye feast to boast the Xbox's graphics and main game play has been forgotten. Its a game a refuse to return and play again for the sheer anger factor it brings up. There is no replay value in this game.

    Its a shame really because you could see where the programmers were going, but something happened and made it this game? If a bit more attention to game play had gone it then this would be a superb game. But as it is - it fails miserably. With a sequel apparently on the way, I honestly hope these horrible flaws can be fixed. A few suggestions would be get rid of ghost fish, if not how how having killer vindaloo beasts or any other crazy things?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Knights of the Old Republic was a fantastic game, I have played and completed dozens of times, trying to see different ways to end the game, to see how evil or good you can make your character! It was the very reason I bought and Xbox. When I hear about no 2, after the dynamic and exciting events of the first one, thinking it will carry on. I saw the first reviews and previews, saying it was called the Sith Lords. A surviving band of Sith Lords have wiped the Jedi to extinction - similar to Episode 3. I buy it in its opening weekend. After an hour or so playing... I was bored silly. This time you were to start as a Jedi Knight who had followed original character Darth Revan to war against the Mandalorians. Your character had decided not to join Revan and Malak as Sith Lords and returned to the Jedi - where you are stripped of your powers and lighstaber. You spend hours of the first part with a strange old women and sword. When you finally get some force powers and a lightsaber -which I constructed by chance, if I had gone to another planet, I'm not sure I would of got it. Eventually you form a band of characters which are no where near as good or interesting as the originals. There is short and brief back stories to some, and other ones who are completely pointless and thrown in for numbers - like a floating interigator droid. You can coerce and even train others into the force as Jedi or Sith depending on your path which was a good thing, but executed badly. Too many characters and too short a game to expand this properly. When the main story is underway and you know what you must do, it kinda picks up and then destroys itself with a strange twist thats dull and boring. Eventually you and your ragtag mates go to a planet that was the final battle in the Mandalorian war. Where you face off against the main Sith Lords. Here is where it was sooooo bad! There were 2 great looking and interesting characters, who could of done a great master and apprentice. One was robed and mysterious and masked, the other was young, scarred and extremely powerful and psychotic. They were never expanded upon or even the main villain. They just showed up and you fight them and they die. The real villain is not a surprise or twist, its just annoying and a let down of a disappointing sequel. The end sequence has to be the worst I have ever seen in a game, it explains or ties up nothing. The music is truly dreadful and like another review I have read - is too sinister for Starwars. The game is stodgy and takes ages to load up different areas or menus. It was a dreadful let down in all respects. How you can go far wrong from such a superior original is frightening. I hope if they make a third installment - they correct this. This game only fuels my theory that Jedi are rubbish, that the Sith seem to forever kill and win over Jedi and one lucky lucky Jedi has the dying edge to seem to win. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, if you want to play another Knights of the Old Republic - play the first one again. Its superior in everyway - as Batman is over Batman & Robin.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Superman 4 the quest for peace?? OK the premise had potential - Superman saving the world for Nuclear disaster. If anyone who has read the Graphic Novel 'The Dark Knight Returns', will know that Superman does indeed save the world from nuclear destruction as Batman faces off finally against Joker. So Superman doing this and an escaped Lex Luther trying to make money from re arming the world has merit.

    But it is completely wrong! Lex Luther suddenly develops a unique talent for genetic engineering to grow a man from the sun. The films most funny point is its endless use of the same shot of Christopher Reeve superimposed flying towards the screen. When you monitor it, you see how often it comes up you start yelling "use another shot"!

    The funniest thing is Nuclear man played by the legendary Mark Pillow! He flies, he growls, he has retractable finger nails and is dubbed with Gene Hackmans voice! He looks like he is wearing a black nappy with bondage gear on! I think the growling is dubbed too. He is supposed to be as hot as the sun (floor melts under him) but when he kidnaps Mariel Hemmingway she doesn't melt in his arms or die from being flown through deep space by Pillow! This was just stupid, she looks down at the Earth from the Moon! What the hell????

    The whole film is just stupid, Hackman and Reeve just look bored and thinking of the money they will make! The flying scenes just look pathetic as seen when Superman takes Lois flying! Its soooo bad! The only saving grace is when Superman is clearing up the destruction left behind by Nuclear Man, not bad like the Mount Vesuvius eruption!

    Mark Pillow should join the legendary Dan 'The Man' Haggerty as he is so bad he is good! Superman Returns should be a return to form!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Joseph Merhi continues his week movies with a spin off from his legendary Film 'Repo Jake' Starring Dan Haggerty! This film is his take on Shaft. A so called tough, maverick cop who breaks the rules in his bad attitude way, takes on the LA underworld to get back some stolen diamonds. Returning to the screen is the legendary Dan Haggerty as 'Chances' best friend and former partner 'Zach', who is a closet drinker, feigning that he has gone straight. Haggerty reprises his role as a repo man working for K and K autos (the same repo company he worked for in Repo Jake). He steals a car which coincidently has the hidden stolen diamonds. This soon throws Zach in the firing range. But anyone who has seen Repo Jake, knows Haggerty is not easily defeated. They threaten his wife, his career and him, but he re-teams with Chance to take down the bad guys - Merhi Style.

    Joining the duo is another Chance character who will take on the evil might that is Roger Rod.

    Thisn film is really bad, from the tediously long introduction of the diamond heist and the security guard who seems to have smidgen 3 packets in less than 10 mins. Then the awful effects and fighting scenes with Chance trying to impersonate Shaft with such lines as "your momma". This really is a Repo Jake spin off, containing the blatant same sets, clothes and action. The cover of Repo, is taken from this film! It does not live up to the quality of Repo Jake, mainly because it side lines the legend himself - Dan Haggerty. It is very funny, with bad acting, bad lighting, editing, you name it - its wrong, but this is what makes it so funny. Watch and enjoy the badness in all it glory! The end is what makes this film in the funniest and stupidest freeze frame you will ever see after the climatic showdown (i say this biting my tongue). Haggerty is still the man, but nothing beats Jake!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is hysterically funny, but not once during the entire film does leading man Dan 'the man' Haggerty pick up a shot gun (as illustrated on the box) or anything other than a sauce-pan to eat some soup in the most pointless scene ever! There is no super sonic action (as described on the synopsis). The film plods along as Jake steals cars in the most strangest and funniest ways, eg holding onto car bonnets and taking a drive around a car park. But within these pointless and uneventful scenes, the bad acting, filming, lighting -and well just about everything in it, it is hysterically funny. As I once heard a comment "Nothing beats Jake"!

    It is a cult classic, for being so rubbish its funny. Dan Haggerty should have a continued career doing such films as this and other parody types - "Bicentenial Dan" or "being Dan Haggerty". A star is born. Hail Dan and his magnificent beard. Watch this film in its unholy glory and enjoy the worst the film industry can offer and laugh at the funniest film ever made!!!

    AN 18 certificate for this?? The bbfc took one look at box and rated it, despite it would pass for a PG - 12 quite easily! DO ENJOY!