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Good Girls

My kind of Power Puff girls
I didn't catch up to this show until Season 3 and I can't believe I waited so long to watch it. So funny, smart and a real honest look at what a lot of moms go through. This show is different because it brings the drama with a side of crime which is surprisingly the least of their worries! The chemistry is terrific with all the castmates and I love Christina Hendrix in this and I can't believe she hasn't been nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe. The music is really good especially the French stuff. Don't sleep on this show because it's really a great escape. Good for you CBS!

Resident Alien

Thank the Lord for Alan Tudyk
The gods have given us a brief respite with Resident Alien. The Syfy channel has once again given us a fantastic science fiction story that is both funny and smart, I hope SyFy has learned its lesson of not cancelling shows prematurely with this one ( like The Expanse, Caprica, The Magicians, Warehouse 13, call me sometime, I miss you ). Alan needs to win all the awards, because he is excellent at every job he does. The cast chemistry is amazing (please noone die!) and the music is out of this world good. An extraterrestrial disguised as a doctor on earth is the type of masked marauder we earthlings don't deserve but he's the one we've got. This show is a much watch. Please Please for Season 2.

Wrong Turn

It's been awhile
I haven't watched a good jump scare /hill people horror movie in awhile and this did it! It was scary because it could be true. The action, gore and pacing were on point and I always love a kick-ass heroine. Nice to see Matthew Modine ageing like fine wine. The ending was Aplus.


My favorite La femme Nikita story
Yes, this is an old story of a troubled girl who gets a second chance by becoming a reluctant assassin but this version is my favorite. The fight scenes are fantastic as is the action. The actress is beautiful and does a great job switching personalities as she does outfits. The men are handsome and Helen Mirren as always does a great job as boss lady. It's a shame this movie didn't do better. The ending made it seem like it there could have been a sequel but I doubt there will be.


Does Jared know he's not a sidekick anymore?
I am in episode 7 of Walker and oh boy. I think maybe it was too soon for Jared to be a leading man, he clearly misses being in the 3 Musketeers of what was the g.o.a.t of Supernatural. He's uneasy, emotional and unsure where he belongs in Walker. Genevieve, does her best to be supportive on the show but it still falls flat. The stories,action and fighting are boring and predictable, nothing like the glory that is Chuck Norris. Why didn't Jared meet Chuck at the dojo and make him his Walker Sensei? What a missed opportunity! I appreciate the multicultural cast and I love Molly Hagan and Mitch Pileggi as Walkers parents and that cutie Matt Barr as his frenemy. This show needs to STEP IT UP if it's going to survive.

I Care a Lot

When did IMBD reviewers become so angry??
I hesitated watching this movie but I'm glad I did. Ms. Pike did a great job playing a morally corrupt conwoman but I feel the rest of the actors were under used. I needed Santanico Pandemonium (Eiza González) to be more kickass less sidekick. I was WAITING for America's favorite Avon lady the amazing Dianne Wiest to come in for the smackdown with the assistance of Peter Dinklage and Chris Messina who are both delicious to look at. This movie had promise but it seemed more of a spotlight movie to get Rosamund Pike nominated for this year's award season instead of a collaboration with such a good cast. As for the moral of the story: The world has sharks, learn to swim and look out for the ones you love. The End

The Witcher

Fun Fantasy Adventure
This is such a fun show, I hope to have it for at least 5 seasons. I love the mismatch of timelines and they don't baby us in getting us to keep up. I love that all the actors have chemistry and sentiment is not wasted on supporting characters who sometimes don't have enough of a storyline to care what happens to them. The humor comes in at the right time and the fight scenes are exquisite. I appreciate that they include women in the fights as well as giving them positions of power. The monsters are terrifying, fun and creative. I never got a chance to read the novels but I hope the OG readers have not been disappointed by this live action retelling. I've re-watched the show multiple times and I can't wait to watch more! If you loved the movie Willow, you will love this.

Wonder Woman 1984

It's not the 80's without the cheese
I would have given this an 8 but the ratings have been terrible here so I wanted to help. If you are a fan of the eighties you would know it was all about the cheese! The outfits, jokes and special effects (I hope!). If you like the eighties ironically (you wear metal band shirts but can't name the band members or you think neon pink leggings came out 5 years ago) then you won't get it. The homage to Teen Witch (Dr. Minerva's before and after outfits) the Breakin' Shabbadu (RIP) outfit that Steve wears brought back fun memories. The villains and storyline gelled perfectly and left me wondering if we will be seeing Barbara again. I loved seeing two accomplished women with different styles and great chemistry. I especially laughed when a "boy" gets between their friendship! The star crossed love story made me cry. The special effects could have been one of two things: the COVID disallowed any finishing touches or it was again a shoutout to the times. The message was clear, there are no shortcuts, the theme was on point with the current climate( insta-famous anyone?) . The great thing about comics and comic books was that through everything (super villains', evil gods, etc..) is that it taught kids that good always prevails and to aspire to greatness against all odds. With great power comes great responsibility and when good people do nothing evil prevails, if you are a true comics fan none of this is new. Superman wasn't allowed shortcuts even though he could have easily dominated his football team, Batman wouldn't be the greatest masked crusader of all time if he was helicoptered out the pit by Alfred, why are we giving WW84 a hard time about the same message?

Black Bear

Two scenarios one outcome
I gave it a 7 because I was impressed seeing Aubrey Plaza play dramatic and unhinged instead of her usual straight face comedies. I would have liked to have seen a more traditional horror ending (bloody death, torture or at least disembowelment) especially after such a build up, it seemed like the writer/director was almost too afraid to show how things would have actually ended given the situation(s) (see above endings). I wouldn't recommend this as a horror date movie night unless you like the awkward feeling of being caught in the middle of a couples fight.

Beverly Hills, 90210

90's teen drama at its finest
90210 was a place where 8th graders like me thought high school would be: We would all have a car at 16, we would have a hangout spot to eat and dance with no parental supervision and that there would be lots of DRAMA!! 90210 has the campiness of Dynasty mixed with 80's after school specials and more guest stars than the Love Boat! Watch it for the love triangles, the cool outfits, hair bangs and it's fun to see where a lot of actors had early roles. Also the seasons of BB and AB (before Brenda 8/10 and after Brenda 6/10) are like watching two different shows with the same name. Luke Perry will always be a dreamboat. In real life, that was not my high school experience, although we did have a Subway across the street to hang out at senior year.

Tiny Pretty Things

If you listen to the haters you'll miss out on all the fun
If you are on the fence based on the love it or hate it reviews ask yourself this, Do you like beautiful, sexy people? Do you like capers? Do you like murder mysteries involving beautiful, sexy people who can DANCE? If you answered yes to 2 out of 3, then this show is for you. Unfortunately, because of lack of funds in Art programs in public schools the days of finding triple threat talent ( dance, sing, act) are diamonds in the rough but the soap opera style drama and the actual dancing more than makes up for the acting which seems to improve as the episodes go on. The cinematography was excellent, the color schemes and music choices were also something to appreciate. It was nice to see the diverse cast get solo dance performances and storylines. Anyone who is offended by "teenagers" having too much sex on TV needs to make space on the large soap box as to why adults are always portraying teenagers on "teen" dramas anyway (Andrea Zuckerman anyone?).


Stephen Dorff at his best
This was a great father son story. It almost seemed like even Stephen Dorff who is always great at playing villains had trouble grappling with the disgusting choices his character makes as a father in this film. The son played by Darren Mann does an excellent job playing a stoic son and I always love seeing Elizabeth Reaser and Donald Faison on screen. Shout-out to Karruche who also did an excellent job. This is a great movie to watch if you liked the show Kingdom with Frank Grillo.

Elizabeth Harvest

1. Did Claire over time make Elizabeth smarter each time causing the doctor to turn over everything to her over fear? Or 2. The doctor realizing that he would never stop murdering Elizabeth created a clone that would stop him? 3. When the cab drops off Claire, the entrance is short space with a wall. However, when "awake" Elizabeth leaves, it's a wide open space. Was a Elizabeth a simulation and everyone was living in a hologram? 4. Why didn't Elizabeth kill Claire? (Which goes back to my 1st question) I really enjoyed this movie and will probably watch it again


Boy Drama at its best
This show was so good, how it went 3 seasons under the radar is beyond me. Jonathan Tucker, a phenomenal performance as Jay, Frank Grillo's Alvey was incredible. Everyone on the show did a great job. Why wasn't anyone nominated for an Emmy is anyone's guess. The writing was so amazing that some scenes seemed like it was just adlibs between the characters because the chemistry between them is undeniable. I'm so glad Netflix picked it up and hopefully will be motivated to allow a season 4. Don't sleep on this show, you will not be disappointed.


7 only because Dave Bautista brought it
The jokes came way too late, the action was good and Dave Bautista really committed to his role and his acting has improved.

Legado en los huesos

Slower than the first but still suspenseful
This is the second story of a trilogy ( I didn't read the books), I liked the first and this movie went deeper in family history and the towns past. I would have like to see more of the love triangle between "work" husband and actual husband, they are both cute and she has chemistry with both. Still spooky but the murders seemed more methodical and purposeful in the first movie. I will be waiting for the third installment.

The Kitchen

Classic gangster tale
A classic tale of climbing up in the world of mobsters and crime. I wonder if the others reviewers would have given better ratings if it was about a coming of age boys tale. The violence was good, great dialogue and I liked seeing the comediennes take on serious characters.


Modern Greek Tragedy
All smart, all excellent acting and all heartbreaking. I'm sad it didn't do better at the theaters.

Child's Play

Good time up on an old classic
The doll was creepy , good job on that, story line fun and I loved real kid actors playing real kid roles and of course, the jumps and scares were done just right.


Sexy with good gore
The actors were all sexy, the gore was appropriate and sufficient. The story, meh. Shot well.

Fast Color

Good story
Nice origin story but slow pace. Excellent acting per the ush with this great cast


Fun but highly improbable
If you are not from Florida you would find this believable but for the rest of us, this movie gets a lot of passes for the likelihood of surviving a "swarm" of Gators. 1. Florida has no basements (crawl space, yes, full on basement, no) 2. One cannot survive so many gator bites, let alone still swim, or walk. 3. One does not walk away from gator rolls. Like ever. This movie was a lot of fun and the jumps scares were great

On My Block

Heck yeah
This show was so great! Coming of age done right, brava to Sierra Capri who killed it in her 1st acting role. Goonies meets Boys in the Hood meets Breakfast Club meets Friday and the music is top notch. I'm going to need more than 10 episodes for season 2 . Rollerworld lives!!!!

The Christmas Chronicles

New Christmas Classic
This should be aired on regular T.V. ,it's so good, funny and really tapped into what Christmas is all about even in 2018.Not one cell phone or tablet on sight, just pure magic and good tidings. Kurt Russell as always is the best actor in every film role and genre and Darby steals the show with her commitment to her role as Kate. Shout-out to Russell's real fam cameo's. Merry Christmas to all!


Sexy Saturday watch
People are sexy, plot lines are medium level believable. Netflix would do well investing in more supernatural/mythical storylines because I like it! Elsa Pataky played a fun villain sashaying about as she murders people.The 2 brown people made a quick entrance/exit and lots of people from Spartacus are in it (Gannicus, I'm looking at you sweet face) Given the many characters I thought the writers gave everyone enough to do and I liked how many of the male characters were in the "damsal in distress" roles. This is a fun Saturday watch and I do look forward to a Season 2.

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