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Red Tails

This might not be the best film I have ever watched; but this film is certainly watchable. Actually the film's success is almost 100% based on extremely explosive action sequences. Specially those air to ground attacks some air to air combats are so perfect and totally mind blowing. But other than that the film contains no interesting scenes. Most actors are not doing their parts as they should have done. I really expect more from actors in their level. Most of the times they acts are so unrealistic. Ex-The soldier who smoke a pipe doesn't really know how to smoke a pipe. He certainly shows he is amateur at it. The love story in this film could have been more romantic than this. Anyway this film didn't bore me to dead. All I am saying is that this film could have been better.

The Marine 3: Homefront

Good but not the best
This is a good movie. But I have seen better. In fact I have expected a much better movies in the beginning. Some parts are so unrealistic. I mean would a trained federal agent let his team into a death trap and sit watching his crew get killed and doing nothing? That is just one example. There were few more. Anyway action sequences are good. Overall the film is not boring. It is totally watchable. The villein is not that bad after all. Finally he let the girl go. Maybe he has fallen love with her. I am still trying to figure out that move. The main character is well built. The actor is doing a great job and proves he can act. But some characters are not so lucky. As for an example the sheriff has nothing to do in a situation where his county and people are in a dangerous situation. He must have given more chances. Anyway I enjoyed watching this movie.

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