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I don't understand
How anyone gave this movie a good rating. It got 4 1/2 stars on Amazon. Boring, tedious, bad acting, bad dialogue.


Don't waste your time on this one
Ridiculous. nothing about this movie is believable. A lot of really good people but that's about the only positive thing to day about it.

The Fare

Excellent and surprising
Had no idea what to really expect but the movie description seemed interesting. I loved it. Parts made me almost cry.

I See You

Couldn't watch more than 30 minutes
I wanted to like it. I've always liked Helen Hunt and Jon Tenney. Seemed interesting by the description. I turned it off after about 30 minutes. I really couldn't get past the fact that Helen's face had either had too much plastic surgery, or they used CGI to smooth out every conture of her face. I read later what the movie is about. It's not what you think. I appreciate movies with twists and turns but this was a dud.

The Hurricane Heist

Don't waste your time
One of the worst made, most ridiculous movies ever. So bad there are no accurate words to describe it. It was't even bad in a good way kind of movie. If I could rate it less than a zero, i would.


Entertaining if not somewhat predictable
Goldie Hawn was great. Nice to see her in a serious role. John Heard was excellent!. It is one that you will figure everything out before it happens but it was entertaining anyway.

I Am Number Four

It had promise but it just left me with a feeling I wasted 2 hours of my life. Did anyone else think the dog was Sam's dad?

Tank 432

Do not waste your time.
I agree with most of the other reviewers on here. Boring, pointless, total crap. Some of the acting was decent but I didn't find anything else redeemable about it.


Kept me on the edge of my seat
I did love it but I think the hype was a bit much like a lot of other reviewers. One critics review said it was the scariest ever and that some people had to turn it off. That I did not experience. But it was suspenseful and had some good scares. I still recommend it. The young lady who played the lead did an excellent job. Actually all the child actors were really good.


One of the best! A must see if you haven't
Excellent all the way around from acting to story line, and dialog. It has everything.!


Feels like a movie that wasn't finished
Promising and weird. It just feels like there could have been at least another hour to explain it all. It just kind of ends. Disappointed.


I refuse to divulge any spoilers here. I hat when people do that. Is it perfect, no, very few movies are but this is an excellent film. It will tear you up if you have any feelings at all.

La maison des secrets

Please do not waste your time
Bad acting, except for the old man in the wheelchair! Seemed like a bad movie you'd catch on a Saturday afternoon because you have absolutely nothing else to do. That's about the only time I would recommend watching this. Or if you confined to a hospital bed with no remote in sight and you have no choice but to watch it.


Really boring at first but hang in there...
I'll say it had a nice twist. Some of the acting was so-so. Yes the kids are whiny and annoying but considering what they were going through, understandable. I gave up on it twice until I finally finished it. I would recommend it overall.

Thor: Ragnarok

Loved it!
I absolutely love the humor in the Avengers movies and this one didn't disappoint. Love the unnamed guest star playing Loki in the "play". If you enjoy the Marvel Avengers movies, you will love it.

China Moon

I love this movie except for one thing
To me, the ending was like they didn't know how to end the story, so lets just kill them. But Ed Harris is wonderful and so sexy in this movie. I've watched it many times! The rest of the cast is great as well.

The Adderall Diaries

Could have been better
Great cast! Story was uneven and quite frankly boring at times. I'll watch Ed Harris in anything.

Jack Reacher

Love it!
I know Tom Cruise is a bit of a kook in real life. But I really enjoy his action movies. This is one of the best. A classic action movie, no CGI, great acting and love the humor in it! Highly recommend.

The Signal

A great underrated movie!
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Is it perfect, no. Love the misdirection. Kept my interest throughout.

Book Club

Loved It!
The women were fantastic and the writing was great! Had so many laughs. But the best part is Don Johnson and Andy Garcia have only gotten hotter with age.

Ég man þig

My random pick on Netflix and what a find it was! Filmed beautifully. It was heartbreaking. It wasn't filled with cheap scares. Highly recommend.

Oceans Rising

Can't tell you how bad it really is...turned it off after 10 minutes
One of the worst movies I've ever tried to watch. Everyone involved in making this movie should pay anyone who attempted to watch it. And a handsome reward for anyone who actually watched it all the way through.

Dead Awake

Forgot the whole thing as soon as it was over
Bad acting, bad dialogue. Had some good scary moments but not enough for a full length movie. Please don't waste your time with it.


I wanted to like it but...
It had some scary moments but once Robert Englund's character started explaining what was going on, I lost all interest.


Not a horror movie but a good drama none the less
The acting was excellent especially the young lead actress. I would not categorize it as a horror movie. A good solid drama. If you are looking for an action packed movie, this is not it. I would still recommend it.

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