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Sister Wives

Weird to Wonderful
It took me at least one season of shows to make the leap from feeling disgusted to being as accepting of the Brown Family as they are of each other and the rest of us, too. I think that there are many life and marital lessons to be learned by watching the Browns and I wish I had been exposed to them before getting married myself. I'd have saved myself a world of heartache.

The women are strong and determined, each in her own right. Kody is upbeat, accommodating, respectful, and capable of making very tough decisions in the best interest of the family.

The family members are completely open and accepting of freedom of choice when it comes to religion, sexual orientation, lives, and life styles. I appreciate their acceptance - which is different from tolerance - of others.

I have become very fond of this family and appreciate that they put themselves out there as they have. I have read comments of people discussing same sex marriage and write, "the next thing will be polygamy." If that means choosing the life modeled by the Browns, I say live and let live and make it legal. This is a healthy, loving, united family which serves as a great model for all of us, and if we all lived by their moral standards and convictions, the world would be a much better place.

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