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Meet the Deedles

Family style comedy includes Paul Walker & other great cast members
"Meet the Deedles" is a relatively unknown film with Paul Walker in a lead role early in his career. My kids and I enjoyed watching this movie together several times when they were young (ten and under). A lighthearted family comedy, it's both silly and sweet, with a number of memorable funny phrases that still make us laugh over ten years later.

"Meet the Deedles" includes positive messages about taking responsibility for yourself, learning to be independent, having goals, working hard, and being close with family. While it may not be Academy Award material, "Meet the Deedles" has a certain simplicity and innocence that is refreshing--including a happy ending, which is really nice for a change.

While still feeling shocked and saddened by Paul Walker's recent death at such a young age, I am thankful for his contribution to this film and hope more people will now watch and enjoy it.

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