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Absolute Proof

Compelling Information
Mike Lindell has challenged the owners of the machines to go on national TV and prove him wrong. They have NOT sued him and refuse to come forward and dispute his claims.

The movie has some compelling evidence which no one has actually PROVEN to be wrong. Why not?


Interference: Democracy at Risk

We need to put a limit on the amount that any one candidate can receive.

We need to do something about Dorsey, Zuckerberg and Google and their communist views is going against our Constitution. The way they limit what they don't agree with must stop.

The swamp runs deep and needs to be drained. Both parties make me sick.

Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons

No bad doctors?
Just one of the many things I learned from this documentary is Dr Steve is a BAD doctor. He is a quack.

Uncle Tom

Everyone needs to see this doc.
This is a very honest film. You get The history of the Democrat and the Republican parties.

You will learn how you have been LIED to. Everything you thought you knew is upside down. That Democrat is a Republican? All this time I thought they cared about people. They only care about one thing and it ain't you!

Filmed in gritty black and white, it strikes a nerve no matter if you have an Uncle Tom or are an Uncle Tom, but you will learn about Uncle Tom.

I highly recommend this film to learn about how the KKK came about and how Barack Obama got elected- that just may surprise you. xo

One Nation Under Trump

Reviews here made me change my vote!!!
When people call other people the awful names that some of these reviewers are calling someone they never met tells you a lot about who THEY are!

So, you can thank theses terrible name calling reviews for this Independent casting my vote for Trump! Play nice otherwise it just may blow up in your face! PS I was going to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Uncivil War: Battle for America

No wonder Hillary lost
After watching this it's clear why he won. Even with the media against him, he still dominated. She tried to paint him as nasty, but she was even nastier.

I think he was the first person to describe Hillary for exactly what she is and what she has done. Her 30 plus years in the government is really why he won.

Neither pulled any punches, everyone knew what they would get with Hillary and I guess they were sick of the same old tired game. An outsider put the insider away for a change. People got sick of other countries robbing and running over the USA.

American Idol: The Search for a Superstar: American Idol -- This Is Me (Part #1)
Episode 11, Season 18

If Arthur Gunn doesn't take this home (all the way to winning this season) I will never watch Idol again. Yep, he's THAT good, not good- GREAT. Absolutely love this guy!

Time Is Art: Synchronicity and the Collective Dream

Échos and weird crazy spaced out sound effects, electronica music with her reading poetry like words.

It's difficult to take this seriously with all the strange happenings (like when she's walking backwards and the spinning camera shots)

CBS News Sunday Morning

Jim Acosta is a 50 year old BULLY
He has a sense of entitlement and thought he could push around a White House press staffer, who was only trying to do her job. I guess he thinks his arrogance is justified and it's okay to push women around. What a JERK!

Reverend Death

Not a documentary- just an opinion piece.
This film is full of nut jobs. Especially The woman who's made it a business.

The other nutty professor is the guy who said that when George was on the phone that he got sexual satisfaction from helping people die. However, HE was worse than George! When the filmmaker told the nutty professor that it was a hoax, he squirmed like a worm on the head of a pin. Where's HIS integrity?!

Finally, everyone is a hypocrite- they seem to really like to talk about each other behind their back, even the filmmaker.

A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House

Completely staged. Ignore the high ratings- they either are connected with the film or complete morons. Do NOT recommend.

Do Something, The Jeffrey Modell Story

Truly inspiring
Get the tissues ready! This couple has done so much for so many. They kept fighting for children and babies that were yet to be born. Yes, Jeffrey would be proud.

Having said all that, what happened to their daughter? We don't learn her fate, which is heartbreaking. Did she live or was she simply forgotten?

Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

The question is...
Wow would these two wanna be artists feel if someone taped them and then made money off of their intimate moments? They actually think they had the right to exploit these poor people. It's certainly one thing to do it when you're fresh out of college, but it speaks to the character, or lack there of, to continue when they are now aging grown men!

Will they ever understand that this film exposes THEM for what they really are?

Shag Harbour UFO Incident

Silly-skip this mess
First off, we hear insults about how North American's don't know the difference between a "sugar hunger and hunger". And they don't want their story to become a joke, like Roswell. lol

Then there's the flashing text on the screen, and effects that's supposed to make us think of bygone days, not to mention the cartoon drawings depicting what allegedly happened in October 1967.

If you want people to take you seriously, then you owe them a serious presentation. This was a JOKE and difficult to believe.

House Hunters International: Baby Girl Meets Orvieto
Episode 6, Season 134

Seems scripted
I'm starting to think these house hunter shows are predetermined and scripted.

The mom in this episode was another ANNOYING house hunter. There was no pleasing her. Getting fed up with the fakeness.

House Hunters International: More or Less in Puerto Morelos
Episode 6, Season 132

Horrible people
All this couple did was brag about how much stuff they had and how big their house was. But it seems they couldn't come up with the rent money to live in the house they wanted. Couldn't they make their mortgage payment either? Cheap skates all the was. Skip this ANNOYING couple/episode

Fear Thy Neighbor: Rural Madness
Episode 8, Season 6

Evil around every corner
Sheila had the worst neighbors ever they tormented that poor woman until finally they murdered her. They all showed their true colors during the interviews-they made me sick. Every single one of them are guilty of murder. I hope they can live with themselves after the way they behaved. They made that poor woman's life pure hell.

Now ALL OF THEM must live with the knowledge of what mean and hateful souls they are. They need to be locked away before they kill another neighbor.

What's more, I doubt that he acted alone. Effing evil beings- I cannot bring myself to call them humans- clearly they are the devil incarnate.

Finally I would like to know why this predator stripped her of her dignity by taking her clothes off??? Who else was there when she was robbed of the last bit of respectability she had left? Hum... I hope her family and friends can find the peace they she now has. RIP Sheila- I, for one would have loved to have you for my neighbor. XO

McMillions: Episode 3
Episode 3, Season 1

They're ALL pure as the driven snow!!!
Gloria and Robin two despicable women. Robin is a dangerous mobster.

Gloria wants us to BELIEVE she didn't realize what she was getting into. Yet she collected the money and wants us to think she innocent. Guess what, NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU OR THINKS YOU DIDN'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO. What a joke!

Miracles in Action

WHY didn't any of David's seven brothers and sisters, or mother and father help him when he was released from jail before the murder? The police didn't "set him up for failure", his family did!

I Am a Killer: In Her Hands
Episode 1, Season 2

Psycho LIAR
Don't be fooled. She is nothing but a jealous psychopathic fraudster.

She wants you to believe that she's a good person, yet she murdered this young man that she knew less than 4 weeks! She transferred hate from her previous relationship on Robbie.

She walked out on her son at least twice - which is probably fortunate for him.

She's a danger to society and thinks she can fool everyone, just like she's fooling Robbie's mother, but according to the producers, the rest of his family thinks his mother has her own agenda. A bunch of crackpots if you ask me. Poor Robbie ran into a killer and it cost him his life.

I Am a Killer: Something Hideous
Episode 10, Season 2

Never let him out!
He would be ill prepared for life on the outside. Joey Murphy wouldn't be an asset to the community, but at least Joey shows remorse and has the blessings of his victim's family.

Tony couldn't even be truthful- the parole board is trained in such matters. And NO way does Johnny Moore want thé murderer out.

What happened to the 2 women who helped Williams? -subtracting points for this omission.

I Am a Killer: Crossing the Line
Episode 8, Season 2

Too many LIES and inconsistencies in her story!
She couldn't get her story straight even 10 years after the fact.

During the producer's follow up visit we learn that she withheld key facts in the first interview. For example, she had gone to the victim's apartment on at least two occasions -she even spent the night with him, but in her first interview she led us to believe that it was their first date and said she had no idea where she was going-the victim was driving and she thought they were going out to eat and grew weary, claiming she didn't know where they were going. Also, she made a deal at the liquor store to "go on a date" if he gave her alcohol using a fake ID- she knew exactly what she was doing- she was not some innocent girl she tried to portray herself as.

However, after she was presented with the tape recorder (which was in conflict with her previous statements) she says "that person that was there wasn't me, I was taking so many drugs and alcohol...". We also learn that she knew that the victim received over $2K from income tax refund and she had gone there to rob him- she had stolen his wallet (she left that part out too) and when he tried to stop her she sprayed him with bullets and stole his car and used his credit cards to buy gasoline! She then drove to her cousin's house (the same person who got her the gun a few days earlier). Why didn't she call 911? Why did she hide? WHY ALL THE LIES?

I'm sorry, but she's right where she belongs. She can now take the time and reflect and maybe, just maybe she will straighten out, grow up and stop with her criminal activities.

Her preacher mother tried to play the race card and WHERE the hell was she during all the alleged attacks against her daughter?

I Am a Killer: Pyro Joe
Episode 6, Season 2

If anyone deserves a second chance, it's Joseph Murphy. What he lived through was horrific and heartbreaking.

I couldn't help but have sympathy for him and was pulling for him to get off death row. He truly seems remorseful and grateful that someone finally cared enough to treat him like a person and not a piece of garbage.

I Am a Killer: Trapped
Episode 4, Season 2

She's a Psychopath
Cold calculated murderer. Hope she NEVER gets out.

How she forced her children to bury their own father is unspeakable. I didn't believe a word she said and her daughter confirmed my thinking. She said that Linda has told so many lies that she doesn't know what the truth is anymore and EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HERSELF.

I Am a Killer: Overkill
Episode 2, Season 2

Absolutely heartbreaking.
David's story brought me to tears.

This poor kid was kicked around his whole life. Sexually abused and mistreated- moved from place to place. No body looked out for him, nobody.

As for the predator and pedophile's best friend, who claims he knew the creep for 29 years -WHY DIDN'T HE KNOW? Is HE a pedophile too? Another worthless pos who has no backbone when it comes to children, yet he can say that when he gave the eulogy .

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