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The Hateful Eight (2015)

Great Movie With a Suspenseful Drama-Action by Quentin Tarantino This is my first time writing a review on IMDb, One thing that i'm gonna say is, Tarantino did it again. this is just like. Reservoir Dogs with a different setting & era, and also so much better than that if you ask me. Unfortunately, there is so many people here who hated and bad criticize this great masterpiece. They said this is a boring movie, dude, i think you're not that kind of a man who loves a long drama movie with an unexpected action in it, you're just that kind of a man who loves a blow up action movie with so many things get burned in it. And again, they said this is a pointless movie, boy, if you said something like that, it means you didn't get the story aren't ya?! You guys don't have to mind what haters say about this, just ignore them, start to watch and I'm sure you gonna love this Quentin's new masterpiece, highly recommended from me, very worth the money of a ticket And by the way, this is an update for my top 5 favorite Tarantino's movie after watching this: 1.Pulp Fiction 2.The Hateful Eight 3.Django Unchained 4.Reservoir Dogs 5.Inglourious Basterds