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Awesome show, screw the haters!
I really liked the show and where it went there are certain parts where certain people lack at acting! but not many parts! i really thought this show was going to suck bad because of the reviews and how many people hated on it but i got to say it's not bad! I like cheers diffidently better but its still a Fantastic show! Michael richards was one of the best in Kirstie and i am pretty shocked that i gave him another chance after what he did, but he seemed pretty sincere about his apology also everyone deserves a second chance there is still stuff i regret doing that i wish i could take back , but no matter what i cant, i kind of feel for the guy, so i guess it was a good choice giving him another chance and this show a chance Rhea perlman Was also one of the funniest i think her and Michael were my favorite and Kirstie and the other dude were my least favorite in the show , but at some parts they were funny all in all i think the show is kick ass when you're sober or high on some good sticky bud yea dig

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