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The Da Vinci Code

It's a great movie on its own. The criticism is unfounded.
I've read the book and then watched the movie. The problem with all the flack that has been generated is that it's compared to the book far too closely. One cannot compare the two so strictly because they are two separate mediums. Though the movie is based on the book, it cannot follow it exactly; the movie would loose its interest otherwise. And I'm sure most realize this, but seldom is there a separation of the book and movie when one watches it. I too felt the difficulty of appreciating the movie without criticizing its divergence from the book, but the important thing is that the spirit and general plot IS conserved. And in this case the movie holds to both. If you see the film through as a viewer (and not a reader turn viewer), you'll find that it's a great mystery that keeps you interested throughout. The 2.5hours wasn't even noticeable; it seemed like the normal length.

There are only two things that I found negative about the film. The first was that I felt that the theories put forth lacked a little substantiation. That is, a little more proof/evidence to solidify the ideas, even if it's a work of fiction. Secondly, and this is more personal, I would have liked to have seen the Grail had actually been released, and the truth be known. This applies, obviously, to both the book and the movie. To expand upon the consequences would have been quite interesting in my opinion because it would go straight to the heart of the nature of faith.

The book is great, its attention to detail and all the information provided meshes so well that it seemed impossible that the story/theory were not true. The movie is also great; it has all the elements of a top rate mystery and holds you till the end. The story is compelling, striking and gripping. Remember, the spirit of the book is what's most important when watching the film after reading the book.


Meh...not real good
The idea was good. time travel is always a compelling subject. but the execution here was missed by a long shot. the acting, first off, was difficult to stomach. especially the part where Sarah, the FBI agent, tries to disarm the bomb strapped to the bus driver. the movie may be just under an hour and a half, but there's about 30 to 40 minutes of actually storytelling. there are a bunch of scenes that get dragged on for so long that it seems like its just filler. this happens in other movie too, but here it's just un-entertaining. there are holes in the plot, the main being if the device brings back anyone in contact, why don't the bullets in the persons body or chairs they touch or whatever go along for the ride, but the clothes do? gimme a break. The only good thing from this flick was Vinnie Jones, although it a similar character to Bullet-Tooth-Tony and company, it's still odd. Sean Austin tries to pull-off the irreverent genius type, but it comes of as over acting. Watch it if it's free, otherwise you mite be disappointed.


A beautiful Quebec cinematic pearl
This is such a beautiful movie to experience. You feel for the character, Zac, on a gut level. Marc-André is exceedingly convincing and the father, Gervais, is quite the bitter pill, thus a phenomenal performance by Michel. This is a wonderful story about a boy who is a little confused with his identity and unappreciated in the family frame; save for his mother, who only wants the best for him. Although the basis for the friction between father and son is the lad's homosexuality, the situation and emotions are entirely transposable and many sons can identify with Zac. You wish with all your might that the dad comes to his senses, even at the earliest of ages, and loves his son without any reservations. There is very little wrong with this movie, except that a scene or two may have been stretched out longer than needed; but who am I to criticize the artistic intentions of the filmmakers. This is a great addition to the recent phenomenal Quebec works, "Les invasions barbares" (The Barbarians Invasion) and "La grande séduction" (Seducing Doctor Lewis). I sincerely hope this movie will be nominated at the Genies, Cannes, Golden Globes and Oscars and any other worthy event.


It has a great ending, completely unpredictable. It is very twisted that someone actually thought this up, very original; commendable... or committable. It reminds me of Se7en, though not as good. Se7en has a lot more research involved, in keeping with the whole deadly sins; Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are beyond reproached. Saw is completely original ideas, however based solidly on the concept of peoples apathy and lack of respect for their own lives. The actors here past mustard and the story is what drives the film, but being second to Se7en is still excellent. Innovated death scenarios keep you interested and prevent the usual boredom and monotony that accompany films like theses. Takes place mostly in two or three sets, but it doesn't diminish it in anyway. Cinematography reflects the mood to tee, that is deranged, twisted, psychotic, panic and primal. Anyway, very pleased, all story and no fluff.

The Upside of Anger

Structure and character driven.
This was a very surprising movie. The entire plot was solely character driven and very well structured. Each aspect of the main characters reflect a believable emotional role in a family; how a mother's reaction to a traumatic event shapes the behaviours of the daughters and boyfriend. The character progression is structured in that the consequences are numerous and unique to an individual but remain logical. You could watch the movie 50 times and still be able to point out parallels, both in the individual plots of the stars as well as visual cues. The cinematography is seamless and compliments the emotion of the scene and cinematic progression of the movie. Pleasantly and surprisingly funny at times, the humour is quality; good comedy, and not just for a drama. Also heartfelt throughout, the lives that this film chronicles leaves me believing that this may have happened and I can empathise wholly. In addition to being well structured, the coda of the movie is unpredictable, ending on a happy note; though its arrival was a surprise. It remains me of "American Beauty", though the latter I find to be superior; it is truth about the presentation of a family's emotional state.

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