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Altered Carbon

Fairly dire adaptation of a decent book
The first season was blighted by fairly awful casting. Zero chemistry between the leads. Extended flashback scenes in both seasons only served to completely derail the main narrative and stymie any excitement that they might have accidentally created. The book Altered Carbon is pretty good (it's sequels less so) but this adaptation seemed more concerned with pretty visual effects than actually telling the story or giving us even vaguely likable characters.


Nicely made docu-drama
Whether you believe the story or not, this well made docu-drama presents the Knock apparition in its historical context and explains what it meant to those at the time and believers now. It's not a particularly preachy film and let's the details speak for themselves. Certainly worth a watch if you're going to visit Knock.

Rim of the World

Imagine the Goonies written by a talentless writer, with added aliens. The film has zero charm, 90% terrible dialogue and tiresome characters. It's like Independence Day with a lower IQ. No, I didn't think that was possible either

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