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  • This has got to be the koolest game ever!!! EVER!!!!!!! I loved the other 2 ones b4 this one but this one totally blew them away. It is so much more like actually fighting than in the other 2. When i first got this game when it came out I played it every chance i got. I got so pale every1 thought i went goth because i stayed in soo long. Even though i've gotten every1 in the game including cell jrs and saibamen, and I've gotten 98% of all the capsules i still play dragon arena sometimes and practice against the computer set on very hard. There is no one in the state of PA that can beat me at this game i am unstoppable. And also this game KIKS!!!!!!!!
  • This movie was the best I have ever seen. I've always loved all the other original Alien and Predator movies, and to see them together on screen is just the best thing ever. Sure it's a bit confusing in the beginning but it all comes together soon enough. Also the ending is so awesome I just wish that it never ends but it ends in a good way at least. The Predators weapons were changed a little bit but I'd say that the weapons look cooler in this movie. The Aliens are so cool in this movie, in all their other movies the Aliens are always moving all mechanic's and stuff but in this movie they look real and move real. This movie is just so great I can't even express in words how i feel about this movie. I've watched at least once a week since its come out on DVD. I don't care if other people say this is a bad movie, all i no is that aliens and predators together is the best idea for a movie ever and I really hope that there will be a second one coming out soon.