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Not Bad, but not good
After a friend goes missing when they were on a travel as young girls Pipa become a policewoman obsessed with finding the missing friend. Well, it´s not a bad movie, but it´s not good in my opinion. Story goes goes back and forth sometimes in a confuse way. The plot is interesting, but sometimes the acting is not very good. Also even with all the twists in the story the ending is predictable. It´s ok to watch, but not one that you will remember for long time.


Another Good Spanish Movie
I have been discovering the Spanish films, and i have been positively surprised. This is a great thriller , suspense from the beginning till the end, amazing twists on the plot, the actors are really good and perform well.

Everything start with a couple in an adultery relationship, on a weekend getaway everything start to go wrong on their way. It seems no matter what they try to do to cover the last mistake makes everything worst.

I recommend to watch this movie, this is one of those movies that you can´t press the pause button, you must keep watching until the end.

very good.

Talon Falls

Four Kids on a Road Trip That goes wrong
A story many times told, Kids , road trip, passing small town , taking the irony against locals too far and... This is the kind of movie who see a lot, small changes on the plot, but there are a lot like this one. Too bad the plost is not the best in this case, the actors, well they can scream but not much more. On the other hand you have to wonder with a pile of that bodies like you see in this movie , where are the authoroties? Yes is a movie, but have some logical on the movie. And of course the cliches, i believe everybody could guess the last minutes of the movie. Let´s face it, the movie is bad and knowing how it´s going to end make it worst. But it´s an horror movie and i just have to watch it. What can i do, sucker for horror movies, even bad ones.

Pet Sematary

Liked, not much surprises, but good to watch
Trying to run away from the rush of a big city a couple arrives in a small town with two kids and a cat. soon they discover that they just not bought a house but also a lot of land and some secrets. I like this movie, even if that´s not much surprises in the story it´s nice to see and time flies watching it. Of course there are always the same turns and cliches, but the acting is good, the story follows a good sequence. So i recomended , if you nlike the style watch it.

The Possession of Hannah Grace

Good movie, pitty the story is predictable.
Everything starts with a exorcism that goes wrong. A few weeks later an ex cop , Megan starts a new night job in a morgue from an hospital, on her first night she receives the corps of a young woman. I like this kind of movies, and in this one i liked how the PLL Shay Mitchell performs. In my opinion the movie is good , but like in many other movies you don´t get surprised anymore, there are a few cliches that is taking the fun of some movies, i would like to see a surprise, a uauuuu . But still nice movie, you can enjoy it, and if you like the genre just watch it.

The Neighbor

Movie in slow motion without surprises
Mike is a middle age man , when new neighbors arrive he starts to feel interested in Jenna. When Jenna tells him that Scott the husband get´s out of control sometimes Mike feels the need to to something about it. Well this is a disappointing movie, there are no surprises, no suspense, no twists nothing. And the worst is looks like all the movie is in slow motion, everything goes really slowly . It´s not for sure a movie worth of your time, if you don´t see it you won´t loose anything.


Bad movie, ans Stallone looks like a zombie.
Well , just watched in the cinema and i´m crying for my money. What a crap of movie, really bad, story , acting, uau, what do they think when they do a movie like this. And Stallone, what is this? He´s the hero? Of course once Rambo always Rambo. When he comes on scene, after second word we are just praying that he shuts up and next scene comes, really bad. Don´t waste your money and time watching this.

7 Guardians of the Tomb

Weak movie, who are the 7 guardians?
A group of people goes to rescue two missing employees of a pharmaceutical. This is a weak movie, one of the most important things you can say with a movie like this is that you have to be patient and brave to watch it until the end. Well I was, but on the end I just felt like I lost 90 minutes of my life. The plot is confuse, who are the guardians? The acting is what it is , with dialogues like this you can´t do much about it. Even the guy that was supposed to be funny is far from it. I´m disappointed to see the beautiful an amazing Li Bingbing take part of this. On the end I just say that if you did not see this don´t waste your time on it, you will not be sorry that you didn´t see this movie.


Good idea, not good movie.
When a student, Ben, inherit a strange box from his dead father he seeks help from friends and from one teacher to find out more about the box. Suddenly his friends start to die mysteriously.

Nice killings voodoo style, but some times the sequence of the story was strange and the acting in my opinion is not that good. On the beginning my suspicions about the killer went in a very different way, and that´s a good thing , you want to get surprised when you watch a movie..

My opinion it´s an ok movie.

Tomorrow Is Forever

Very good drama, very emotional.
After one year of marriage John (Orson Welles) decides to alist and goes to Europe to fight on the war against the will of his wife Elizabeth (Claudette Colbert). When he is listed as dead she must have their baby and start a new life with another man.

This is a very good movie both Claudette and Orson are amazing in this movie, when you watch this movie you can´t look away for a second, you´re always wondering witch way go the story goes. Very emotional movie , this movie will keep your eyes on the screen wondering where the story takes you. I found myself in their place thinking how would i react in that situation, would the reason win or would i decide with the heart.

Good movie , just watch it.

Hell Fest

It´s party time, It´s Hell Fest festival time.
It´s party time, It´s Hell Fest festival time. A group of friends decide to have the night of their lives and get VIP tickets to Hell Fest. What was supposed to be a great night turns into a hell night when a masked serial killer starts hunting them down. Soon instead of having fun they are fighting for their lives. I like horror movies, since I can remember sci-fi and horror it´s my kind of movies. It´s a nice scenario, the park looks good and fun, good for a horror movie. But it´s really starting to get bored and disappointed to watch over and over the same thing , the only thing that changes is the where it happens. It´s cliché after cliché , you know what is going to happen before it happens . Please if you put the bad guy down just finishing for good instead of start running as soon he is down, come on. For once when the bad guy is shot , stabbed , ran over, whatever let him die , how the hell does he or she always come back alive and kicking. that´s not a surprise anymore, not even scary, you know that he comes back no matter what. I never can´t stop myself to go and watch horror movies, but there is no more surprise, no more emotion , you always can guess what is going to happen before it does.


Sometimes you get a surprise, good movie.
Radius is a ok sci fi thriller, it´s not great but it´s nice to watch. There some spins along the story that helps to keep you in suspense. A man wakes up and has no memory only to find projecting a field that kills everything alive near him. He tries to get away from everybody but son meats a woman that blocks his field, so along as they near each other he will not kill anything. After a while their memory start to slowly comeback and everything unfolds from there The story is ok, different , actors do ok and along the film come some surprises that takes the story to directions that you where not expecting. On the end in my opinion you watch a nice movie.


It´s ok to watch and enjoy it.
Leonard is a spoiled playboy who everything, money, a lot of women and no respect for anyone. Kate has a hard life , works delivering pizzas, in a cleaning company and studies to be a nurse, if that is not enough she has 3 daughters to take care. After they first meat he treats her really bad , so when he goes overboard and finds himself with amnesia she and her boss friend make a plan to payback. Typical romance/comedy story , nothing new there , but the acting is good and even if it´s not my favorite type of movies I found myself having a nice time watching this movie, Faris and Longoria are very good here but Eugenio Derbez is the best, funny enough and makes the movie nice to watch. So yes, typical movie of romance, but good to watch and spend a nice 100 minutes.

Jeepers Creepers 3

Really Disappointing
A group force tries to finally take down the Creepers monster when he comes back 23 years after the last appearance. Let me start by saying that I like the first Jeepers Creepers , it´s my kind of movie, I know it´s a lot of horror clichés and so on, but I like this kind of movies. Then I watched the second and I did like it also. So when I saw that number 3 is out I was interested and wishing to see it. Well what a disappointment, this is a bad movie, really bad, the story is confused, the sequence sometimes is strange, and even the Creeper acts strange if you compare with the first two movies. I´m sorry to see that they ruin the series and please don´t do another. Waste of time watching this.


Supernatural Horror in a OK Movie
Nastya travels with the husband to a rural village in Russia to meet his sister. After she gets there she starts suspecting that something is wrong and starts witnessing sinister and unusual things.

Well like i said that's an OK movie, i like the plot, the actors do a good job but sometimes the movie like jumps from scene to scene in a strange way. With a better sequence on some scenes the movie in my opinion could be worth of a 7/8 stars. And of course, i like horror but is getting boring when the movies finish always in the same way, you're already expecting for that ending. It would be nice to be surprised with the movie ending.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

That's a good Horror movie
I'm happy whit this one, unexpected story.

Father and son are both coroners and work together , one night the son is leaving to spend sometime with the girlfriend when the sheriff arrives with a body of a woman. The son decides to stay and help the father on the autopsy.

Well this one is different , is a good story, and creepy enough to keep you alert during all the movie. If you like horror then you have to see this one. Movies like this are in my opinion really good, not a mega production but when you watch it it keeps in interest all the way and on the end you feel good because you spend a good 85 minutes watching something good. Just watch it!!!


It's an OK movie , nice to watch but....
The plot is the normal on this movies, a secret project to turn man on super soldiers is shut down and the mentor of this project finds himself with superpowers and wants to rule the world.

This movie has good ingredients to be a good movie, superheroes, fight scenes, nice girls , action, i only gave it 6 stars because sometimes to me it seems like the acting was not at the best, it didn't look natural, look mechanized , if the dialogues where more fluid then the movie would be better.

So , the Russian avengers is a good movie to see and hope it will get better on the sequel.

The Light Between Oceans

I'm not a drama person, But this movie is amazing.
After the war Tom applies to a job as a lighthouse keeper in a deserted island. Before he goes there he meets the beautiful Isabel and after a while they get married and she moves with him to the deserted island. The rest , wheel you have to see it and i assure you you won't be sorry of taking the time to watch this movie.

Like i said, i prefer sci-fi, horror , thriller, so i started watching this movie without many expectations, but after a while the story just keeps you glued to the screen.

Good acting, beautiful island, and great story, i found myself really emotional on the end of this movie, love at the best, even you're doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Please watch this movie, you won't be sorry.

Andròn: The Black Labyrinth

That's a really bad movie, really bad.
Let me start for saying, what the hell are Alec Baldwin and Danny Glover doing in a movie like this? The acting on this movie is so weak that even both of them are ridiculous in they parts. It could be a good idea for a plot, in the future somewhere in the year 2154 a group of people is ruling the earth after a catastrophe, and they made a game where they put some people in a maze where only one can survive.

Good idea, but all the rest is wrong, the maze is stupid, the dialogues sometimes look like children play at school, the acting is uauau what can i say, bad is not enough.

After 93 minutes you want to quickly forget the movie, if you love your time on earth please stay away of this movie.

Before I Wake

Good movie, Supernatural Horror at The Best.
Well, mixes reviews but of course we're all different. For me this is my kind of movie, i feel happy to watch movies like this, it's not a waste of time and once you finish you can say, i had a nice time watching this. A couple lost his sun, then decide to go for adoption, they get a kid who had been in different houses before. Soon they realize this kid is special. I think the story is good, the acting is good, and most important the horror films endings are most of the time predictable and clichés, this one goes in a different direction. Good movie, recommended.


Good movie, Nice Surprise
It was a good surprise this Finish movie. A group of friends go to lake Bodom trying to make a reconstruction on murders that occurred there some years ago. From there the story has a lot of unexpected twists that keeps your interest in the movie. I understand why the rating is low, it's not spoken in English and it's no an American movie, but for me this is really a good movie,with good acting and with a story full of twists. I recommend this movie.


Bad remake, really bad movie
Uau, i was not expecting that, this is really a poor film , there is nothing to hold you to this movie, I had to see this movie in three times, couldn't see it from the beginning to the end in one time.

It's really a very poor remake, it's not funny, very far from comedy, the cast look a little bit lost, there is no empathy between them, I know that there's a lot of movies, all kind and is not easy to make good movies but this is really an insult to the original, it's not enough to be stupid to make people laugh.

Not a cast problem they couldn't save the movie, not even Melissa McCarthy made me happy in this movie.

So what can I say, don't lose 2 hours of your life watching this movie, but on the other end there are people saying the movie is great I wonder if they saw the same movie as I did.


This is not an horror movie, it's a really bad movie.
Two young American girls fly to Israel to visit TelAviv, on the plane they know Kevin and decide to stay in Jeruzalem. After some fun strange things start to happen.

Well this is supposed to be a horror movie, but it's not, is far from that, it's strange, and it does not scar you, on the other hand it will probably annoy you and disappoint you.

All the movie is seeing through Sarah special glasses , and the choice was bad at all levels, she's really annoying , always stupid choices, bad decisions and hysterical, OK I understand in stress you can make bad decisions, you can be nervous , but Sarah push all limits, you can try but you will not sympathize with her and by the way the acting is also not good.

The idea behind the movie is not bad , but it ends in a bad movie . I feel i lost 85 minutes of my life watching this.

La cara oculta

Very good movie, that's a thriller for you.
Adrian is a maestro and is chosen to go to Columbia in work, his fiancé Belén goes with him, and suddenly she disappears leaving a goodbye video. You are always in suspense with comes next, is he the bad guy, or is she? Then in the story comes Fabiana a nice waitress who falls for Adrian also, and she's a nice girl, well is she?

Good acting, good story, great twist , good filming giving us two sides of the story , and the camera really show us both sides.

I enjoy watching this movie, if you have a chance you have to see it, if you like a good thriller there no chance you will be disappointed on this one. Intense, emotional and testing how far will you go for love. And is it worth it on the end?

Final Girl

That's a bad movie, a pretty blonde girl with blue eyes it's not enough to make a good movie.
The plot is strange, four guys like to play, hunt and kill girls in the woods. On the other side there's somebody who trains a girl to fight this guys. Why ? We don't know, could understand if was a revenge but there is no clue about it. If you know that four guys are killing girls why not inform the police instead of taking the time to train a girl to try to stop them? Very confuse. Acting is not good, the fighting scenes are really bad , nothing looks natural on this movie.

I wonder if the people who make this kind of movies really watch them and what do they feel when they do. Luckily it's only 78 minutes of bad movie, anyway I watched and I don't recommended.

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