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Ridiculous drivel. For lovers of the Transformer series only
This movie is just an absolute piece of junk. It is formulaic, it's predictable, it's non-stop explosions and excessive amount of ammunition being fired in areas where there are alot of civilians. If you like Transformer type films, if you like Fast and the Furious, if you like the shoot-'em-up, blow him up type of films you might like this film. However if your IQ is over 80 and you tend to process thought in a rational manner this film will let you down. I considered it to be an absolute piece of garbage.

The Broken Shore

Outstanding film. Great character development.
This was a very, very well made film. Great direction, super tight production, excellent cinematography with gorgeous exteriors of Southeast Australia. Wonderful performances and very well fleshed out characters, this was a intimate and very strong story that you just don't find that often.

It is not a typical Australian production. Having said that I tend to like Australian film a lot, but this was very different.

I highly recommend this movie, it felt like a very mature piece of filmmaking, very very well written and executed.


Really powerful work
This film barely gives a hint that Mads Mikkelson would become one of the greatest actors of our generation. He plays a bit of a slacker, utterly obsessed with film, without a courageous bone in his body, but as the film evolves it becomes more of a study of his humanity, his inherent decency, and a study of his friends. The main couple in the film are fascinating to watch, she is so kind, and tender and accessible, and Leo is such a lout, and increasingly preoccupied, you can sense there's something in the air, you can sense this tension and frustration. That this mess of a human is about to do something atrocious.

Many of the characters are lonely and emotionally isolated. There is a very realistic quality to the sets, characters and story.

This film gives some evidence of what Refn was about to accomplish in his career. It has tremendous atmosphere, an excellent soundtrack, it's moody as hell, and it's is very well shot, with really powerful edits. An excellent film, it really packs a punch, for a tiny little film.


Utterly horrendous
This is a cartoon. The extent to which the kids dwelled on Star Wars was so silly and Inane. Could not get past the 1st episode. Wasted nearly an hour of my life.

I May Destroy You

Self absorbed characters without much to work with
I guess I am the lone dissenter when it comes to the show which seems to have gotten nothing but rave reviews. I found the characters to be self-absorbed, very uninteresting, and about the closest thing possible to no content individuals. If this is what Gen Z is all about, this world is doomed.

The fact that they threw in a London black street thing I suppose was to offer a hipness quotient, but it just made it not interesting.

There was nothing about this show or the characters that I found the slightest bit interesting. They all seemed like vapid empty suits.

She's in Portland

A rather surprising film
This was quite a nice little film. It was very well written, which is a very pleasant surprise in this day and age. I just don't see that many films that seem to be written for adults, good dialogue, some very nice sequences, some great little exchanges between ordinary folks.

I thought it was a little bit heavy on the unfaithful husband guilt trip, part of the story. My guess is his philandering had a lot to do with the low ratings of this movie. In general Americans are not very tolerant of the idea that a man is not completely emasculated and utterly faithful.

But rather than preach about that I will just say that it's a good film, well-made, good cinematography, tightly directed and I definitely say it is worth the watch.


Aussie trailer park trash rehashed
I really have no idea what percentage of Australian people are trailer park trash. I see an enormous amount of them represented in Australian Cinema and I suppose there a stereotype much like the trailer park trash in the American South, but I suspect that it's a bit more representative of Australian society than one would like to admit.

There's really not much of a story here, it's just a bunch of crackheads trying to extort some money from a guy that we know nothing about, not a particularly interesting story. I had a fast forward quite a bit of it just to be able to stand it. It's not a film I would particularly recommend, despite all the glowing reviews about the dystopian Australian vision inherent within. Save your time.

Tales from the Loop

A very slow kiddy series
I think if you are the kind of person who likes watching children trying to develop some sort of perception of the world around, than this might be the show for you. Frankly I tend to prefer shows that are written from an adult perspective as I just don't find kids all that interesting. Hey that's just me. I also found the show very ponderous and very slow and for the longest periods of time, it felt like there was absolutely nothing happening. Just not entertaining on any level for me.

The Equalizer 2

Pretty entertaining
This is certainly no masterpiece, but it was a pretty good story, typically great acting by Denzel some good supporting characters. Fairly well directed, pretty tight production and compared to the majority of the dribble that is coming out of Hollywood for the past 10 years or so, this is a pretty decent film. Definitely entertaining.

Lost River

An astounding and audacious film
I can certainly understand why there are so many mixed reviews and a substantial amount of dissent when it comes to this film. I myself thought it was a near masterpiece. I thought the soundtrack itself was spectacular. I'm so sick and tired of these boring conventional classical soundtracks that amount to absolutely nothing. Total empty suit, elevator music. This soundtrack was spectacular and it really served to draw you into the story. The acting was sublime. Ben Mendelson was great as were most of the performances. Bally, Mouth, Mom, the kid, were great characters.

The film was very, very well done, it is not for everyone. I get that, it was very surrealist, and added up to a dystopian nightmare, which was which is right up my alley.

Very dark and very moody and atmospheric. One of the things that really stood out about the film was the cinematography and the second thing was the editing which was absolutely gorgeous and pitch perfect. The direction was excellent and for the life of me I don't understand why Gosling is not doing more directing. He must have been discouraged by the poor reviews.

I recommend this film, but only the people who really understand and appreciate dark surrealist work.

Most of America would be completely lost watching this movie. Far too abstract and symbolic for them.


A terrific film
It is not common to find a film that has such power, such pathos, such an ability to get into your heart and soul. Many of us who lead very fortunate lives lose perspective on how many souls there on this planet who suffer on a daily basis, and are just simply looking for a decent lot in life.

This was a beautifully directed film with a great soundtrack, tremendous performances, especially the guys who played Adu and Mossar, and is really really worth watching. This movie tugs at your heart. Kudos to the entire crew, very, very well done!

Bill & Ted Face the Music

A testament to the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood
This movie is a total embarrassment to everybody that was involved in the project and a bit of a slap in the face to moviegoers and fans alike. After the Matrix series and John Wick Reeves turns out this garbage? Is this really all Hollywood has got? I mean they just keep churning out one terrible movie after another it is a creative empire in decline. It feels like the end of civilization.

What on Earth are they thinking? Why are the studio's so terrible these days? Don't they have anything to say? Really?

The Devil All the Time

An audacious and amazing story
This movie was very well written and directed with absolute precision. The cast was fantastic with some wonderful supporting performances by Robert Pattinson Jason Clarke, and several others There were some very very dark characters in this film and it was an extraordinary indictment of mainstream Christianity and especially a lot of the fake preachers out there who prey on unsuspecting souls. The second half of the movie was even better and the movie just built to a very surprising and powerful finish.

There were some Shakespearean elements in the story and if you like vengeance films, this is a really good one.

Ready or Not

Sheer gore porn
Based on the reviews that I see on this site I seem to be one of the few dissenters. I found this movie to be absolute trash, if you like blood and guts and an occasional scare maybe you might like this film, but it was really not much of a story, very little in the way of character development and the star of the movie was really the house. It was a very dumb movie, the kind of movie that Hollywood just keeps churning out, because they just can't do any better. Garbage.

Sling Blade

A film of astonishing power
I could not keep my eyes off the screen for even a moment. Thornton has created a masterpiece of cinematic excellence.

Filmed in muted colours yet populated by dazzling characters, this is an ensemble piece oozing quality. Country star Yoakam and Black (best known as Caleb in TV's chilling American Gothic) are both stand-outs playing bad-to-the-bone and innocent youth respectively. Canerday brings great heart to the naively kind mom, and Ritter immense strength to the bashful and outcast homosexual.

Around this core spin a dizzying array of bit-parts including J.T. Walsh as Karl's creepy fellow inmate, Christy Ward as his would-be date, a troupe of real musos downplaying as Doyle's buddies in the worst band in the world plus cameos from Robert Duvall as his father and Jim Jarmusch as the paper-hatted Mr. Frostee Cream man.

In the eye of this menacing sorry is the pivotal and gobsmacking performance of Thornton himself - transformed into a stooped and grimacing man with a voice like Popeye - as a man whose inherent goodness (and love for French fried 'taters) is balanced by the threat of extreme violence.

Behind the camera Thornton turns oddballs into heroes, behind the script he makes a very simple tale work on so many levels - as morality play, as black comedy, and hard-hitting social commentary. His screenplay will scare you. It will make you laugh and cry. And it will make you think long and hard about the last time you saw a movie this good. Damn. What on earth did I just watch?

Harsh Times

Nonsensical dribble
This was a completely juvenile story. The Stars including Bale played a bunch of 20-something light weights who had absolutely nothing going on in their lives, absolutely nothing in the way of accomplishments. They were just utter and completely lost souls. I don't really know what the point of this movie was other than just a display of heavy testosterone which I normally don't mind. But in this case there was just no substance, there was just nothing. This movie seemed like it happened inside some sort of vacuum. I took literally nothing away from it.

Snabba cash

Very well done. Complex tale
This film was very well directed, it had a good tight script and wonderful performances, especially by the ever great Joel Kinnaman. It had a lot of interwoven subplots that were hard to follow at times but overall it was a excellent film and very believable characters. Definitely the underbelly of Sweden. Worth watching.

Green Zone

Good action. Story is a stretch
It's a nice concept to think that a soldier would out the administration for an extraordinary series of falsehoods that led to a war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars and accomplished little to nothing except to increase instability in the region. What tiny Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Cheney did in Iraq is a historical travesty that should never be forgotten. It was an exercise in hubris unlike any other and the depiction of Bremer and the other fools that were involved in this invasion were good, however the concept of a soldier outing the administration was just a bit too much of a stretch. Decent action and good direction, the biggest issue with the film is the cinematography, which was jagged, too much handheld camerawork and not enough focus, but otherwise it's a decent film.

Days of Power

Horrific editing, terrible direction
I think the worst thing about this movie was the editing. It has that real choppy feeling like Domino or Green Zone, but without a talented director behind the helm, so the whole movie just felt like at an extended music video. The cinematography was not bad but the editor was probably the worst choice for the entire crew. Also is a really low budget film, it looked low-budget, the concert footage did not look authentic, the crowds did not look authentic, they kind of look like a relatively low-level grunge band playing in a local club, rather than the major band that they were hyped up to be. Overall it was just a spastic story, with not much in the way of quality performances or production. Skip it.

Earthquake Bird

Very atmospheric and moody
This film was very well done, it had a great feel of Tokyo, the performance by Vikander was astonishing the guy who played Teiji was outstanding. It was very well directed and scripted.

For those dissenters on here one always knows they are Black Panther and Avenger fans and disappointment sets in once the lack of car crashes and corpses don't pile up.

This is a mystery with a great deal of suspense and a deep, dark mood, and you never quite knew what was happening till the very end, which is a pleasant surprise.

Not a great film. But a good film.

A Private War

A devastating film. Well done
This was a film that had a tremendous amount of power. Rosamund Pike's performance was great Jamie Dorman was outstanding, as was Stanley Tucci and many of the other performances in this film.

It was a very heartfelt film about the horrors of war, and the extent to which madmen despots like Gaddafi and Assad will go to maintain their power. I'm not sure why all the dissenting reviews on this thread, it seems like an awful lot of people that were naysayers were politically motivated. Sure, I don't agree with a lot of US foreign policy, but this movie wasn't really about foreign policy, this movie was about the horror of war, this movie was about the bravery and courage of a woman who in my opinion, was near deity, for performing the work that she performed. Let's get real here, how many of the naysayers on this thread would have the guts to actually go into combat territory like she did and do what she did? Probably 2, if that. It is easy to be brave from your living room.


A frenetic movie for kids
It was a kind of a gore fest designed for an audience that's between 11 and 17 years old. The most annoying thing about the movie is the cinematography and the editing. The cinematography was beyond frenetic, it made Green Zone look calm. The editing was incredibly choppy, deliberately choppy, one might say artfully choppy, but I would say annoyingly choppy.

It's not an easy film to enjoy, and it didn't have to be like that, it could have been very entertaining. Mickey Rourke was great, Keira Knightley was good and some of the other supporting roles were well cast and well performed. But it was kind of an attempt to be a profounder. Not enough of an engaging story. Tony Scott was a competent director, but this was no Man on Fire, that's for sure.

A Bluebird in My Heart

Great story
Great film, outstanding story. Every once in awhile you find a film that is pitch perfect. This film had great direction, excellent editing, a wonderful and moody soundtrack, great performances and was very well written. This is the kind of film that Hollywood dreams about making, but just simply cannot make any more. It was made for adults, it was none of the Transformer, in your face, heavy action rubbish that Scorsese refers to as an amusement park ride. This was a real story, totally believable with amazing performances by Mollar, Le Lann, and Baetens. I just highly recommend this film.

Ms. Purple

An excellent little film
This is a really excellent and underrated film. Outstanding direction, a great performance from Jessica Chu, a wonderful and moody soundtrack, and good supporting performances. A rather nice contrast between a somber tone of Korean American culture and the somewhat joyous quality of Latino culture in Los Angeles.

This is a quiet little film, strong performances a good story. DIfficult subject matter, well handled by the crew. A terminally ill father, a somewhat estranged brother, and the woman who basically takes the weight of the world upon her shoulders. A nice depiction of a common heroine, of the karaoke scene, which is probably fairly close to reality, in terms of general, low-life patrons and the kind of nonsense which these women have to put up with. I recommend this film it really gets under your skin.

Vertical Limit

Insane stretches of the imagination are a requisite
I will begin by saying that it will be far more satisfying and enjoyable for you to watch this movie if you have absolutely no knowledge about mountaineering, mountain climbing, rock climbing or any related sports. It feels like the director, whose previous projects were all action films was given a mountaineering film and he had to try to engineer as many accidents and near-death experiences as possible, all of which are completely unrealistic at 26,000 feet! The leaps of faith that the screenwriter and director asked us to take in this movie were well into the dozens and if like me, there are only a certain number of those leaps you are willing to take before you just buy out of the story.

This is probably one of the worst films about mountaineering ever made. Technically it is downright amateurish. The production was awful. If you are looking at pure entertainment what the hell, otherwise skip this turkey and move on to a good movie.

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