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Captain America: Civil War

Very entertaining, but far from an actually great film.
I'm not a Marvel fan and I don't really care for blockbusters, but I saw Civil War to see if it would maybe change my mind. It didn't. To say Civil War is a bad movie, though, is false. It's not a bad movie at all, it's a good movie, and that's about it, really. Just like most Marvel films - with the exception of Guardians of The Galaxy, their best - directing throughout most of the film is bland, generic, like the camera is there to show what's going on and that's it. Dialogues are shot in the most traditional and tasteless way, exposition is everywhere, editing is irritating and distracting, using way too many camera set-ups because, apparently, they think the average film goer has a 10 second attention span. Not even visually the film pushes any boundaries. There are, though, indeed good qualities to it all: the plot is very good and treated in a straightforward and interesting way, diverging from the traditional Marvel Formula plot we've seen in many movies before but wouldn't be able to hold a film of this size. Apart from that, the true standout here, where the film really is able to be a little more than expected, are the action scenes. Civil War has some of the single best choreographed fight scenes I've ever seen in American cinema, a level I had only witnessed in Korean action films, though most of the action in CW is downgraded by the frustrating Hollywood editing. In the end, even considering all the flaws, it's all very fun, and if you already like these characters, you'll probably love the film anyway.

Toy Story of Terror

Rushed, but still amazing
Toy Story of TERROR, the TV special from Pixar, is, in short, amazing. It manages to stick to the production value of the full length films from the series and it's a more than welcome addition.

As far as writing goes, I cannot complain. I mean, it's very well written and deals not only with fun and entertaining stuff but also with serious matters like personal growth. The new characters were a great addition to the film.

The only problem the film has is its runtime. The pacing was way too fast and some parts felt very rushed, resulting on things like lack of depth to some of the new characters, and lack of build up to some major moments.

Long story short, Toy Story of TERROR is quite a pleasure to watch, but would heavily benefit from a longer cut.

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