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The Purge: Election Year

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!
We were cruising along, and everything was just fine. Of course, there was a little problem with realism and believability, when it came to a guy who has long helped out in the community, somehow denying a high school girl a candy bar on the day of the purge, but everything else was okay. I even turned to my wife and said how wonderful it was that Black Men, a White Man, A Latino Man, A White Woman and Black Women were all working together to get through the ghastly purge. I remember telling her that that is the way it should be (different races and sexes working together for the good of humankind). Then, suddenly, in the last few minutes, devoid of necessity, the new Purge showed that America and Hollywood are still the same...In the end, the heroes, the Black Men, are murdered, while everyone else lives to enjoy the benefits of their labor, just as in the majority of all other Hollywood movies...just as the US has tried to keep it and believes it should be in real life.

At least, they are consistent.


Finish it!
This needs to be finished. While Stokes cleans up and goes on the Talkshow circuit, he is hunted by the TC Group. In the meantime, Krista begins transporting materials and the rest of the 600 passengers to the unknown planet, where Gault has preceded them. Gault's ESP sense develops even more, communicating telepathically with Krista, as he provides a base and helps with the transport. Gault's mother recovers and also assists, warding off government and TC Group militia forces that have come to take over the experiment and its "treasures". All the while, Harris and Martin gather their respective families and documentation to urgently rush aboard the ship and be transported to the planet as well...Harris's dream. Toward the end of the second season, WWIII breaks out. Families are lining up for transport. Of course, the rich go first. You have at least two more seasons!!!


Solo II
We need Solo II!!! Van Peebles is still in pretty good shape! The military can return to the island where Solo has spent many years cultivating a civilization and his knowledge of human behavior, leading him to the conclusion that his deadly nature is necessary to preserve humanity. When the troops arrive, they find that he has developed something else...

With the hype and shooting and basically blowing things up, just as in the original, Solo can defeat his nemesis (the out-of-control, robotized Colonel) and return to the mainland. There, he can take on a new nemesis.

So, stop playing around and produce it already. I will even provide my services for free. It will be another silver screen block buster!

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