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Yeh Ishq Nahin Aasaan

Aesthetically one of the better movies of Tinu Anand
Ye Ishq nahi aasan is one of the two films I like of tinu anand the other being main aazad hun. This film has very nice dialogues, good performances and very good music. Even though you see Padmini Kolhapure on the poster the main lead of the film is actually Deepti Naval. Padmini's character leaves by the end of the first half and appears only in snippets afterwards the reason for which is disclosed in the end. Rishi Kapoor shares nice chemistry with both Padmini and Deepti Naval. Deepti Naval has as expected given a good performance. Dialogues are so nice some of them are poetic and are quotable quotes. The music is highly underrated and the film has some melodious music particularly mere khayalo ki rehguzar se. This is aesthetically pleasing film with no violence no vulgarity and visually nice cinema. Do give a watch

Pyari Behna

From gender perspective very problematic film
As a film this is well acted directed and written and is a decent watch but the character of Mithun in the film is so problematic that you would like to punch him on his face. So there is a man who hates his boss for his own faults, who emotionally manipulates and controls her sister to get her married to a lewd man for his selfish reasons, he physically harms his wife by beating her mercilessly and in the end he doesn't even apologize. It seems like the director ended up a male chauvinistic figure. I think there was a caste angle to the story which was not explored further. Acting wise, Vinod Mehra gives the best performance of the lot with a subtle and dignified role. He was one of the finest actors in supporting roles. Mithun was good especially in the emotional scenes and his chemistry with Tanvi Azmi is really nice. If only his charcater was not so uni dimensional and problematic. Tanvi Azmi gives a really nice performance on her debut. Padmini Kolhapure doesn't have anything to do in the first half and she appears to be a dumb glam doll but in the second half she appears to be the only sensible character in the film where others fell prey to patriarchal cliches she appears to be the voice of reason and is able to stand against his own husband to secure marriage between Vinod Mehra and Tanvi. Shakti Kapoor and Deven Verma are adequate even though unnecessary comic scenes hampers the flow of the film and action scenes were also not required. Music is pathetic to say the least. All the songs and their lyrics are so bad that had there been good music in te film the impact of the film would have been doubled. Watch it for an emotional experience

Pyaar Zindagi Hai

Just for the brilliant performance of Mohnish Bahl
K.C.Bokadia rose to fame as a producer with the blockbuster film Pyar Jhukta Nahin which was directed by Vijay Sadanah. Very surprisingly they didn't work together again for the next 16 years. Pyar Zindagi hai was their collaboration after 16 years and though the film is no great shakes it is quite watchable precisely for the brilliant performance by Mohnish Bahl. Had he delievered this performance in a successful film he surely would have got a nomination for best supporting actor or best actor in a negative role. Apart from him the performances are quite ordinary especially by the leading actors. Both the actors lack spark and chemistry was missing between them which is death knell for a romantic film. Also there is a lot of stuff in the film which reminds you of Pyar Jhukta Nahin precisely the song situations, the lyrics and even certain scenes are taken from Pyar Jhukta Nahin but they are not as impactful as the former and makes the film predictable at times. Songs are hummable and good for such a low budget film. But as I said the songs and their placement are similar to Pyar Jhukta Nahin. One of the song goes like "honge na juda milke" which is obviously inspired by the song "Chahe laakh toofan aaye....milke na honge juda". The title song will remind you of "Tumse milkar na jane kyun". Rajesh Khanna is pretty ordinary and doesn't have much to do except in the climax. Overall a decent film because of Mohnish Bahl if not anything else. I personally don't like the movies of K C Bokadia except Pyar Jhukta Nahin and it is nice to see him returning to romantic genre after making dozens of violent assembly line productions.


Surprisingly good
Touhean is practically an unheard of film and so there were no expectations from the film. I thought the film will be a cheesy masala flick but it surprisingly turned out to be a well made, sensitive and sensible film with good script and performances particularly by all the three leads Dimple, Raj Babbar and Padmini. The film brings out the conflict of a doctor very well which is struck between his private and personal life. The film also deals with patient doctor relation in a nice way. The movie is emotional at various points but never goes the melodramatic route. Also there is no unnecessary action or item songs etc. Though the music is quite ordinary but it is sober compared to standard Bappi Lahiri films. One particular song I like is "Yaad unko nahi aaj ki raat bhi" which has really good lyrics. Jagdeep is as usual annoying, Shakti Kapoor is in a negative role as usual but quite subdued without his usual antics, Aruna Irani is very nice in a supporting role. Overall a nice emotional film. You won't regret watching the film if you can ignore the technical glitches in the video


Watch it only for Rati Agnihotri
As a film Bepanaah is no great shakes but what uplifts the film to a respectable level is a brilliant performance by Rati Agnihotri who surprisingly is the central character of the film and she dwarfs everything around her by her towering presence. She is the only actor who has a meaty role in the film. Mithun gets a very undercooked and unconvincing character and doesn't make the desired impact despite acting well. Shashi Kapoor is a misfit both as a lover and a police inspector. And Poonam Dhillon- why is she even in the film. Her role makes no sense, has no importance in the film and has barely any screen space in the film (and dies quite unnecessarily in the end as she does in many of her other films). Suresh Oberoi in his brief role is good. The film is good in the first half due to the story focusing on Rati Agnihotri, as soon as the film gets into the action mode it derails from its path. The second half is comparatively weaker than the first half which dilutes the overall impact. Also the editing is very haphazard at many places and transitions are not smooth. All in all watchable because of Rati Agnihotri.

Prem Vivah

A Decent Romantic Drama but a little serious
Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee are pioneers of middle road cinema with relatable stories and characters and realistic outlook within the commercial mould. Prem Vivah sounds like a romantic film but actually it is the story of the mature characters and the tensions that arises when the younger lot try to make them fall in love. This film has the trademark simplicity of basu da with admirable performances by all actors involved from Asha Parekh, Utpal Dutt, Bindiya Goswami and Mithun Chakraborty. Mind you Utpal Dutt is the protagonist of the film, Mithun is more of a supporting actor in the film. What it lacks is the trademark middle class humor of basu da's films. The film particularly in the second half is very serious in its tone. Music of the film is quite ordinary not of the calibre of Laxmikant Pyarelal and the weakest link in the film. Good thing is that there are no subplots and only 4 characters and story doesn't meander much. Overall a decent watch if you don't expect a glossy romantic film but rather a much more mature romantic film.

Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai

Feel good and cute film....also very illogical
Zamane ko Dikhana hai is one of the rare movies which are illogical to the core and have no semblance of logic anywhere but is still very entertaining and humorous. There is a lot of humor in the proceedings and this is what saves the film from becoming a typical masala movie. Chemistry between Rishi and Padmini is so cute and endearing and they share the best moments of the film. The film can be watched just for these two. Rest of the cast is quite adequate except Tariq Khan whose character makes no sense at all. Also Kader Khan acting like an old man makes no sense (to be honest a lot of things in the film makes no sense). Music is really good especially poocho na yaar kya hua and hoga tumse pyaara kaun. All in all an entertaining and cute film if you don't apply logic.


A feel good movie from Bapu
Bapu is one of the most underrated directors of Bollywood and though he is a legend down south his popularity in bollywood should have been much greater. He is mostly known in bollywood for Woh 7 din and Hum Paanch but most of his movies are testimony to his talent. Mohabbat is a feel good romantic film with an emotional core and some terrific performances by Amrish Puri, who for a change plays a positive character and he is the soul of the movie. Rarely you see him crying on screen and here his emotional scenes are heart-breaking and best moments of the film. Next is Amjad Khan who also plays a positive role and plays a sensitive character with a touch of humor and his final scenes with Anil and Amrish are really good. Anil Kapoor and Vijayeta pandit (who looks really cute in the film, she deserved better prospects in bollywood) are decent in their roles and their chemistry is amiable. Music is also decent with songs like Naina ye barse and Sanson se nahi. Shakti Kapoor and Satish Kaushik are wasted in inconsequential role. Shobha Khote overacts and is easily the most annoying character in the film. Story and screenplay are very simple and sweet with little to no violence or vulgarity. Watch it for its simplicity. Some of the scenes may remind you of other film of Bapu Pyari Behna released in the same year as Mohabbat and while it is difficult which one is a better film Amrish Puri's character and performance in those scenes is superior to that of Mithun in Pyari Behna. All in all a simple and sweet film

Awara Baap

Could have been better
Awara Baap has a lot of loose ends particularly in the second half due to which the desired impact is not reached. And secondly the lead male character is very unlikebale- one who doesn't care about his father's misery, doesn't care about his wife and later his son, and Rajesh Khanna barely does anything to make his character relatable I'd not likeable. His portions are cliched and even though he is decent it's not enough. Same with Meenaxi Seshadri who hams in the second role even though she is competent authority n the first role. The one who suprised me the most was Rajan Sippy. Not only does he had good screen presence, he entry in the film and his chemistry with Madhuri Dixit was fresh compared to that between Khanna and Seshadri. This is one film where you root for the supporting actors more than the lead actors. Ending looks haphazard and final revelation of Meenakshi Seshadri was cliched, predictible and stupid. See it for yourself to know what I mean. Not as bad as many other Rajesh Khanna movies in the 80's but an oridnary film actually.


Ordinary film from Rajshri productions standard
Rajshri productions were known for making smalll budget high content family films for a long time. From that standard Tarana is quite an ordinary movie, which is a decent watch but too cliched. On the positive side Mithun is seen doing a romantic role though he seems raw at places. His chemistry with Ranjeeta is good. shreeram lagoo owns every frame he is in and om Shivpuri and urmila Bhatt lends good support. Music is decent particularly Gunche lage hai khilne but there are too many songs in the films which at times feel unnecessary. Plot is full of cliches, lost and found theme, rich boy poor girl romance etc. The film is watchable because there is no melodrama in the film. The rich poor plot was revisited by Mithun in Pyar Jhukta Nahin as well, which is definitely better than Tarana because at points it engages you emotionally and had the capacity to make you cry. Here the screenplay of convenience doesn't make you emotional. All in all a decent watch if you keep your expectations low and don't expect traditional Rajshri film.

Hum To Chale Pardes

Surprisingly good
I was expecting quality stuff and it did matched my expectations. Movie is slightly slow paced but thankfully there are no unnecessary sub plots, no cringy humor, no violence, no antagonists etc. This is the only movie except Ram Teri Ganga Maili where Mandakini has done something of substance and so did Rajiv Kapoor. Though their lack of acting skills does show up many times still this may be one of the finest performance of their career sans any melodrama. Shashi Kapoor and Kulbhushan Kharbanda are brilliant in their respective roles. But the director Ravindra Peepat who was anyways a good director with films like waris in the same year, deserves appreciation for not indulging in bollywood cliche elements. People expecting typical Bollywood thrills will be disappointed. Movie could have been shortened by some.minutes given the lack of masala but nevertheless it is emotionally rewarding. This is way better than the kind of stuff churned out during this period on Bollywood. Do give this film a watch. You won't be disappointed

Shubh Kaamna

Good film with a messy second half
Shubhkamna is a good film with a feel good factor with no action no vulgarity and almost no melodrama with good performances particularly by Rakesh Roshan, who I think was brilliant in the film. All the other actors suit the role. But there are some serious drawbacks in the film due to which the film is not comparable to the other movies of K. Vishwanath whom I rate very highly as a director. Particularly in the second half the film derails from its main plot to delve into unnecessary and nonsensical track of romance and marriage between Kiran Vairale and Sudhakar. A film about companionship and middle class values became a sermon on dowry system without any rhyme or reason and further more the way it was portrayed was very abrupt and unconvincing. Rati Agnihotri was good in her part, and so was Utpal Dutt. Another problem of the film is that characters of Dinesh Thakur as professor, and satyen kappu and his widowed daughter was forgotten mid way into the film. The film is a decent watch with a feel good feeling but certainly marred by the curse of the second half.


epitome of regressive cinema
How can anyone espouse such regressive cinema? 80's cinema is rightfully bashed for its regressive and blatantly misogynist themes. also the execution of the content is no better. film could have been engrossing, but the on the face misogyny hampers such prospects. the most problematic character belongs to that of Pran, who singlehandedly ruins 4 lives due to his stupid notions of honor and tradition. the film starts with images of ramayana trying to give a message that it's a women's grave misgiving if she choose to transgress the boundaries of propriety and morality set out by the society and will have too face its consequences. this is exactly what is shown in the film.

film is over the top and melodramatic. a little subtlety would have been better. drama sometimes get into your nerves. as usual, there are unnecessary comic tracks which have nothing to do with the story. in a way the movie mocks the raasleela of krishna by positing a comic villain character in the form of shakti kapoor who represents lust and promiscuity. dialogues are ultra regressive and makes you wince with disgust. music is uneven. the first few songs picturized on jeetendra and sridevi are unnecessary and unpleasant. not only the songs are never ending and bad, they are obstructions to the flow of the film. the last two songs are better and actually make sense to the plot.

sridevi is so so in the first half but acts better in the second half, where she gets an author backed role, but her dubbed voice limits the impact of her performance as at times, it doesn't gel with the character. jeetendra can't act, period! nor does he tries to. he is his usual self. padmini kolhapure at times act even better than sridevi, pity her character is not as well developed as sridevi. her performance is nuanced and she excels in the dramatic sequences, though the director chooses to focus on sridevi only. raj babbar is wasted, and so is tanuja. pran's character is cringe worthy and so is that of kader khan.

all in all, a highly regressive movie that one would want too definitely forget in today's world.


Perfect case of Ovarcasting and dishonest filmmaking
While the film is tolerable and not that bad, it could have been a good film, but is pulled down by lack of honesty in storytelling. while the main plot revolves around one female lead, they have surrounded the film by plethora of actors, who play little, if any role in the proceedings. the film boast of as many as 6 main actors namely- rishi kapoor, mandakini, padmini kolhapure, mithun chakravorty, shatrughn sinha and anita raj, barring padmini, and maybe perhaps mithun, none of the character are useful for the story, and it would have made absolutely no difference t the film, if these actors were not in the film. on the contrary the movie would have been crisper, with a definite screenplay and avoid of useless song and dance sequences, which are anyways poor and thus serves as a distraction.

acting wise, the film belongs to padmini kolhapure, not only because the story revolves around her character, but because she excels in dramatic sequences. she manages to shine throughout the film and is easily the best thing in the film. mithun chakravorty acts well in the only other important role. rishi kapoor is so-so, mandakini, shatrughn sinha and anita raj are wasted in inconsequential roles.

watch it for padmini and a somewhat promising plot marred by uneven screenplay and execution and unnecessary characters.


Very shoddily edited....unintentional comedy
A lot of scenes of this film are memeworthy because of the utter ineptness of the editor, who is the biggest culprit of this film, along with the cinematographer. there are so many goof ups in the film, that at times the movie becomes an unintentional comedy- the painkiller advertisement in the beginning, a disco song masqueraded as a college function, the gun firing scene in the toy train, Rajnikant's injecting the bunny with lethal injection, police arriving at his place in the climax are all utterly stupid. the film could have been a romantic film, but the presence of Rajnikant ensures that there is ample violence thrown in the film. there is at times no sense or logic in the proceedings, and thus it becomes extremely difficult to engage with the story. music is pretty average with 'Ham apni wafa yaad" easily the best song of the film.

there is nothing noteworthy in performances. Rajesh Khanna is as usual. he hardly ever try to go past his mannerisms. and even more annoying is the overly stylized mannerisms of Rajnikant. true, he provides some good moments, and he is always at ease in action, just his mannerisms are at times distracting. there are as many as 3 actresses in the film, and i still couldn't understand the logic behind that. Tina Munim and Meenakshi Sheshadri hardly do anything worthwhile beyond song and dance. Padmini Kolhapure is the only actor in the film who tries to act, though her transition from sane to mentally challenged girl and vice-versa is tad unconvincing. her role is meatier than other actresses, and not only she gets the best scenes of the film, the better songs of the films are picturized on her. also in the end, she becomes the thread who joins the narrative together, though i can't understand the obsession of filmmakers too kill her character in every film.

there is no reason why this movie should be recommended for watching. maybe if you can leave you brains behind, and think of this film as a typical 80's fare.

Ardh Satya

hard hitting, brave and real: om Puri take a bow!!
Very few have that strength to move you deeply, so much so that you begin to introspect the world around you. Ardh Satya is not just a movie on corruption in police force (we have seen this in quite a few ) but rather this is the journey of a person who is searching, it seems, the purpose of his life, who is trying to seek the somewhat passive masculinity that resides within him. the human weaknesses, existential crisis, emotional catharsis and angst of the policeman all done in such a brilliant manner that you can just feel awestruck at the marvelous portrayal by gem of an actor- Om Puri. this is clearly the best performance of his illustrious career. if not for the hard hitting content watch the movie just for the angry young man Om Puri whose performance will fill you full of admiration for the man and his craft.

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