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Director's Cut

Surprisingly Good
Well I'm fans of P&T so maybe I'm biased but I liked this movie. Penn is at his heaviest and looks really old with the dyed long hair. He looks so much better today.

Anyway in some weird way the whole thing works!


A Very Slow Bore
This movie is all talk and little action. It feels like the movies goes on and on for five hours when it's actually a rather short film.

The story has been done before too, and better.

Not a Film Noir either. More of a crime mystery drama.


Wicked Woman

Surprisingly Engaging
Not a traditional Film Noir. More a straight drama. That doesnt take away from the impact. It is a really nifty low budget picture that hooks you from frame one.

I wasn't expecting much, but I got a lot. It's a really good movie with a hot femme fatale with great feet and legs.

The action keeps moving at a nice pace as the story unfolds. until the very end. I would have given this an * rating but the dumb ending took a point away.

The Goblin

Perhaps the Worst Movie Ever Made
The acting is non-existent. The story-line is stoopid times 12.

The good reviews here are clearly phony as is this trivia bit:

The cellar used in the film was actually part of the house that was in the film. Since it was in the South and uninhabited, it was filled with giant spiders. During the filming of many sequences, enormous spiders would propel down from the ceilings and crawl across the floors. Robert Levey II, the film's lead actor, has terrible arachnophobia and each time a tarantula dangled down towards him, the director would grab it by the web and run out so that he would not know about it. Robert did not see one spider during filming, but the crew saw dozens.

Tarantulas do not come down off the ceiling. No bif spiders to. What garbage.

This sucks.


Emotionally troubled ethnic somehow gets mesmerized by phony self help guru Tony Roberts into using a never traveled road in the desert where there is no cell phone service so she can get a flat tire and her annoying brat kid can get bitten by a rattlesnake.

But was it just ANY rattlesnake?

I wish Netflix would save it's money and stop making really horrible, boring, poorly directed and written, unoriginal-original movies.


Is it Over Yet?
This movie is so excruciatingly slow that it's nearly unwatchable.

Fred Mac is dressed like Bogart but he's no Bogart. He's the Flubber guy.

Plus you are praying for him to get pushed over already. The writing is really pathetic -- and BTW the movie is short! Can't imagine what it would be ike at 2 hours!

I just really never connected to this flick.


BIG Rip-off
Let's be honest: this is the black version of Big that appropriates White culture movies and doesn't do it well.

Horribly written. Pandering garbage from the identity politic left. Filled with vapid dumb moronic characters that bare no resemblance to reality.

It's a formula movie that fails. It's rate PG-13 but is only appropriate for 5 year olds

Swamp Water

The Writing Brings it Down
This is a really well made movie with good acting but the story is idiotic.

The script is pedestrian. It really ruins the rest of the film

In the Shadow of the Moon

Yet Another Cheaply Made Bad Netflix Movie
Film tries to balance a bunch of elements but never succeeds. The special effects truly suck. Really.

The entire thing is on par with a really a C level TV movie. Think ABC in the 1970's.

The action scenes barely have any drama. It's directed as if by an amateur who should never made another movie. The key to knowing this is gonna be bad is the main character is named Cleopatra.

The only thing of interest was the unsafe Philly SEPTA system -- if that was really filmed there. Phillly is an S-hole. Like this movie.

House of Bamboo

Not a Keeper
I liked the 1950's Japanese vibe for sure. The technicolor pops. Some pretty darn good actors in this too.

Unfortunately the story sort of bored me. It was a very slow exposition that saw me mentally checking out early on.


David Bowie: Finding Fame

Surprisingly Bad Doc from Showtime of All Places
Wow this is a horrible documentary.

It's a shock that this was aired on Showtime in that it's really like one of those schlock docs that have no insight and interviews with very far removed associates pretending they knew Bowie.

Huge disappointment.


Wow. Bad
This is one boring horribly written movie. How it's getting a 7 rating must speak to the brain dead viewers who don't know good movies from bad.

Red Light

Cripes! Who ISN'T in this Flick?
It's not a film noir. Just a crime drama.

It's also not all that great, but man there is a cast of character actor thousands!

George Raft Virginia Mayo Raymond "Perry Mason Ironsided Bear" Burr Harry "M*A*S*H Morgan Ken Murray William "I Lub Lucy" Frawley

Unfortunately this story is rather hokey and poorly written.

It's not believable and it's sort of trite and silly.

Phantom Lady

Swiss Miss Six Years Late
Early on in this 1944 movie while in a NYC taxi a marquee is past showing the Laurel and Hardy movie, Swiss Miss, which actually came out in 1938!

Film noir film that is completely implausible, as is the male star's stated age of 29 (he looks 40)!

I'm really surprised at all the good reviews for this flick, as the story is not particularly good, nor is it all that original. It's filed with holes.

And BTW why did everyone in the movies smoke like a chimney? Even into the 70's they were all lighting up. You gotta wonder if tobacco really causes heart disease and cancer since so many of these actors lived into their 80's and 90's!

I simply love the bar tender who dusts the bars and cash register with a dirty rag and then wipes it all over his face. What was that all about?

A feature player in this flick is Aurora Miranda who was the sister of Carmen Miranda. She's way hotter -- WAY HOTTER -- than Carmen.

The flick was made before they tore down the 6th Avenue el train in Manhattan.

Nothing in this movie makes sense. It's simply not plausible in any way shape or form. There's actually a scene where a guy runs out in traffic -- you don't see him get him -- you just hear the car screeching and then his hat gets thrown to the curb!!! Funny stuff.

I Want to Live!

Silly Jazzy Moral Play
First the mistake: Early on there's a guy named Joe playing a worn bongo. Someone yells -- "Speed it up Joe" and suddenly the bongo he's using is brand new!

Anyway, this is a silly moral play that doesn't cut it for me. Maybe it's just too dated. But it's clear this is just another Hollywood leftist message movie. The woman was guilty. Hence, her sentence was just. Case closed.

After a short while that jazzy bongo music will get on your nerves.

I never connected with this flick. It was too loud and rather boring

The Gay Amigo

No Joker
This movie was contained in a Roku app of Cesar Romero movies. He's not even in it and I don't know how they made that mistake.

So on to the movie -- this is pretty typical of B and C westerns of the time. It's not especially good or bad.

The music is over powering however and doesnt quite match the scenes.

The Walking Dead: What It Always Is
Episode 5, Season 10

Where Do You get Paid to Write the Good Reviews?
Let's be honest, TWD is no where near as good as it's first few seasons. Today, it suffers, episode after episode, of lethargy and boring sub-plots.

Like weren't you wishing the deaf guy got eaten? And weren't wishing even more that the Asian chick could act?

Didn't you wish the entire Neagn thing didn't happen? It was absurdly dumb.

So we're left wondering where do you get paid if you write one of these glowing reviews? Where?

Hell on Frisco Bay

Decent Crime Film Noir
As is the case with so many f these films rom the 40's and 50's, the sub plots involving love trysts/issues bring down the movie. I suspect they were added to get a female in the film.

Too bad.

Alan Ladd, who is the star is actually a weak link. Robinson is good as the gangster.

Over all tho, despite some glaring plot holes (like a guy tells you he's gonna kill you when YOU have the gun and you let him go?) it's a pretty good flick.

Confessions of Boston Blackie

Blackie Who?
I never heard of Boston Blackie but there was a Roku channel devoted to him so I figured why not give it a try?

This is the first I've streamed so far.

The quality leaves a lot to be desired -- I believe that's do to the bandwidth of the print which must be low cuz it digitizes a lot.

But that not withstanding, this is a surprisingly good film. Snappy dialog and it keeps moving forward at a really nice pace.

The story line is a little hokey but who cares?

Good Boys

Quite Simply Terrible
If watching 12 year olds act like adults, swear like sailors and talk about sex and drugs for an hour and a half is your bag, then this is a movie for you.

I find it offensive and moronic.

Poorly written and even more poorly directed. Not funny in the slightest.

The dumbing down of America is complete.

What Happened to Monday

Do Not Believe the Reviews
Man, The quality of movies have gone down hill This flick got great reviews only it looks like a cheaply produced Netflix piece of garbage. What has happened America?


Hollywood Rewrites History
One of the worst movies ever made.

Why does Hollywood feel it's entitled to constantly re-write history to fit it's left wing agenda?

And bTW have you ever gotten a look at the REAL Tubman? Fugly is too ind a word.


Kitchie, Artsy, and Self-important Drivel
This is not a particularly; good film. It's full of itself and not of the story. The acting is dismal. The directing poor.

Even the writing sucks.

And how on Earth does Crispen Glover get work? He cannot act.

The movie's short length feels twice as long.


A Boring Waste of Time
There is not one frame in this movie that allows you the ability to suspend disbelief. The entire film is a slow moving, silly, boring exercise in stupidity.

The bartender's actions regarding the phone are tantamount to slasher movies where the people being stalked make all the wrong moves that you know are stupid before they make them.

Also the phone seems to have the longest battery life on earth. But why doesnt he just return the stupid phone?

And how is it not locked?


Reality Queen!

Worst movie I've seen in a decade. First of all the woman who is in the lead role is all clay-faced plastic surgeried out and looks like she's pushing 50 but is supposed to be a model. It's hard to pay attention to her cuz you're focused on the chin implant and clay cheeks.

The story is moronic and unfunny.

Direction follows a format for this sort of trash.

All the good reviews here are phony

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