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Jurassic World Dominion

Bond Action meets Globalism meets Woke-ism
I liked that this movie is a different take on the whole dinosaur thing.

Unfortunately it's really silly. There are dinos co-hanitating with humans AND living in deep snow. So dumb.

On the plus side, the action pretty much doesnt stop so it's not bring, even if it's ridiculous. Large parts of the movie are chase scenes that look like a Bond movie with dinos.

The faiing of this film are the group of seasoned actors who have been in the pasts films. They are literally walking thru with little emotion. Sometimes it's actually laughable.

Oh, and then there's the whole silly woke-ism an global perspective propaganda that is a bore.


Woke and Toked
Kind of dumb premise that is absurd and hard to swallow. The movie didnt even have to proceed if they just called the police.

It's would be over when the girl is revived and tells her story.

Instead what you get is a bunch of reverse racism in a sense.

I got very bored at the 23 minute mark.

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute

Worst "Tribute" I've Ever Seen
Hands down, this was a MAJOR disappointment.

It's a haphazard piece of garbage thrown together in 15 seconds.

Unfunny, boring, and hard to watch.

Jim Carey tries to hog the stage throughout. He's an embarrassment and yesterday's news.


It's 2022. Are we all tired by now of movies where after a young couple moves into a remote farm house with their infant, the house reveals secrets of its own?

About 23 of these movies are made each year. Each one worse than the last. This one is no different.

The sroty has been played out over and over. It's boring. It's slow. It has no shock value nor is it meaningful or enlightening in any way.

Don't bother.


Full disclosure -- I bailed before it was over because it was just horrible. I never bail because I want to give movies a fair shake.

But wow, this was simply garbage.

The very beginning is a lttle intriguing and then it goes all down hill because the main actrss can't act her way out of a paperbag.

She is literally on par withthe Third Sister in the Obi series.

I was bored out of my mind. Not really sure why it's so hard to find competent actors these days.


Not So Good
VERY lackluster Indiana Jones-ish knockoff that is rather dull throughout.

The problemis that it's realy really poorly directed.

Whomever was at the helm didnt know how to create any tension whatsoever and really should not be directing action movies.

Mr. Spiderman is clearly a one trick pony. That par is sad.


Very Poorly Written
From the first frame this movie's plot is so full of holes you might think you have opened a wheel of swiss cheese.

The action is decent. The problem is the movie is very poorly written and ploddingly directed. The characters don't behave or speak like real people.

It appears o be written by someone who has no clue about real life or, is just a really bad writer. You decide.

The gardener role is a perfect example. It's incredulous that any human would act this way.

Around the half way point it just implodes and becomes exceedingly boring and downright silly.

Brut Force

As Bad as You Might THink
The acting is barely passable.

The directing is poor. This director is far better at setting up a scene than actualy having the movie progress. She should be a cinematographer and not have lofy ideas of becoming Orson Welles. Cuz Orson she ain't.

Brut Force BTW is a bad title. The story moves slowly with little action. 90 minutes feels like 900.

The guitar track is distracting and a poor choice for music.

In sum, the movie LOOKS good. But it's NOT good.

Deep Water

Cucked Superman vs. Super Hot Chick Who Can't Act
Wow this is a fiasco.

De Armas cannot act to save her life. Neither can Ben Afleck, now that I think abou it. He looks like Fred Munster in the beginning of the movie.

It's really a bad film that uses erotic thriller formats to give you jollies. Aony there are none.

Not worth even a passing look.

Peter Cushing: In His Own Words

Ultimately Disappointing
I'm a huge fan of Peter Cushing.

Growing up I always looked forward to seeing him and Christopher Lee in the lateest Hammer flick.

The problem with this doc is that you learn next to mothing about him and 'His own words" tends to be sparse.

The movie is largely friends and co-workers gushing about him.



Gremlins Did it Better without a Time Machine
The movie looks more like a made for TV film than a real motion picture.

It's poorly done. Everytihing about it is reminiscent of the 80's and do we really want to remember the 80's?

I was truly bored out of my mind. The acting is HORRIBLE.

The soundtrack is synthesized garbage that will get on your nerves.

Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster

Way Better than Ed Wood
This movie doesnt deserve the negative ratings it gets. It's actually pretty creative for an utra low budget flick.

My experience was hampered by the fact that I streamed this on a Roku Sci Fi channel and there were commercials every five minutes. And then it kept conking out and I would have to resume the watch. Annoying.

But nonetheless, I was impressed by what they did with no money. Is it a super great movie? No. But you really need to appreciate the creativity the director -- who was friends with Stanley Kubrick -- put into the movie.

Two people of note are in the movie. James Karen who was really good friends with Buster Keaton (and narrates a really good documnetary on how Hollywood mistreated him) as well as being in the classic Return of the Living Dead movies is in this.

Also look for. Bruce Glover who is the father and older spitting image of Crispin Glover. He plays a martian cremember and monster.

The makeup on the martians is actually pretty good. No explanation why the female martian doesnt look like bat boy too.

Not really sure why this is in the top bad movies list. It's not all that bad.

The Darkness Outside

Horrible in EVERY Way
So this movie is really bad.

First of all it's slow. And it doesnt need to be because it runs nearly 2 hours and the hands of a capable director it could have been cut to 80 and tightened.

But the director is an abject amateur. Really should not be making movies.

There is no tension whatsoever in this movie, which is slower than mollasses.

Plus, the acting is sub-par.

Don't bother. It's a poorly made bore.

All the Old Knives

Interesting Story Ruined by Really Poor Directing
The guy who directed this has done mostly documentaries, including one I really like -- Borg vs. McEnroe.

Perhaps his skills are more with the documentary genre because this movie really suffers under his hand.

It's slower than mollasses, which sometimes can be good, but in this case it just becomes overly tedious. It's done almost like a documentary with constant clips of the past interwoven with the current time.

It makes for a confusing storyline, not one that helps you undertand what's going on.

I had a hard time getting thru the film. The acting is good. It's just the directing that is really bad.


Moon Knight

Wow! What a Nose Dive!
The series started out really promising and compelling. I was hooked even tho the character is a we but similar to Venom.

But then episode three came along and the entire series took a severe nose dive from which it never recovered. It was as if a whole new slew of people were in charge of the making of it. The story line went ahywire, the writing was bad. It just sucked.

I was revolted. Please don't make a second season. I won't be watching.


Back When a R Rating Meant Something
Not a very good movie. The biggest plus for this movie is a lovely Maude Adams naked.

Unfortunately it's poorly directed and the storyline is just plain dumb.

I was surprised this flick ony had a handful of reviews. Guess it'snto shown on TV mch. Maybe with good reason.

It's rather dull, lifeless and boring most of the time.


Huge Disappointment
I expect more from a flick produced by horror miester Sam Rami.

I get that it's the diectors first outing but hopefully it will be his last.

He's not a good director adn the storyline is a bore and a half.

Such a letdown/


It WAS that Bad
Margaux was a horrible actress. In fact she could not act at all.. Her sister had talent but this movie is ust lower than low.

It's a har R rating like they don't make today. The 70's were different.

Not much about this movie is believable.

There were some jumpy shots in the verson i saw that leads me to think some of the sex scenes were cut for TV.

Oh and the music was really horribe too. Not sure if it was Giorgio Moroder or not but it was that 70's disco style.

Dont even bother. It's really really really THAT bad.

Cold Wind Blowing

The acting isnt the worst, even tho it's not good. The real problem is Dionne who has no talent for the making of a horror movie.

It's poorly written and horribly directed. My girlfriend and I were asking "when does something happen" a full 60 minutes into this movie.

Don't bother, and ignore the phony glowing reviews. I warn you -- this is abject GARBAGE. On the other hand, if you like a horror movie where the characters talk and talk and talk endlessly about nothing, and nothing happens, then this bore-fest is for you. Beware the Fake Glowing Reviews -- This Movie Bah-Lows.


Atmospheric but not for the Short Attention Spanners
This was sort of an interesting movie. Not really a horror film. More like a chiller. It reminded my of that old indie Carnival of Souls.

The score is top notch as far as I'm concerned. Usually with low budget pics like this the score is predicable and filled with scare tactics to tell you when to be frightened. Not so here. It's a very unique score that works perfectly.

I thought it was directed by a guy who clearly has some talent but but maybe he should lay off the writing because the script is kind of clunky an down right dumb at times.

The acting isnt great; it's just right at the acceptable level.

Generally with movies of this ilk, I get really bored and want to turn them off. I watched the whole film because I got engaged in finding out where this journey ended. It had the promise of being a rully good movie, but fell short.


Twelve Dollar Budget and Horrible Writing
This is one of those movies where they hire aging actors to are trying to get as much cash in the till before they are unhireable. They pay them like a hundred grand or two for 3 days work and they wind up making 30 of these horrible formulaic movies a year. Eric Roberts is a master at churning out this kind of junk and lately Liam is comng in a close second.

The movie is very poorly written. The extras are not actors. They are so bad, I suspect then were pulled off the street -- literally.

And the directing is pure formular.

It's really bad and largely boring.

American Sicario

This does not Deserve a 7.5 Rating!
To be honest the movie starts off real good. Moody and interesting, with good acting and directing.

But then somewhere around the half way mark it takes a really bad turn. And somehow the same actors who were doing a real good job acting, suddenly become really bad actors.

And the script gets stoopid.

Too bad. Could have been a really entertaining movie.


30 Year Old Props?
Not sure what year this is supposed to take place in but the props they are sing are at leas 30 year s old -- a 35mm camera, an original gameboy. Was the budget that sparse?

One of the computers appears to be DOS based (now we're talking 40 years ago) however the screen is flat.

It's rather distracting and cnfusing.

The movie is sort of stupid and predictible, bu what else would you expect?

Nightmare Honeymoon

Weird Garbage
The usic on this movie simply doesn't fit and it really ruins the rest of the film.

The music is more for an adventure film than a serious thriller. O thtat this is such a serious thriller. It's made for no money. But still, it's an MGM film and has some notable actors.

Directed like a TV movie too which doesnt help.

The Guilty

Rather Bad
T's a mish mash of crap.

Hard to actually follow the characters because you nver see anyone.

By the final thord you get what the ending is gonna be.

I was bored beyond belief.

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