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Englar alheimsins

A master piece
This movie I've seen many times. I read the book , Englar Alheimsins which was written by Einar Már Guðmundsson who received the Scandinavian book awards for the work. The movie does not start on the same place as the book starts. It happens in Reykjavík and the main character, Páll is young and having a good life with his girlfriend. But as she breaks up the relationship with him, he starts to get some headaches which make him annoyed and angry. And soon he starts to have big mental problems and then the movie begins. Soon he is puted in the Icelandic Mental Hospital called "Kleppur" and there you get to see some great characters like Viktor who thinks he is Hitler and Óli who thinks that he writes all the " The Beatles" songs and sends them to them with mind transporting. Ingvar E Sigurðusson who has the role of the main character Páll does is so work so well that it leaves you breathless. Also the music in this movie is mad by SIGURRÓS and just for the music's cost you should see the movie. Overall a great movie meant to be seen.

The Phantom of the Opera

Wow it's was well made
Well I went to see this movie some time ago. I was singing when I got out of the cinema, the music is of course such a big part and so powerful that it leaves you breathless. But one thing was extremely bad about the whole picture and that was how they dubbed the songs in the movie. You could see it so well that the actors were not singing that it kind of spoiled the movie for you. Gerard Butler did very well in this one in the role of the Opera Ghost. Also I think that Emmy Rossum had many good scenes which made this all good. Also the set is great and the opera is so beautifully made. One think I did not like about this movie that was when you were shown some of the characters many years later, looking at the opera and other things. But the overall work is good and worth to be seen , specally if you are in to operas.

Mr. Hawkins


Very well written, acted and directed.
Well I saw this movie some time ago. It's in the style of Wes Anderson's later movies , "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou". The movie is a bit surrealistic and sour but the humor is deep and when you think back about this movie you can remember lots of it's jokes like how the main character, Marx Fischer used Latin in his latest play. Bill Murray was just as great as in his other Anderson movies. If you're looking for a comedy where you laugh at every scene this is not the movie but as a surrealistic comedy the movie is great. Also I liked some of the music in the film for example Rolling Stones and Cat Stevens. I think that Wes Anderson is a really special director and his style is of that kind that not nearly all of people like his movies.

Mr. Hawkins

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