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MacGrubber is great! Pay no attention to the haters!
I haven't laughed this much since BRUNO. Its great to see hard R rated films. Humor for adults. Kids from this generation, maybe they'll get it. It is nuts to the wall funny. Will Forte gives a comedian's star making performance. The funny thing is that it really looks like an action film. Some actors play it straight while Wiig and Forte pile on the laughs. There are a couple of scenes that are just laugh out loud funny. I gave a thunderous laugh, almost like a scream, I didn't care. Terms like upper decker will forever stay with me. It is probably the best SNL movie since WAYNE'S WORLD, strike that, since THE BLUES BROTHERS. I didn't laugh as hard watching WAYNE'S WORLD. For a great time,see this insane comedy. Classic Macgrubber!

The Shield

The Shield is the best cop show ever....period!
I can't believe so many negative reviews by some PC posters. They just can't take the reality of the streets. They just can't take it! Since this show debuted in 2002 I've been riveted by the performances and the sense of doom that looms over The Barn since day 1. I don't know what these negative posters want! The days of cop shows where they share a hearty laugh, go to freeze frame and credits appear are over. For this people I recommend one of the zillion CSI, Law and Order spin-offs or reruns of MURDER SHE WROTE or MAGNUM PI. They simply want to shut their eyes and ears to the truth in their cop shows.

Michael Chiklis is simply unforgettable as Det.Vic Mackey. He has carved a place on the history of TV's badasses for all eternity. The complex emotions one derives from the show is unique. It is the reason why you're kept glued to your seat every episode. This series dares you to watch! If you feel uncomfortable, well, you should! The guys in the Strike Team, Capt.Aceveda, Dutchboy, Lt.Danny Sofer, Det.Wyms and special guest stars Glenn Close, Forrest Whitaker and Anthony Anderson sizzle the screen with their tough and sometimes heartfelt performances. The storyline that permeates from season 1 through season 5 is unpredictable all the way.

Don't be fooled by weak stomached, CSI watching haters! Take a ride on the wild side with this cops! You will not be disappointed. If you like your shows to be saccharine, sugar coated and safe by all means, don't watch this show.

But if you like reality and you're sick to death of the cop show formula, strap in and enjoy the ride! This is what's real! This is the truth! Thank God for The Shield!! A reason to follow a series without the clichés and the cookie cutter bull of other shows!!

Luna de Avellaneda

Beautiful film. Spoilers
First off I don't agree with some of this previous comments especially a few from Argentina that have said that this film is not the best work of Darín or Campanella or that it is a disappointment. I thought the film is a gem, a fearless reality based yet humorous human drama. There are no easy answers because it does not sugarcoat the economic problems Argentina has and yet hope is kept alive on the simple fact that they are still alive. This film celebrates life like no other film I've seen. Not since "One flew over the cuckoos nest" has there been so much joy to simply being alive even in the most oppressing conditions. The film doesn't say "Hey, listen to this, this is the solution and the best argument against the problems that plague us" The guy offering solutions to the members of the club is seeing as a "bad guy" but suddenly he is making more sense than the "good guy".

Not Darín's best work? WHAT! Just that scene when he watches the little girl dancing ballet moves me to tears thinking about it. Blanco is great comic energy. Everyone is very good. Blanco and Darín should make an all out comedy. They have the rapport that I've seen Joe Pesci and Roberto DeNiro have in scenes together. They make it seem so easy. Anyway see this film and VIVA ARGENTINA CINEMA!!

Death Promise

75 cent bargain spoiler for this crap? you got to be kidding!
This is a spectacular crappy movie that I saw back in the early 80's on a double feature with a Jim Kelly film called Death Dimension. The song has stayed in my head for over 25 years. Something like "Death Promise, I'm gonna get you ,Death Promise..." 6 months ago I'm looking around in a video rental place and they have a bin full of movies for 75 cents, a buck, a buck 25. I saw it and couldn't believe it. Bought it and showed it to my wife saying to her that it is part of my childhood. She almost passes out from laughing out loud. Her favorite scene is the bag full of rats and the sucker put behind the bull's eye. PFFFFFFFFFFT!!! If I see this on DVD I'll pass out from shock. Notice the people looking straight at the camera, totally unprofessional, but heartwarming to me.

Forced Vengeance

the best film of Norris career.
Chuck Norris is not known for his acting chops or his classics. But this one is the best and honest of his pictures. Honest because he knows and the director knows that in order to make an action movie soar is to make it as violent and as simple as this one. Its simple but is told in a very straightforward way. You identify the bad guys, they misbehave, Chuck finds them and kick their asses. The final confrontation between Chuck and the big Chinese guy is done with some realism. Chuck is bloody and angry he is not fighting him in a conventional karate way, he's hitting him with everything he has, he even tries to drown the big fella in a toilet. My favorite by far. Peace.

Q & A

Great memories, great acting, great screenplay, great song (Im just kidding)
This movie came out in 1990 and when it was being made in 1989 a hurricane hit the island of Puerto Rico (Hugo).We were recovering and you can see it in one scene where Hutton, Guzmán,and the guy that kills Nolte are entering the Caribe Hilton. They are passing through the lobby being tailed by Nolte and you can see a tree being held by pieces of wood. They saved a very old tree from garden of the lobby. To anyone that questions movies about being fake and unbelievable let me tell you every scene that is shot in Puerto Rico is accurate even to the locations where the characters move and live. The Caribe Hilton is ten minutes from the Cangrejos Yacht Club where Roger the Dodger, Bobby Tex and one of the cuban hit men are blown up. I got to say I learned a lot when I saw this movie. Imagine a movie about a Chinese guy, a Brazilian and an American. And the American is played by a British, south African or an irish actor. You feel a little weird and question Why not hire an American actor to play an American right? Well all that went out the window when I saw Assante play the Puertorican drug lord. I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. Assante IS one of us in that role. Everything was authentic in that performance. Also Luis Guzman surprised me in this film with his bravura acting confronting Assante in the interrogation scene. I met him in 1993 at the premiere of the movie Carlitos Way which is another movie based on the novels by the Puertorrican Judge and author Edwin Torres. It was a film festival and Guzman and Torres talked a little bit in a podium. Later I spoke with the judge and he was great. I talked to him about Q&A and how I enjoyed his work. Finally I went to Guzman and he behaved like a little ass. Maybe he was in a bad mood or something. I shook his hand and he never spoke and kept looking at the horizon or something behind you. Maybe he thought I was gonna scream and jump on his back yelling "Hollywood". I don't know I still like him and there are few of us out there working with the best to be fighting each other. Back in 1990 i believed there were gonna be a least two nominations in this movie, one for Assante and one for Nolte. Nolte continues to do great things but I get mad when I see Assante working in crap. It is such a shame that nobody uses him for something good. Tarantino should call him. And yes that song is by Ruben Blades and I cant get it out of my head. "Dont double cross the ones you love" HAHAHA. It is so cheesy and yet I cant help it but sing it every time I see the film.


"My God what kind of man are you"...-My Grandma Rosa
I was ten years old and an old movie house not far from my home was playing a double feature. It was Empire Strikes Back and Cruising. After nagging to my grandma for days she took me and a friend because we were huge Star Wars fans. The matinée was at 12:00 p.m. and they started with Cruising. The movie starts, the place is packed and the bar scene were the killer picks up his first victim plays and my grandma storms out of place with me and my friend and I don't know if the guy my grandma confronted was the manager or the ticket seller but she ripped him a new one. She told him that he was trash, that she was going to call the cops, that he was not a man, everything. My friend and me were stunned and beg my grandma to calm down and wait in the lobby till Cruising was over. We waited and we saw Empire. It is disturbing that the place was full of little kids and nobody else walked out. Anyway, I tracked the movie down when I was in college and watched it.It still is a shocking experience and the bad reputation that this movie earned is a little uncalled for because I think Friedkin captures the reality of that world as it is. My cousin had a friend who was homosexual and part of the S&M leather gay culture. He was a flight attendant and whenever he flew to New York went to this clubs and my cousin tells me that the things his friend told him pale in comparison to what Friedkin shows us. The flight attendant died of AIDS in 1983. Pacino and his perm realistically portray the confused cop that ultimately becomes a killer out of the brutal repression his gay feelings suffer. This movie after 25 years continues to provoke discussions among film fans and any movie that does that is a good film. I really would like a DVD of this movie with a few extras to witness the backlash this film created. Watch it and witness the closing of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s in this murder mystery that will no doubt open your eyes to the brutal, the cruel, misunderstood and innocent sides of human beings. P.S. Nobody complained in 1984's Police Academy which the Blue Oyster Bar about the portrayals of leather gay men. BA BA BA BUM BA BA BA BA BA BUM BA BA BAM PARARARARARARARA.(theme song). I know I'm an idiot.

I, the Jury

I remember like it was yesterday......"You wanna rock an roll with me"
I remember renting this film and seeing it with my friends. The video machine was new and enormous and my friends an me were in heaven. In the cover was a guy with a gun and that was enough for us to rent it. Everybody was drooling with the steamy sex scenes and gratuitous nudity. The violence over the top, the sex is wild I mean there is an orgy and people in white coats are taking notes for Christ sakes, and the unintentionally funny dialogue makes for a camp classic. We thougth we were seeing the greatest movie in the world. How can you not like a booby trap place like the one Mike Hammer drives trough with Alan King being 12 years old. Yea, Adult supervision Blah! I recently showed it to my wife and she almost passes out from laughing. It still is a great popcorn movie and her laughter was contagious. See without prejudices and just enjoy Assantes unbounded energy. Excuse my English if there are any errors in the spelling.

Assault on Precinct 13

dadadadadam dandadadam dandadam dandandadam
I wanted to like this a whole lot more. there is not even a friendly nod to the original. I don't like remakes scene by scene because i enjoy the new elements that brings the movie from 1976 to 2005 but i felt that the filmmakers wanted a LOOOOOOOOT of distance between the two films. WHY? I remember the same attitude from Brett Ratner when he made Red Dragon. Anyway the action was brutal and bloody just like it should be and the french director did his job very well. There seem to be an exile of french directors that want to make action movies in America. The movie Hostage is directed by a frenchman also. That is good news to me and I'm sure to every action film fan

River's Edge

I feel like..... chuck norris ,you know
I can watch this movie forever and will never tire of it. I saw it first when i was in high school. I even recognized the bands that play the music this characters where listening to. Over time I have forgotten the bands names but not the amazing dialogues this movie offers."why are you such delinquents" asks Keannu to his younger brother and friend, the kid says "because of our fu**ed up childhoods you pothead f**kbrain!!" Keannus little brother is disturbing to watch, he teases his sister after he throws her doll in the river "I killed her, I drowned her" The way he says to Layne "Im dyin for a joint" is so pathetic yet disturbing that always makes me chuckle. The teacher saying "shut up Kevin" makes me laugh all the time. But its not supposed to be funny thats what is so brilliant about it. It is such sad story but at the same time you laugh at the ineptitude and positivism of Layne against the horrible truth that a young girl is dead. Nobody cries, everybody wants to do nothing in the hopes that everything will work itself out. There is certain similarity to a film called Mean Creek so check em both out.

Mean Creek

deliverance. you know, for kids.
This movie is one of the most honest portrayals of adolescent behavior i have ever seen before. It is the kind of movie you watch and its almost a documentary because the acting is so natural and the conversations between the kids sound so very true to life. I remember being just like this kids. Back when I was a teenager, my group of friends sounded just like that. Always talking crap and insulting one another. Cursing and calling each others names all the time without taking a moment to think about how what we do affects other peoples feelings. I remember the worst figths over nothing, the worst insults and just hanging out the next day like nothing happened. Sometimes I'm amazed to how well adjusted most of my close friends turn out be after being just like or worse the kids in this movie. Josh Peck steals the movie in a very difficult role. He can be very sweet and then you want to punch him in the mouth for what he casually tells you. His breakdown in the canoe is a standout. A very good and sometimes difficult to watch movie. Also recommended RIVERS EDGE with a very young KEANNU REEVES and a creepy CRISPIN GLOVER.

Enter the Ninja

fantastic crap
I still remember watching this movie with my friends in the 6th grade and walking out of the theater like we had just seen the greatest martial arts movie ever. I was one of the first kids on my street to have a videocassette recorder and i would rent this movie every week for at least a year. We would look at the film like investigators probably looked at the Zapruder film.I don't like to trtash it because every time i see something associated with this movie i remember my childhood and a feel very nostalgic about those memories. It is my first writing here so excuse my English if there are errors or there is a lack of sense to what I'm trying to say.

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