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Sangdooya hakgyo kaja!

Guilty pleasure?
Highly clichéd and the characters are over the top caricatures. I wouldn't say the acting is particularly impressive, neither is the attempt to have 25 year olds playing the parts of teenagers at times. The writers have the actors doing things that are totally unrealistic for the sake of plot and storyline.

The problem I have is the show is trying not to take its self too seriously but at the same time be a touching drama. That's a difficult thing to pull off and was done masterfully in the movie My Sassy Girl but just to prove that is not necessarily an inherent property in Korean productions, this one doesn't succeed too well in that department.

Having said all that, I do actually enjoy it. I feel guilty enjoying it as it is almost as bad as a show called Malibu CA from the late 90's.

The Ghost

Why bother?
I watched the first 20 minutes. It was atrocious.

The action scenes were similar to something I could have done with a bunch of friends and a video camera.

Even if you like bad films, this film is not worth watching. The only thing more pointless and time wasting is writing comments on the film which took over 20 minutes of my life.

I could have had an epiphany in that time and I will never know what might have been had I not watched that incredibly poor film.

I should say the female lead is very unattractive for a femme fatale. The acting, writing & directorship seem to be from the field of made for TV movies except this should never have been made for TV. It should never have been made unless it was used as an example of what not to do when making a film.

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