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Amour Infinity

I love this film
Amour Infinity was one of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever seen in black film. It had regular everyday people in extremely romantic situations. It also dealt with issues such as cancer, infidelity, so-called "baby's mama drama" and just plain old love. I would love to see more films like these rise to the Emmy award categories. This film was so out of the ordinary and it was also not full of sex and gunshots like a lot of our movies. I was able to let my child view the movie with me without gripping the remote and skipping certain scenes. The main characters were friends before they became lovers and they were beautiful together. I unfortunately cannot find this movie anywhere, I was blessed to be able to rent it and would love to purchase a copy on DVD. If you have never heard of it, please go find a copy to rent or buy and enjoy it just as I did.

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